Test Embryolisse's Perfect Mine Serum Perfector Complexion

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Test Embryolisse's Perfect Mine Serum Perfector Complexion

Meet the Current Woman The Testers until April 10 included to test for free and at home the Embryolisse Perfect Mine Serum Perfector.

A radiant, instagramable complexion, from morning to night without the misleading help of the optical filters of the smartphone? It is primarily a question of skin quality that reveals its light only when it is perfect: saturated with hydration, smooth as a pebble and without apparent pore. Laboratoires Embryolisse therefore developed a serum that infuses a dazzling good looks drop by drop and makes the skin look better day after day. A real flash concentrate for everyday.

Composition and actions

TheHyaluronic acid and glycerine to moisturize and plump the skin: Hydration is the B. A BA of radiance, this is good, the Serum Bonne Mine is full of hyaluronic acid, the nugget of cosmetics that retains more than 1000 times its weight in water. Properties that swell, pulp and smooth the surface of the skin. Ideal to "bounce" the light on the face. An effect combined with that of vegetal glycerine, a powerful humectant that has the power to maintain water on the surface of the skin.

Tighten the pores and smooth the skin with Hamamelis: The leaves of this medicinal plant from a shrub native to Europe have the distinction of being rich in tannins, flavonoids and vitamin P. The first have a vasoconstrictor effect, they tighten the pores and smooth the skin. The latter have a protective effect against free radicals, a real anti-pollution filter. And the third, protects the wall of blood capillaries.

Vitaminate the complexion with lemon: Lemon has a lot of advantages! Slightly acidic, it has a keratolytic action, that is, it nibbles the dead cells present on the surface of the skin. A micro exfoliation that refines the skin texture day after day. It also promotes natural hydration, has a stimulating effect and gradually improves the clarity of the complexion.

Results: drop by drop and day after day, the mine is dazzling and the skin is more beautiful.

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