The magic trick to penetrate vegetable oils on the skin

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The magic trick to penetrate vegetable oils on the skin

Using vegetable oils to nourish one's skin is a natural alternative traditional care, very fashionable. Cheap, they can treat the skin thoroughly without risk. Be careful though to choose an oil non-comedogenic, that is to say that will not cause the appearance of comedones and pimples and that it is preferably Virgin and after a first cold press.

There is necessarily one or more adapted oils to the nature of your skin. If it is dry and sensitive, be sure to use sweet almond orlawyer who will give it back softness and elasticity. If, on the contrary, it is oily, opt for jojoba oil, hazelnut or macadamia to feed without greasing.

A very simple gesture

Use them in the morning and / or evening on your face cleaned beforehand: take a little bit of material, heat everything in the palms of your hands then apply on your face. But sometimes the liquid has trouble getting into the skin. Result: it remains bright and some of the oil remains on the surface.

How to make it penetrates well ? It's simple: just moisten your skin slightly withhydrolate, floral water or simply thermal water. You can choose them according to your needs: fromOrange tree Flower water for dry skin, Damask rose for mature skin, lavender and tea tree for oily skin.

The water will allow to bring in the assets in the epidermis. Indeed, when skin is wet (not wet), the pores are open and ready to receive the oil. On the contrary, when it is dry, the cutaneous barrier is not receptive and does not absorb the care.

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