Test Embryolisse Body Cream 365 Firming

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Test Embryolisse Body Cream 365 Firming

Meeting on Current Woman Tester until March 13 included to test for free and at home the new Cream 365 Firming Embryolisse Body.

The Cream 365 Firming Bodyis above all a formula rich in actives of natural origin in refreshing gel-cream texture with a satiny, soft and enveloping feel that we enjoy applying every day. And it's a made-to-measure formula to act on all the factors responsible for sagging skin : drought, refinement and loss of tone.

  • Vegetal glycerine : powerful humectant, glycerin has the property of maintaining the water on the surface of the epidermis and ensuring a long lasting hydration.
  • Shea Butter : known for its nourishing properties, shea butter guarantees maximum comfort, protection and suppleness to the driest skins.
  • Vegetal squalane from the olive: its very great compatibility with the skin is in itself a promise of effectiveness. Powerful emollient, it restores the elasticity of the skin, strengthens the cutaneous barrier and leaves a protective film throughout the day.
  • Hyaluronic acid : naturally present in the body, hyaluronic acid ensures the cohesion and structure of the cells that structure the skin. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties - it retains more than 1000 times its weight in water - it swells the tissues of the dermis in depth and smooths the epidermis on the surface.
  • Wheat protein: the tensing effect of this natural polymer of vegetable origin smooths the irregularities of the grain of the skin.
  • Guarana: the caffeine content of guarana seeds, originating in the Amazon, is known for its action on fat cells (adipocytes) and its tannins with astringent effects that stimulate the epidermis.
  • Pea extract: by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, pea extract strengthens the skin's support structures. An ally ... weight against sagging skin and a real lash.

Results: the skin is firmer, hydrated, smoothed, nourished and protected.

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