That's why it's important not to put on make-up on sunburn

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That's why it's important not to put on make-up on sunburn

Aggress the skin even more

After a sunburn (on the face or body), the skin is fragile because it was damaged. She is red and may even tend to peel. The risk of applying makeup on it would beworsen the situation : the make-up may contain chemicals, which can be aggressive with a heated epidermis. In addition, apply makeup on a very dry part like a sunburn could you peel faster and smother the skin, which needs to breathe for to regenerate.

Instead of disguising the damaged area, it should first be fed and cared for to calm inflammation. For this, nothing like nourishing after-sun care or soothing aloe vera gel. Do not skimp on the quantity: it is necessary to put enough of it to comfort the epidermis. The safest solution is of course to avoid sunburn applying high SPF sun protection every two hours during a UV exposure.

The make-up as a last resort

If your sunburn poses a particular problem, for example if it is located on the face, the solution of the make-up can to be considered. But not until you have prepared the area to receive makeup. Start with hydration with a cool texture to calm the burning sensation.

Once the texture is absorbed, you can apply a few drops of foundation, BB cream or base of green complexion, which aims to hide the redness. Another possibility: simply drop a little sun powder to give a nice tan by blurring a little red effect.

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