Tina kunakey, the wife of Vincent Cassel, appears naturally on the beach

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Tina kunakey, the wife of Vincent Cassel, appears naturally on the beach

While she has just given birth to her daughter Amazon, Tina Kunakey appears more radiant than ever on Instagram. She is currently with her husband Vincent Cassel on vacation in Hawaii. A dream holiday where the couple swims in happiness: they post clichés of them, more lovers and accomplices than ever on the beach, during a sunset.

A natural and summery look

The 22-year-old mother put a picture of her on her Instagram account. A cliché where she is totally natural and in a swimsuit. Her very curly hair is loose and frame her face. She refers to her hairstyle in her legend: "Small head of wild he said". If she often appears with her natural hair, she sometimes opts for other hairstyles: the smooth and low ponytail, the bun or a very smooth hair and plated back.

Tina Kunakey bet on a no make-up look. This does not change the beauty of the young woman, who displays a perfect complexion. And she is sublime!

All his fans also agree that Tina Kunakey is splendid: "A beauty so pure", "Goddess" (note: goddess in French), "You are just dazzling"... The rave reviews follow one another. We love !

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