These beauty products that you should always keep cool

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These beauty products that you should always keep cool

A pot of day cream between pesto and crème fraîche, a lipstick next to the ketchup tube ... It may sound crazy and yet tidying up its care and makeup in the fridge becomes the new standard. More and more common in summer, the already beloved practice of influencers now extends to the winter since some of our beauty darlings (care or makeup) are better off staying cool h24.

Eye creams

The eye creams have very rich textures that are ideally kept cool. In addition, the refreshed cream acts as a decongestant for the contour of the eye that swells easily under the influence of fatigue. It is the absolute beauty gesture for a sparkling look.

Sun cream

Summer is coming to an end and the tube of sunscreen is probably already at the end of its life but for what is left it is strongly advised to keep it cool. Why ? Because the cold will preserve the good function of the SPF action and since we must constantly protect ourselves from UV, the remains of this summer will be perfect for the first glow of autumn!

Nail polish

then last heat waves we had already advised you to put away your vials of varnish in the refrigerator, and well you can leave them there. Why ? cold allows keep the varnish, increases its longevity and preserves its color. The little varnish bought this summer could still serve next summer!

The sticks of lipstick

Who never let a tear drop at the sight of a stick of melted lipstick ? This is unfortunately what happens when you leave it anywhere ... Stuck in a handbag, near a radiator, facing the window at the mercy of the sun's rays, the lipstick stick easily suffers from heat and is better at cool.

The gels

Aloe vera gel, micellar jelly, mask gel ... the gel in all its states increases its anti-inflammatory, toning and decongestant if kept at low temperature. Here's a good reason to make room in the vegetable bin!

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