The most beautiful haircuts to wear with a bangs

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The most beautiful haircuts to wear with a bangs

With a short cut to soften the features

The bangs bring a lot of softness to cutting boyish or to cutting pixie. It not only allows to sublimate the oval of the face but also to give a little more movement to the hair. It can be long, just below the eyebrows, or a little shorter for create a more graphic effect. We also love to wear it with a short cut ball, to give character to the face and create a rather original look.

With a square for an ultra-glamorous effect

Beautiful on a cut square, the bangs bring a small touch of glamor in the face by boosting the intensity of the gaze. Sure a square long, short, slender or straight, it highlights the features and gives a more sophisticated side to the hair. Do you have curly, curly or frizzy hair? Feel free to crack for a square with a bangs. This will still give more than volume to your hair and bring a more sophisticated effect to your cut.

With long hair to structure the hair

A fringe can be a good option for give pep and structure to long hair or mid-length. Thanks to it, you will be able to put more easily in value the oval of your face and the line of your cheekbones. The bangs can be worn with ultra-long hair as with a long square or a slender mid-length cut. The trick: slightly degrade the wicks of the contours of the face to create a nice fade between the lengths and the bangs.

Find our selection of haircuts to wear with a bangs

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