The SPF, what is it?

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The SPF, what is it?

Several levels of SPF

The SPF acronym means "Sun Protector Factor", is "Sun protection factor" in French (FPS) or sometimes just IP (protection index). Its role is to measure the level of sun protection of a product and its efficiency against UVB. The latter are held responsible for burns and sunburns that damage the skin and may be the cause of disease. Caution: SPFs do not measure protection against UVA, also very bad for the epidermis.

It exists four levels of protection : a very high which corresponds to a SPF 50+, a high (SPF 50 to 30), average (from 25 to 15) and low (from 6 to 10). It's up to you to choose the right one for your needs (if you're at the beach, on vacation, in town) and your skin.

What SPF for my skin?

Everyone does not react in the same way to the radiation of the sun: there is 6 phototypes different. The higher it is, the less the skin is dull: it will be less sensitive to UVB and therefore less prone to sunburn. But that does not mean that she does not need to be protected!

It is advisable to use a adequate protection. For phototypes 1 and 2, that is to say people with light or very light skin with light brown hair, blond or red, 50+ sunscreen is recommended. It is also important to limit maximum exposure time because the skin tends to burn very easily.

If your skin is clear, but you gradually tan (phototype 3), you can use a care SPF 50+ or ​​30. Your tan easily takes or you have the skin matte (other phototypes)? Apply high or medium protection. It should be repeated every two hours and avoid exposure to the hottest hours (between 11h and 16h).

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