Tanned skin without sun is possible (and easy)!

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Tanned skin without sun is possible (and easy)!

The sun begins to be generous, the skirts shorten, the arms are revealed, but your skin always displays its winter complexion. Do not panic ! Cosmetics take care of everything, whatever your level of expertise in the field. Ephemeral formulas for face gilding and body the time of a day or express bronzing cocktails, just draw in these products "sun effect" to reveal a beautifully tanned face and a subtly coppery body, all in his bathroom!

Progressive formulas: the tailor-made solution

How it works ? Progressive self-tanners do not dull the skin immediately but gradually. They contain DHA (the tanning agent) in smaller quantities and this is often associated with moisturizing ingredients like glycerine. The more: as the tan goes up little by little, the risk of traces is practically nil and the effect is totally scalable.

The zero fault board. To get the intensity you want, apply the product three days in a rowthen tanning with an application once or twice a week.

The land of the sun: the ephemeral solution

How it works ? The bronzing powders contain pigments which make it possible to artificially recreate natural tan obtained during a sun exposure. They exist today in different forms: compact powder mono-tint or with a harmony of colors to qualify the tan, loose powder, iridescent or matte version ...

The zero fault board. At the beginning of the season, avoid too much caramel or orange tones, which tend to leave boundaries and quickly dull the complexion when the skin is not yet naturally tanned. Prefer rosé or apricot nuances to warm the mine gently and gently brush on the forehead, nose and cheekbones.

BB creams: the inratable solution

How it works ? These formulas, which were originally moisturizing creams and complexion perfumes, are now declining indeed good-looking. They exist in a sunny version, with a little darker and golden pigments to heal the skin in a very subtle way. If most formulas apply on the face, you can find some for the body too, for a bluff effect totally guaranteed!

The zero fault board. For the face, drop a drop of BB on the forehead, cheeks and chinand then smear everything with your fingers, not forgetting the neck. For the body, heat a dab of product between the palms of your hands and apply as you would with a moisturizer.

Intense self-tanners: the express solution

How it works ? They promise you a true copper tan in 7 to 8 hours maximumsometimes even in 1 hour, and for about a week. Their secret: DHA. Once applied, this molecule acts according to the Maillard reaction (chemical reaction of the sugars that cause browning) to artificially color the superficial cells of the skin. The quickest formulas combine it with other ingredients such as melanin booster allomelanin to further boost the appearance of tanning.

The zero fault board. Apply the self-tanner preferably in the evening, on clean and dry skin, by circular motions. Take a shower the next morning and then hydrate with a oil or a milk, especially dry areas of the body such as elbows, knees or feet.

Food capsules: the harmonious solution

How it works ? It's thanks to plant extracts such as tomato lycopene or beta-carotene, which increases the production of the pigment responsible for the coloring of the skin, or plant-derived phytopigments, these supplements raise the tan of the skin, from the inside and in a very natural way.

The zero fault board. Start the cure from the beginning of spring, at the rate of one to two capsules a day to swallow with a glass of water. The results are beginning to be seen after 15 days. Do not forget to protect yourself, the tan obtained is not enough to protect you from sunburn!

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