Test the Farme Corine Detox Ritual

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Test the Farme Corine Detox Ritual

Meeting on Current Woman Tester until April 2nd included to test free and at home this Ritual Detox Corine de Farme which includes three treatments: Detox Micellar Water, Detox Moisturizing Fluid and Detox Anti-Pollution Care Mist.

Naturally produced by the body's cells, free radicals are highly reactive molecules. When they are too numerous, they are able to cause damage to our cellslike their premature aging. The signs of aging appear and the skin looks younger.

Although cells are naturally able to protect themselves from these effects, they can not withstand radical stress too important. This stress can be caused by too frequent exposure to environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, stress or UV rays. By providing molecules with antioxidant power, the detox routine helps the skin to protect itself from the harmful effects of the environment, including pollution.

The Farme Corine Detox routine is composed of three products:

Detox Micellar Water : This makeup remover has a 3-in-1 effectiveness, it perfectly removes the skin, removes impurities on the surface of the skin and hydrates the superficial layers of the epidermis and provides comfort to the skin.

Detox Moisturizing Fluid: it moisturizes and protects all skin, even the most sensitive. Its ultra-light and non-sticky texture quenches the skin and brings comfort.

The Detox Anti-Pollution Care Mist: it helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment in one step. Its haze texture, ultra-fresh and alcohol-free, brings a real boost to the skin. Her plus: she even helps to fix and revive makeup.

Extracts of organic vervain leaves and peach blossoms are at the heart of the composition of the products. The skin is perfectly cleansed, detoxified and protected against pollution.


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