The Best Hairstyles with Crepe 【Step by Step Images】

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The Best Hairstyles with Crepe 【Step by Step Images】

Hairstyles with volume are very useful especially when you have little hair or you have fine hair which gives the feeling that your mane is missing.

That is why I am going to teach you how to make the best crepe hairstyles to be able to use whenever you want in a simple and fast way to make yourself for each type of face, which is very important because you can adapt it according to your preferences.

The raised hairstyles always help to clear your face and be able to highlight with a good makeup all your features that you want to highlight as well as hide.

Something you have to take into account that the crepe can be applied in front of the head with behind the hairstyle you are doing.

When you look at it in front where you will use part of the hair from the forehead and half of the head forward of the face and at another time you can implement it from the middle back.

This is mainly done because of the effect that you want to achieve with the hairstyle, but both of them cause an effect of quantity and volume that we all want to have for both long and short hair.

A great advantage of crepe hairstyles is that they can be used for both straight, wavy or curly hair, obtaining a chic style just by passing a comb to a top or bottom lock where you pass it from top to bottom without removing it. in no time to give it the fluff effect.

Now I am going to begin to explain to you step by step the best styles to use for raised hair or with an imposing pompadour where you can enjoy this style that predominates above all the quantity and elevation in the chic look.

How do you make a crepe hairstyle?

To start I will explain you step by step how to do a crepe hairstyle correctly so that you can use it in any type of style that you wear on your head.

Carding crepe hairstyle

That is the advantage that it has to adapt to the look that you want, giving a lot of glamor and enhancing what you want to show as if it were done in a beauty salon or performed by a professional coiffeur.

  1. You have to take a lock from the center of the hair, to calculate the width it is always best to calculate from the tip to your eyebrow, something you have to try is not to leave strands that are left on your forehead.
  2. In this step you have to put the hair from the section you took up and rest a comb in the central part of the lock you took and move it from top to bottom as if you were beating it.
  3. This next step is optional but I recommend it because it gives a very good result, taking a small piece of fabric of about 5 centimeters you fold it as if it were a roulette or a curling iron, so that it becomes a thickness that serves as a support for your height in hairstyle.
  4. From the tips of the wick you took, you start to roll it with the fabric until you reach the root and then you have to put some hair hooks or hairpins to fix it and do not take it apart.

With this you have finished the crepe if you later want to add a ponytail with the remaining loose hair or braids you can do it without problem.

What I recommend is that where you put the hooks if you want you can add an accessory such as an appliqué where it is a bow to cover that part where you adjust and is more fixed as if it were part of the look you wear on your hair.

Hairstyles with Crepe and Chinese

These types of looks are widely used in brides who want to have those waves or loops that fall from their hair but also give an important volume to their hair from the top.

I will explain each step in a quick and simple way so that you can do it whenever you want.

crepe hairstyle loops

  1. To make this hairstyle you need a curling iron or curling iron which will allow you to create those so-called beautiful Chinese waves by first taking a lock of your hair from the forehead to the side.
  2. You have to wrap it around the looper very carefully so as not to burn yourself and you always have to give it the effect backwards both the left and the right side.
  3. The size of each chino can be made wider as you reach the nape of the neck and narrower when they are at the top of the forehead.
  4. Always try to give it as natural as possible, do not search for the perfect Chinese since the idea is that they remain natural, so when you roll them up, let the shape adapt according to how it comes out.
  5. Keep taking strands and mark the ones that are behind your head to give more volume to your hairstyle.
  6. Now the final touch is that you put the fingers of your hands inside your hair and disarm those waves that you created so that it is well messy and natural but at the same time it continues to maintain its shape.
  7. The next step is to form now the volume with the bulged hair, for that you need a comb with which you take your hair and from the forehead you divide your hair from one side and from the other taking all the hairs from the initial top.
  8. Once you have it, you divide that lock into two parts, one in front which you have to hold with a hair clip and the other where you have to make the crepe, holding the wick and combing each layer from top to bottom with the fine comb and then the other strand.
  9. You join the two strands that you made a crepe with a garter and you pull the ends behind your head.
  10. To finish this hairstyle on the sides you can also make crepe so that the change of look in general stands out much more and give the feeling of abundant hair.

To fix you can use a spray that I recommend so that your loops last longer and that raised hair lasts in that position.

Crepe and Braid Hairstyles

In this design that I am going to show you about everything that is going to stand out is how with a good weave of braids you can complement a rounded hairstyle on the back of the head giving that feeling of volume that you can use in any wedding or important party to look elegant, delicate and above all attract the attention of all eyes.

crepe hairstyle braids

  1. To start you have to do a division of your hair behind the ear and then you do a half ponytail with this and you will have set the stage to continue.
  2. Each division you make can be separated with a garter or a hair clip so it has to remain, at the nape of the neck the half ponytail collected in an impeller, you also leave a division on the side, and the hair from the middle down from the loose back that you are smoothing with a hair straightener from a finger near the root to the tips.
  3. In the part of the loose hairs, you look for the half where the center of the nose would be but from your back of the head to the limit of the ear and you make a horizontal rectangle and on the other side you do the same.
  4. The rest that you have left at the bottom of the neck you make a temporary ponytail and tie it with a hair band so that it does not bother you when working with your hair.
  5. In one of the sections at the back you have to divide it into three strands, and you take the strand from the edge and pass it below towards the center, the next edge the same from below towards the center and you continue with the process of braided.
  6. You have to knit the braid to the end as much as you can according to the length of your hair (the longer the braid the greater the volume you can get) and then repeat on the other side.
  7. Now you have to continue working your style with the side section that you left prepared with which you take a lock and divide it into three parts, taking the wick from the top to the center, repeat it on the other side and feed it the section of the center always weaving on top making a French braid.
  8. After you finish to the end you start with the other side section making a normal French braid until you finish at the end tips.
  9. With a filler that you can do with a false braid (to do it you can tangle and wrap it in a mesh) you place it on the nape of the neck and fix it with the same help of the braids that you already have and some hair buckles all around it .
  10. Now is the time that from the half ponytail you are taking thin locks and with a comb from top to bottom you are going to go carding then you have to extend it over the accessory that you added to give volume to your crepe, ensuring that this type of tupe is rounded , as if it were a little mountain inside your hair.
  11. To follow this kind of beautiful style you have to take your hair in a half ponytail and temporarily add a hair clip.
  12. Then you pass one of the braids on the side covering the line that crosses from one ear to the other, as if it were a headband and you fix it with a pin, then you pass the other braid along the same line.
  13. Pick up the braids on the sides and bring them to the center of the head near the back and add a hair band to fix them and try not to let it down so much, after tying them you take them apart and start combing the hair of the bottom and then the top that would be the crepe.

These types of hairstyles have to be worked from the middle ponytail with extensions to create more weight when it comes to the hairstyle.

As you will see it is a beautiful hairstyle to wear on a 15th birthday that every quinceañera wants to stand out, graduation, wedding or the party that you want to show off.

Hairstyles with Crepe and Chongo

This type of hairstyle can help you if you want to use your hair collected and neat which will largely clear your entire face and also look beautiful for any party.

  1. To start you have to do a high ponytail first and adjust it with a simple hair band, it is recommended that you wear long hair.
  2. Then you have to put a donut for hair that goes through the ponytail and leave it placed on the rubber that holds the ponytail.
  3. You take a lock of hair from the ponytail and comb it in a way that if you want it can be smooth from the middle to the ends or you give it the crepe effect
  4. The next step is to pass that hair through the middle of the donut to introduce it inside, this same process is repeated with different strands.
  5. The tip you have to hide inside the center and fixed with pins or hair clips.
  6. To finish the loose hair you can pass it entangling on the limit of the donut and fix with buckles.

Chiffon crepe hairstyles

It is a youthful hairstyle that takes years off and rejuvenates you in a simple, chic way that can go with any type of dress or outfit outfit.

Girls Crepe Hairstyles

For princess hairstyles this style is used a lot especially when they want to be girls like Jazmine de Aladino where she uses combed hair with a lot of volume.

This hairstyle that I am going to show you will be used a lot in our daughter’s first communion.

crepe hairstyles for girls

  1. First you have to do a division from ear to ear so that it fits you like a wide headband and the rest of the hair is collected in a high tail.
  2. Then with an elastic band and you add a hair hook at each end, and fold the ponytail up and put a hook on the left side and pass the band over the ponytail and on the other side adjust holding with the other hook in the hair.
  3. You take the hair from the ponytail in small sections and begin to carry out the carding so that it is very good giving the volume you need but always considering that it is a girl’s hair and you must do it with great care so as not to hurt the scalp or mistreat hair.
  4. To make the crepe you do it with a comb to the ends giving the feeling of tangled.
  5. When you get to the last section of hair you have left you have to divide it into two strands and give volume to the last one leaving the other out.
  6. You take all of that carded hair and pull it up and the next step is inward giving a round shape to hold it in with clips or hooks that are bigger than what you usually use.
  7. With the part of hair that you had left out, you cover the collection with the help of a comb and apply hair spray so that on the surface that is the visual part it is smooth and smooth.
  8. Once you have it covered you hold it with an elastic band and roll the excess hair in two fingers and hide it just below the gathered one you hold it with 1 or 2 hair buckles.
  9. For the front part you have to make a division next to the head, you spray the hair and comb the rest of the part backwards and hold with a tweezer if you have many layers of hair on that side, continue combing and twist it a Little at the nape of the neck passing it underneath and you hold it with a hook, you keep combing until you turn around that great species of impeller.
  10. Repeat step 9 on the other side of the head to finish with those loose highlights, when you finish you can remove the clamp.

If you want to finish you can place a bow or apply a headband around the gathered.

Hairstyles with Crepe and Curls

hairstyles with crepe curls

Hairstyles with Crepe and Ironing

Wearing straight hair is wonderful since it gives a feeling of neatness and a very marked personality, which is recommended to use when you want to convey this type of expression with your look.

But also you can implement volume to give it that feeling of more hairs on your hair and that greatly improves that elegance you want to show.

This hairstyle that I am going to explain to you step by step is mainly inspired by one that the famous celebrity Nicole Kidman used.

straight crepe hairstyles

To start you first have to have dry hair with which you can do it with a hair dryer to give it that natural volume that it acquires from the hot air and a little foam to give it body and that no streaks or divisions are formed on the head by the greasiness of the hair.

  1. Where the entries in the forehead begin, you begin to outline with your fingers a section to the nape, as if you were going to make a high ponytail.
  2. Then you run a comb to mark the parting on the sides, always holding the ponytail loose and take it to the front of your forehead and hold it with an appliqué or a hair buckle to be able to work calmly on your hair look.
  3. Once you have the middle part separated, you have to collect different wicks from the sides that you have to carry back with a comb to give the most taut effect, below the section you collected earlier.
  4. The next step is to repeat the process but on the other side always considering leaving the middle part without it being part of the locks so you will have a wick on each side and you apply lacquer to make it shiny and taut feeling.
  5. Now with a rubber band or hair that is not visible, you join the two strands and collect them like a ponytail.
  6. Once done you have to do the carding or the crepe of the upper part that you had collected with an applet, and you work wick by wick to the root.
  7. The secret to making a perfect carding is to place the wick pointing forward and holding with one hand while combing down making the crepe to give volume.
  8. When you finish with each wick you pull it back and it will be rounded, to join one carding with the other you can put your big toe inside you join it rubbing with the comb.
  9. This will cause it to be more uniform and achieve the round and elevated effect that is sought for this chic hairstyle.
  10. The last wick of the forehead that you will have you can only card the root for which it will generate a high effect to complement with the other part of the hair that you have already pulled back.
  11. To finish you comb back and put lacquer until it dries and then loose.

Hairstyles with Crepe and Caireles (or loops)

hairstyles with crepe caireles

Top Bouffant Hairstyle

This hairstyle from the 60s has been reused as everything in fashion that is recycled and modernized in a way that can be implemented in a more agile, simple and fast way.

It is a look that also takes a crepe or carding so it enters the list of crepe hairstyles that you can not miss.

I will explain each step that they have to take to carry it out on your mane.

  1. To start and give body to your hair, you have to apply powder to the crown area to give volume and then massage with your hands.
  2. At the top of your head, separate your hair as if you were doing a half-tail and hold with tweezers or some accessory appliqué.
  3. To achieve greater volume you can place a styling roll right in the area of ​​the crown and to prevent it from moving, apply pins.
  4. At the top of the hair root you have to carry out a large carding.
  5. The next step to polish you have to brush all your hair back fixing at the back with pins or buckles.
  6. To cover and style this hairstyle from the 60s you have to take a section of the side hair, twist it a bit and fasten it with another pin.
  7. You have to repeat the procedure but now on the opposite side.
  8. In the remaining hair that is left loose with the help of a curling iron (11/4 curling iron) you can go marking waves.
  9. To smooth the waves you can brush with a paddle brush.

A secret so that the hairstyle lasts much longer is to spray your hair with fixing spray with argan oil.

Hairstyles with Gathered Crepe

It is a fantastic way to wear your hair providing wave, style and above all to wear a youthful look that does not go out of style.

  1. First you have to take a wick from the center of the head that you comb and you roll it up in its entirety as if it were a corkscrew.
  2. With that you make a rounded bun and simply fix it to use it as if it were the base of your carding or crepe.
  3. You take another strand where you comb it and make the crepe covering the updo and comb it fixing it if you want as a hair fixative, lacquer or transparent buckles or with the shade of the hair.

updo crepe hairstyles

How to bulge hair?

To finish this mega guide that I make so that you learn how to make different types of hairstyles with crepe, I am going to teach you something that for me is very important: learning to bulge your hair in different ways that exist and that many beauty salons and professional hairdressers use. .

Mainly I am going to teach you how to put together different types of sponges that can serve as a filling to accompany your carding.

You will need to:

  • Black thread
  • Needle
  • Black tulle
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  1. Measure the tulle and take the measurement of 25 centimeters and cut it and then fold it in half.
  2. With the thread and the needle you have to baste two parts of the wrapper leaving one part open.
  3. If you want to reinforce it, you can baste it back again from the end to the beginning as if it were a zigzag.
  4. At the end you make two knots so that it does not come off cutting the remaining thread.
  5. So that the seam is inside you turn the tulle wrapper, forming a perfect bag to fill with more tulle.
  6. The amount of tulle fabric that you will put will be according to the type of hairstyle and volume that you want to give to your hairstyle.
  7. After you finish putting the filling you start to baste all the side that was left open and tie a knot when finished.

I hope you liked it and that you apply all these crepe hairstyles to your styles that you like so much to look prettier, more youthful and above all look elegant for each special moment.

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