The cyclist signs his return this summer: you adopt? Our advice for wearing this piece in style, and all the new products

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The cyclist signs his return this summer: you adopt? Our advice for wearing this piece in style, and all the new products

In the fast-paced world of fashion, there are always trends that divide. Each season brings a lot of novelties and debates. In the shoe department, some would say that ballerinas are the pinnacle of French elegance and refined style, while others will only see a fashion faux pas. In the wake, pro and anti-sticky flesh can not decide. And the race for style knows no rest. This year, a new fashion puzzle comes to animate the fashionistas : should we, yes or no, dare to wear cycling shorts? That is the question !

The cyclist turns heads

With these black cycling shorts, you feel ready to win the yellow jersey of the next edition of the Tour de France. Faced with this low in Jersey, you say that finally some trends do not go round. And yet, everyone loves it. During the last Fashion Week, the cyclist presented himself as the star of all the podiums. If the mark Fendi opted for ultra-tight models decorated with the initial of the mark, Prada preferred a more colorful and graphic piece. And after treading the tracks of the Italian boot, the French brands did not want to lose the pedals and followed the road of this new trend. At the 2019-2020 spring / summer ready-to-wear parade, the young designer Jacquemus presented a mini-model summer and solar ideal for parading at the seaside. Similarly, Chanel arrived at the peloton with a black cyclist accessorized the mythical chain belt. A wardrobe essential sportswear that eagerly adopted Lily-Rose Depp and Marion Cotillard.

Jacquemus invents the cycling mini-shorts for its ready-to-wear spring / summer 2019 collection. - IMaxTree
Chanel appropriates cycling shorts at its spring / summer 2019 ready-to-wear fashion show. - IMaxTree

But now, the bike shorts do not go to everyone. Ultra-molded and made in an unconventional material, this piece is often unflattering for the silhouette. There is only Kim Kardashian to take that risk. Therefore grant these shorts is a challenge. How to wear it everyday without looking like a sunday jogger? With which shoes will you accompany it to make it more sophisticated? Because it's a fact, the cyclist has made his mark and seems ready to impose on the city as on the beach. The race for the watch is launched. here is some ideas of cyclist looks for you avoid taking too much distance with this last trend.

Cycling shorts for three looks

1 / Elegant cyclist: Have a look of working-girl as a cyclist, it's possible. To jump into the water, it is better to opt for a black classic shorts. Since the cut is ultra-tight, we put on a white tee shirtoversized to bring some contrast to this set. And for a touch of elegance, we go out smocking jacket long with big silver buttons and his most beautiful shoes. In order to shift the look even more, why not put on white sneakers, must have of all fashionistas. You're ready for a day at two hundred an hour at work.


2 / Bohemian-chic cyclist: If the bike shorts are a fixture in fashion sportswearhe can also be bohemian. Shirt dress with fine stripes, well waisted at the waist, and jean jacket XXL combine beautifully with a white cyclist. To give a folk spirit to this down, we put Marlboro. By its leather, this great trend will bring a little heat to the synthetic material of the cyclist. A perfect combo to do a remake both country and modern Woodstock years.

3 / Rock'n glam 'in cycling

The good weather is coming, it is high time to leave the trench coat. Beige or black, this inescapable of the wardrobe marries strangely well with cycling shorts fluo. An amazing counter-foot that brings a sophisticated note to this sport piece. For the rest, we opt for sobriety with a simple top and a pair of rock boots in mind Doc Martens. Level bag, why not play the card of daring to the end, wearing the famous banana to the size ?

You are ready to take the lead again. In the end, will you fall for this unexpected new trend and rather "WTF" that elegant with our shopping selection?

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