TOP 15 women’s trends for every day

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TOP 15 women’s trends for every day

Shoes are a basic item of a woman’s wardrobe, which, whatever one may say, has to be purchased. What trends will be relevant in 2021? Some of them have passed from the old season, and there are interesting new items that not every fashionista will dare to wear. Shall we look at fashionable shoes 2021? Go!

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Ballerinas – well forgotten old

Ballerinas, which were a super trend in 2014 and then gradually faded away, are making a comeback. But do not rush to get your favorite shoes from the mezzanine, because fashion never returns in its former form. The new ballet flats are laconic, simple, with a pointed cape and on a small, most often, square heel.


Great trend! After all, fashionable metallic shoes will refresh almost any, even the most nondescript image. Imagine a total gray look and add black shoes to it … You get melancholy and despondency. And if you put on silver shoes, the image will immediately turn from dull to stylish. And the trend is not only gold and silver metallic. Pink, purple, pearl, blue are great alternatives. Choosing such a model, you can kill two birds with one stone: wear them both “on the way out” and with everyday clothes.

Shoes with socks

This micro-trend periodically flashes on the catwalks. And 2021 is no exception. Combining shoes with socks is really, very beautiful and feminine. First, you can add any color you want to your feet (socks aren’t as expensive as new shoes). And secondly, look how unusual and beautiful it looks. You can create not only casual, but also romantic feminine images, and you can even visually make summer boots from shoes.

With chains

Chains and chains are a new trend in 2021. Massive chains give the leg a fragile and delicate look. Such models look quite massive, but do not be alarmed – this is only an illusion. The chains are hollow inside and will not cause discomfort.

Transparent shoes

An ambiguous shoe trend that came to us the year before last and was a little late. Transparent vinyl “passed” now on bags, then on raincoats, then on shoes. As for the autumn footwear (rubber boots and boots), this is quite justified and beautiful: you can change the socks, and with them the color of the shoes to suit your mood. Yes, and we do not wear such shoes often, but only in the rain (from location to location).

However, when it comes to shoes, you need to think a hundred times before buying. Firstly, this “vinyl” terribly rubs your feet (and stick it with a noncomilfo plaster, because the whole appearance is lost). Secondly, if the toe of shoes is made of a transparent material, the toes begin to fog up and the toe becomes covered with condensation from the inside. Which is also not very nice and hygienic. The conclusion is this: it is better to take shoes only with transparent inserts in those places where there is air access for the skin. Otherwise, it’s not very practical.

Sheer heel

But this is the moment where you can come off, even if you decide that transparent shoes are not for you. It looks fantastically beautiful and weightless. Minus one: if such a heel is scratched, the scratch will remain visible forever.

Especially dangerous and beautiful

Spiked shoes. A trend for daring and daring fashionistas. And also for those who can walk neatly in such shoes. Suitable for grunge, casual, military styles.

A new way to wear 2021

The new trend of 2021 is a special way of wearing drawstring shoes. Ties are wrapped over trousers and pants. It looks very unusual. And it’s much more comfortable than winding them on your bare leg.

Lettering and labels

Shoes with different motivating inscriptions or labels – the squeak of the season. Add dynamics and a touch of audacity to any look.

Bows and ribbons

For lovers of a feminine romantic style, designers in 2021 offer fashionable shoes with bows and ribbons. Feminine, beautiful, gentle.

Quilted options

Have you seen the quilted bags? In 2021, the turn came to shoes. How aesthetically pleasing they look – judge for yourself, but a trend is a trend.

Fashionable mesh shoes

Both large and small. Designers offer models both in a “fishing net” and in a weightless “mosquito net”. Both are great for the summer, by the way.

Square cape

In addition to the timeless classic – the triangular toe – in 2021, shoes with a square cape will be relevant. Usually they come with a square heel. It looks serious, stable, and monumental.

V-shaped toe

A more feminine option is fashionable V-toe shoes. The advantage of such models is that they visually lengthen your legs, even if you choose a model with low heels.

Stable heel

Looking at how the ladies fell in love with sneakers and comfortable shoes, designers are trying to lure them back into shoes. Therefore, they actively propose an intermediate option – models with low, stable heels. Not a sneaker, of course, but much more comfortable than a stiletto heel.

What tights to wear shoes with?

If earlier this question was relevant, now the answer to it sounds like this: with any. It is possible with nylon, it is possible with thick, it is possible with gaiters, it is possible with golfs. Solid tights will create a vertical line and visually lengthen the legs. Contrasting tights will add brightness, flair and visibility to your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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