Tattoos: 20 ideas inspired by your astrological sign

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Tattoos: 20 ideas inspired by your astrological sign

Whether you are a Bull, Lion or Virgo, you can opt for an original tattoo based on your astrological sign. Here are some examples.

1 / The simple constellations

The constellations of the zodiac, ie 12 astrological signs, each have a very different form. And tattoo lovers love to reproduce them on their bodies. Whether it's your own sign or a loved one's, make a constellation is very trendy. You can choose not to link the stars together or to link them with a hatched line or smooth: the combinations are multiple.

2 / The original constellations

You find the idea of ​​a constellation too commonplace? Opt for a tattoo which is more out of the ordinary. The principle is simple: make a constellation drawing but with other patterns than stars. Among the most used options are the flowers or the dates. These allow for even more customize your tattoo.

3 / The astrological symbols

Each astrological sign has its own symbol that represents it: a double wave for Aquarians, for example. Discreet and sober, you can easily adopt them. On the wrist, on the ribs, the inside of the arm, the ankle ... You have the choice!

4 / The animals

Some astrological signs are represented by animals. This is the case of Aries, Taurus or Scorpion. That's why some people choose to be tattoo an animal on their body. In small or big, this kind of drawing always makes its effect. Throw yourself.

5 / The writings

Astrology lovers can simply to write their sign in tattoo. Thus some have registered "Fish" or "Scorpion" on a part of their body. The choice of calligraphy is important: it goes from the most classical to the most original. So it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

6 / The mix

You can not decide? Mix your ideas ! In the same tattoo, mix a constellation with an astrological sign and a writing for example. A tattoo is unique to everyone, let go your imagination !

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