Top 100 best photos of women’s hairstyles

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Top 100 best photos of women’s hairstyles

trendy women hairstyles 2020

2021 dictates its own rules when choosing fashionable hairstyles. The days of complex styling are a thing of the past. They, of course, continue to be used in special cases, but the speed with which the modern world lives requires minimal effort with maximum result. Nowadays, a fashionable hairstyle should be simple, appropriate to all events, stylish and not take much time to create.


Main trends 2021-2022

There are not many choices of hairstyles: long, medium and short hair. There are only two options: with or without fashionable bangs. But now the look itself: styling, coloring, haircut elements can be endless.

Hairstyles for long hair

  • Straight cut hair ends… In 2021-2022, the straight cut is in vogue. It looks bold, defiant and does not cause much trouble for the hostess. You do not need to make a complex perm. After all, it is in the straight cut line that the whole meaning lies.

what hairstyles will be in fashion in 2020

the most beautiful hairstyles for 2020

The most stylish women's hairstyles

  • Scythe… The braid will never go out of style. There are a lot of weaving options. But in 2021-2022, preference is given to classic weaving. The principle is the same: simplicity of execution and minimum physical costs.

braids 2020

braiding hair

long hair


french braid


fashion haircut for women

  • Tail… Perhaps the most favorite fashionable hairstyle of all owners of long hair. And if in previous years a woman of fashion had to keep an eye on the loose strands around her face or comb her hair so that the hair adjoins the hair, then in 2021 you don’t have to bother with the presence of “roosters” or short curls: as the tail has gathered, it has gathered.

  • Disbanded… Hair can be left free. To give the hairstyle a more or less neat look, not a tedious perm, but brushing is used. A haircut based on a cascade is recommended. Then neither wind nor rain can damage the hair. But the use of hairspray is no longer encouraged.

  • Beam… Long hair can be gathered in a bun, which will always be a fashionable women’s hairstyle. The bundle is appropriate in the office, and at an important meeting, and on a romantic date, and at a bachelorette party. The bundle is a real lifesaver, even on a camping trip. It can be simply assembled, or can be decorated with various hair ornaments.

Haircuts and styling for medium hair

Fashionable hairstyles for medium hair are also enough. But here the haircut plays a greater role.

  • Square… There are a lot of options for haircuts based on a square. This is for lengthening, and straight, and with a reverse cut. There are fewer styling options: side parting and straight.

  • Cascade… A win-win. The cascade does not require much effort to guide the strands. Styling with brushing is an everyday option, but using a curling iron will give your hairstyle a more solemn and festive look.

  • Shaggy… This medium length haircut is also popular. Chaotic strands will never embarrass their owner, even if she survives a tornado. The whole secret lies in the technique of execution. The haircut itself looks like this: a stylish mess.

  • Aurora… A haircut from the category “woke up and ran.” The secret of haircuts in technique. The strands themselves lay down as needed without any coercion.

  • Elongated bob. A wonderful haircut that suits all ages. Very stylish, suitable for any event.

  • Asymmetry… Demanding haircut. But only to the shape of the face, nothing more. Curly or straight hair doesn’t matter.

Hairstyles for short hair

  • Hedgehog” or “Bobrik“. This haircut has lost its popularity, but is now at its peak. The point is in the modern vision of the position of women in society. This is a unisex haircut. True, she has limitations: an even, round shape of the skull and a round or square face with almost perfect lines. The haircut is very short, but it gives room for fancy coloring.

  • Canadian“. Haircut for all ages. And at 20 and at 60 she looks stylish. You just need to be careful in the choice of staining. And, of course, no “Khimka”, so beloved by women of the older generation.

  • Caprice“As well as”cascade“Will never go out of style. The haircut is absolutely versatile and does not require a lot of styling effort. Enough brushing and a little wax.

  • Pixie bob“. Perfect haircut for middle aged women. Young people can also try this model, but it is better to stick with other options. Pixie bob rejuvenates its owner and hides many facial imperfections.

  • Page“And”Sesson“. These two haircuts are very similar to each other, but there are still differences. They are invisible to the layman, but a professional will immediately understand. But it is not important. The main thing is that this haircut triumphantly returns to salons and drives fashionistas crazy. Older women are happy about her return, but the young are just looking closely. But stylists enthusiastically embody them, using various coloring techniques, creating a unique style and giving a new sound to the image.


To wear or not to wear bangs is an individual choice of every fashionista. You just need to monitor its accuracy and style. The bangs can both spoil the image, and complement it, and decorate. She can add age, or she can roll back her owner by 10 – 15 years.

Bangs can be present with any haircuts and hairstyles, but then you will have to pay a little more attention to it. The dull dangling of strands does not paint anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to stack it, add volume and monitor the length. But on the other hand, she can give a certain neatness to the hairstyle. The bangs can be woven into the braid as a separate element when weaving.

Fashionable coloring 2021-2022

When talking about the fashion trends of 2021 in hairdressing, it is very important to focus on dyeing. Monotone gradually gave up its positions, and no one is interested in a dull blond or sad “brunette”. There are completely different styles and techniques in fashion. The most popular coloring in the style of “Babelight” and “Aertach”. All other techniques are also used, but women of fashion prefer these two.

As for the choice of shades, there are five main hair colors:

  • ash in all toning options

  • honey brown-haired with gold

  • redhead with copper or red highlights

  • brunette with a bright accent

  • fancy coloring

In fact, 2021-2022 dictates the fashion of the 70s and 80s of the last century. After all, everything new is forgotten old, so the trendy hairstyles of the hippie times are still relevant. The only thing that gives the old hairstyles brightness and individuality is the novelties in the methods of coloring and the huge choice of palette.

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