The top 5 organic sun creams

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The top 5 organic sun creams

Without controversial ingredients, such as nanoparticles, endocrine disruptors, PEGs or silicones, organic sunscreens are more respectful for our skin and the environment. Discover all our tips to choose them well.

What are the differences with a classic sunscreen?

Organic sun creams contain, for the most part, mineral filters. Unlike chemical filters that absorb sunlight, mineral filters reflect the UV as would a protective barrier. They are less allergenic and are effective from the first minute after application. On the other hand, they can be a little more visible on the skin, thicker, and sometimes form a whitening veil.

The question of protecting the oceans

More environmentally friendly, organic sun creams are designed to to pollute the oceans as little as possible because they do not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. Indeed, when one bathes with a sunscreen on the skin, its chemical components infiltrate into the water and are absorbed by the corals. They then disrupt their growth cycle and lead to their bleaching.

To be sure to respect the corals and the nature, choose an organic sun cream containing the mention "ocean protect" or "ocean respect". Privilege also biodegradable formulas and products packaged in recycled bottles.

Find our top 5 organic sun creams

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On video, our tips for applying your sun powder:

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