Tattoos: the most beautiful trends of 2019

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Tattoos: the most beautiful trends of 2019

2019 color: the two-tone tattoo

Black and red, black and blue, red and green ... In 2019, the tattoo is bi-colored. Forget the rosettes, symbols and colorful characters, rather play sobriety. The touch of color in fashion? The red that we see everywhere on social networks.

The 2019 technique: the ultra-thin tattoo

The more delicate and delicate the line, the more appreciated it will be. The trend is indeed to tattoos finesse that knows no smudge or imperfection. Tattoo artists specialized in this technique are multiplying in France. To choose yours, consider watching everyone's work on Instagram or on their dedicated website and do not forget to look at the opinions of others tattooed.

Location 2019: the ear

If the tattoos on the hands and on the fingers still have good days in front of them, they are more and more competed by the tattoos with the ears. An unusual location and not very painful which has the advantage of being very discreet. If placed behind the ear, the tattoo is completely secret and located on the ear, it can be easily concealed by the hair.

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