The Konjac sponge: why do we love it?

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The Konjac sponge: why do we love it?

What is it ?

Very popular in Japan and Korea, konjac is named after the root of an Asian plant. Once crushed and mixed with water, it becomes fibrous pulp, which, after cooking, becomes a very soft cleaning sponge.

How to use it ?

Start by moistening it until it softens. Add a cleaning product if necessary before pass it on the face in circular motions. Wring it out carefully before hanging it to dry in the open air.

What interest ?

100% natural and therefore ecological, konjac makes a light exfoliation with each use. It thus exfoliates and gives the clean skin effect of cleaning brushes, all at a lower cost and without irritating the skin !

The opinion of the expert: Katalin Berenyi, co-founder of the Erborian brand

"From a crushed and reconstituted plant, konjac is made without any additives and its ultra soft fibers are tolerated even by fragile skin. Its detox effect is therefore universal provided you remember to replace it every three months or so. After this period, the effects will be less obvious ... a bit like a toothbrush! ".

To each his Konjac!

Ultra-soft. Sponge Konjac Face, Yves Rocher, 8,90 €
Soothing. Konjac sponge with pink clay, Nocibé, 6,95 €
Purifying. Konjac sponge with bamboo charcoal extract, Sephora, € 6.99
Exfoliating. Green Tea Konjac Sponge, Erborian, 9,90 €

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