The jade roll, is it adopted?

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The jade roll, is it adopted?

The jade roll, kezako?

Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, the jade roll has been used for centuries by Asian women to preserve their youth capital. It is composed of two oval stones, a large and a small, placed at each end of the instrument. The largest is used to massage the cheeks, the neck and the forehead. The smaller one is useful for the underside of the eyes. Some have small pimples to intensify the draining effect.

Its benefits on the skin

The jade roll is ideal to stimulate blood circulation and restore radiance to the complexion. In the long run, this small instrument boosts collagen and improves the elasticity of the skin. Used gently under the eyes, it helps reduce dark circles and puffiness. Some finally use it to improve the penetration of skin care.

How to use the jade roll

The jade roll is used as the last step of your beauty routine, morning and evening. After applying your serum then your day or night cream, massage from the bottom up, starting with the neck and ending with the forehead. On the ring, make a movement from the inside to the outside of the eye. 3 to 5 passes per zone are enough. And for a "tight pore" effect, consider placing the jade roll in the fridge a few minutes before using it.

Where to buy a jade roll?

To be sure of getting a quality object, it takes 30 euros minimum. Today, we find mainly on the Internet, specialized sites like or more generally on Amazon.

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