The tattoos trend of the autumn of 2019

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The tattoos trend of the autumn of 2019

1 / The tattoo in red ink

Kylie Jenner already has more than one engraved on her body. The red ink tattoo is one of the most sought after tattoos on Pinterest and Instagram. Flowers, quotes, symbols, dates ... Everything goes, provided the ink is scarlet. An advice ? Privilege a tattoo artist at pencil stroke particularly fine for a subtle and flawless result.

2 / The LGBT tattoo +

Rainbow, colored dots, multicolored arrows ... A wind of tolerance blows on the planet tattoos. Whether discreet or imposing, these tattoos with LGBT + colors are true symbols self-acceptance and benevolence.

3 / The feminist tattoo

Writing his indelible ink convictions on his body has never been so popular. Women (and men!) Do not hesitate to encourage the feminist movement with slogans, drawings and quotes engraved in the skin.

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