The changing fashion of Brigitte Macron: from "Madame Tout-le-monde" to ultra-stylish First Lady

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The changing fashion of Brigitte Macron: from "Madame Tout-le-monde" to ultra-stylish First Lady

A radical change

Today Brigitte Macron's looks are scrutinized and studied from A to Z. And for good reason, since she officially became the First Lady of the country, she has turned into a true fashionista, far from the classic image of a First Lady in tailor. However, that has not always been the case. Long before stepping on the Elysée carpets, Brigitte Macron made a career in National Education as a teacher of French. At the time, it sports a look of "Madame Tout-le-monde", with a very classic side, even BCBG. Tailored jackets, serious shirts and small scarves tied around the neck, are part of his daily fashion.

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The change operates in August 2015 when she meets Delphine Arnault, Deputy General Manager of Louis Vuitton. The latter advises her for all her public appearances. From the moment of the investiture, Brigitte Macron sets the tone of what her look will look like: short skirts, modern jackets and blazers, stilettos and trousers leather. Like a true fashionista, she becomes an object of desire and the biggest houses are now fighting to dress. As for Brigitte, she is acclaiming French brands: from her favorite Louis Vuitton, through Alexandre Vauthier, Balmain or Courrèges. A boost to the French fashion that offers a good visibility. The foreign media, they, continue to comment on his style, highlighting its French elegance and the revival it brings to the image of First Lady.

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The fetish fashion pieces of Brigitte Macron

From day to day, Brigitte Macron displays a style more and more asserted. She has found exactly the right balance between modern fashion and elegant sobriety. Emmanuel Macron's wife never goes out without a blazer or officer coat but can also change pace by adopting unstructured or patterned two-tone jackets. To play the feminine, she often opts for straight dresses zipped. It's a bit like his trademark. According to the events, she knows how to vary her looks: long princess dresses for diplomatic events, sexy dresses draped or way choker for a more rock style.

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In short, she tries everything and it suits her pretty well.

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