The 5 most dangerous dishes for health

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The 5 most dangerous dishes for health

The fish "fugu"

Also nicknamed "moon Fish", Fugu is an Asian specialty, widely appreciated for its sweet flesh. The legend says that poorly prepared, it could however lead to the death of its consumers. And for good reason, its liver and intestines contain a deadly poison, tetrodotoxin, which paralyzes the muscles and causes a respiratory arrest. Beware of him who prepares badly. Moreover, to taste it without leaving its life, it would be necessary to cut it alive, avoiding touching its liver or its reproductive organs. For all these obvious reasons, however, avoid doing it yourself at home. Better to leave that to a specialized chef.

Clams of blood

Just their name cuts our appetite: the clams of blood. Originally from China, they are dangerous if eaten raw. They can cause serious diseases such as hepatitis A and E, typhoid fever and dysentery.

The casu marzu

Traditional Sardinian cheese - derived from the Percorino Sardo - the casu marzu, literally "rotten cheese" is also one of the world's most dangerous dishes. And for good reason, larvae "cheese flies" are voluntarily introduced into the manufacturing process. It is also thanks to their digestive action, that we owe casu marzu its smooth and creamy appearance. But where does the danger lie? Scientists have identified several causes. Firstly, many diseases transmitted by the larvae can develop in our stomach once the cheese is swallowed. Idem, its conditioning in the open air can increase the culture of germs. Last but not least, the larvae can remain alive and settle in our stomach causing an enteric or intestinal myiasis (animal presence in the human body).

The durian

Fruit side, zoom on the durian, whose particularity lies in the nauseating odor that clears cut off at once - and that would also be worth it to be often separated from other products and even forbidden in public places, transports in common, hotels and other taxis -. Second specificity of the durian: its excessive consumption could cost you the life. And for good reason, very fat and very caloric, digestion can be difficult - so that each year, some people die of durian overdoses. Not to mention that its high sulfur content inhibits the enzyme ALDH, which protects our liver from toxins from alcohol. It can therefore wreak havoc on our body if we abuse the bottle ...

The ackee

Another fruit of danger: the ackee. Native to Jamaica, it contains hypoglycin A, which can be responsible for severe food poisoning characterized by vomiting, hypoglycemia, convulsions and even death in the most severe cases. That's why you have to wait for it to mature (and open itself) to consume it.

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