Sweating, heavy legs: how to remedy the inconvenience related to heat

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Sweating, heavy legs: how to remedy the inconvenience related to heat

The heat wave has found its ease in France. And everyone does not welcome it with open arms because our system struggles to regulate body temperature. Result? Heavy perspiration, heavy legs and tiredness are at the rendezvous. Overview of the inconveniences related to heat (and our tips to remedy it).


Normally, there are two mechanisms to regulate body temperature: convection with air contact on the skin and sweat secretion by the sweat glands. But when the outside temperature is higher than that of the body, 37 ° C, the first process is no longer present. Sweating is therefore more important.

How to cure it ? If you sweat a lot, prefer antiperspirants deodorants that only mask the smell and bet on the sticks unless sprays less effective and more polluting. Beware of the presence of aluminum salts suspected of increasing the risk of cancer. Also, avoid synthetic materials or thick or tight clothing.

Heavy legs

Poor circulation of blood in the veins occurs when the legs are heavy and strained, especially in the calves. When it is hot or when the lower limbs are exposed to the sun, it causes dilation of the veins which are struggling to raise the blood towards the heart. Result: The stagnant and legs swell.

How to cure it ? Moisturize regularly during the day (1.5 liters of water a day) and keep your legs cool. If you work sitting, do not hesitate to keep your active members walking around and massaging them from ankle to knee. Wearing a loose garment will allow you to limit the frequency of pain. If the problem is recurrent, compression stockings may be advised by your pharmacist.

Headaches, migraine

With heat, headaches are common. Some people are even prone to more migraines during the heat wave. And for good reason: headaches often show dehydration.

What to do ? Drink water daily and regularly during the day. It is recommended to consume 1.5 liters per day for a lambda person, 1.7 liters per day for children between 4 and 13 years and people over 65 years and finally 1.5 to 2 liters of water during a pregnancy. In case of recurrent migraine, contact your doctor.

Lack of sleep

During the day, the body triggers mechanisms that regulate its temperature. Normally, it drops during sleep and increases when you wake up. But when it is hot in the room, sleep struggles to settle.

What solutions? To sleep better, wash just before sleeping, but be careful not to run too cold water, as this may force your body to raise your body temperature. Prefer warm water and do not wipe completely after showering. Ventilate your sleeping area either with outside air if it is not too hot, either with an air conditioner or a fan. Finally, avoid pajamas with synthetic or tight materials.

A drop in libido

With heat and sleep disorders, it's hard to want to make love. Not to mention the sweat problems that can affect men and women.

What to do ? If you do not feel like it, then do not force yourself! The decline in libido is not directly related to heat but is more psychological. Wait for the temperatures to drop or maybe enjoy a weekend in a cooler area to share an intimate moment with your partner again. Always, if you and your spouse feel like it!

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