The 7 secrets of successful makeup

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The 7 secrets of successful makeup

1 / I dare the mat on the lips

The velvet trend did not escape you. If it tempts you, know that it is more suitable for fleshy mouths, because the mat attenuates the volume by optical effect. Start by massaging the area gently, with an exfoliating wipe or lip scrub. Once the dead cells have been removed, apply a thick layer of balm. Absorb the excess material with a tissue, then apply your dull red. Choose a fluid texture, easier to work in, preferably in nude tones. Use the fingertip, tapping, for an ultra-natural rendering or work the material directly with a brush, taking care to redraw the contours of the lips, if you want a more graphic and sophisticated effect.

2 / I play shine without excess

The light is magic to accentuate the volumes of the face. Highlighters in gel or powder make precious allies. But be careful: do not abuse or use these eyeshadow or pearly fluids too close to areas prone to wrinkles like crow's feet, because they may accentuate them. Apply them by keys, on the bulge of the cheekbone, in duet with your blush for example. For a non-highlight glow, prefer a light pen (looking like concealer but with a transparent texture) on shaded areas.

3 / I blur my dilated pores

The secret to a perfect complexion is a smooth skin. However, it is not always easy when the wrinkles are marked and the pores begin to expand. To fade them by optical effect, adopt a base that smoothes the skin texture and erases the defects. Apply all over the face or only on areas that need it, such as the nose, cheekbones and chin. Put it right after the day cream and before the foundation to smooth and unify the surface of the skin. If you want to matify the shine once your makeup is finished, spread a veil of colorless powder on the areas concerned with a large brush.

4 / I underline my look

This season, pencils and liners are on the rise. Prefer brown or gray tones, softer than black that can harden the lines. Avoid drawing too graphic felts, prefer powders, creams, gels, ask the root of the upper lashes and fade with a brush. Do not intensify the root of the lower lashes, it could make you look tired and intensify your dark circles. The plus point: a point of light, the inner corner of the eye, to illuminate the entire gaze.

5 / I color my cheekbones

Boost your good looks with a pink or apricot blush. Choose a cream or gel texture, more malleable and ultra-natural. If you only have blush powder, put a drop of serum on the hair of your brush before taking it. This will give it fluidity, transparency and lightness. Put the color in a circle, on the curved cheek, for a fresh and pepsy result.

6 / I redensify my eyebrows

There are products that help flesh out sparse hairs and restructure the look. For a natural effect, prefer pencils, the exact color of your eyebrows, or slightly lighter so as not to harden the lines. Work by hatching, without pressing too much on the mine. Iron several times until you get an intense result. Finally, have a light hand on the point of the eyebrow, and be careful not to draw too much: draw it towards the temple rather than towards the outer corner of the eye.

7 / I adopt second skin foundation

Good news, the natural returns to grace. No more question of hiding everything, just to unify the skin texture, to fade the small defects without marking the wrinkles. For this, choose a light texture to massage with the fingertips only on the cheeks, the nose, the redness. You can also apply it with a brush brush.

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