TOP women’s trends in the photo!

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TOP women’s trends in the photo!

Fashionable women's suits fall-winter 2021-2022

Fashionable women’s suits take pride of place in the autumn-winter wardrobe. What will be the main trends of the 2021-2022 season, how the style and cut will differ, what materials designers prefer to use in their collections, women of fashion will be able to find out from the following article below.

With flared trousers

Womens suits autumn-winter

Flares have experienced two waves of popularity. The first was in the 1970s and the second was in the 1990s. And again, this style of trousers is at the peak of popularity, so it is not surprising that among the fashionable women’s suits for the upcoming fall-winter 2021-2022 season there are many models with bell-bottomed trousers. However, in contrast to previous years, modern flares have some peculiarities:

  1. High waist. This cut is much more comfortable than the low waist, which was fashionable in the 90s, and also more acceptable for an office dress code. This model will emphasize the waist and slim figure much better.
  2. Knee flare. There are two options for expanding the legs to the bottom: from the thigh (models resemble culottes) and from the knee. The second version of the style is the most relevant. It visually stretches the silhouette and makes the figure thinner.
  3. Barely noticeable flare. Girls who cannot get used to the new fashionable flared style will love models with a barely noticeable expansion of the legs.

bright women's suits for autumn

Since bell-bottoms are already quite a spectacular thing in themselves, a duet in a suit for them, as a rule, consists of jackets of a laconic cut without unnecessary decorative elements. The color scheme of such outfits can be either restrained office, or brighter, juicy, or in a fashionable check print.

stylish trouser suit

Into the cage

In the upcoming fall-winter 2021-2022 season, the most fashionable pattern on the fabric will be a cage or tartan. It can be found on many things designed for the cold season, including women’s pantsuits. Depending on the style of trousers and jacket, such an outfit can be either strict business or relaxed in casual style.

women's suit for autumn in a cage

The checkered set is good because it can be easily combined with the most basic things that can be found in the wardrobe of every fashionista:

  • White T-shirt – a thing that is combined with absolutely any wardrobe items, regardless of their style and color;
  • black, beige or white turtleneck – not only will not let you freeze in autumn and winter, but will also be appropriate in the office and in a more informal setting;
  • white men shirt or a loose shirt-cut blouse – a great option for tall and slender girls.

adorable cage on the suit

As for shoes, both classic pumps and comfortable sports sneakers will look stylish with a checkered set. Accessories can add flavor and elegance to the outfit. In this case, they should be given sufficient attention. It can be earrings, beads or pendants, bracelets or brooches that emphasize femininity. A stylish leather bag, a folder for papers or glasses in an interesting frame can bring severity to the image.

fall-winter 2021-2022

With culottes

Initially, culottes, like other types of trousers, were the subject of an exclusively male wardrobe (to be more precise, for men of aristocrats of past centuries). For some reason, women were wary of this model, so they only occasionally appeared in suits. But just a couple of years ago, this model became very popular.

The main distinguishing features of culottes are very wide legs and length “below the knee above the ankle”. They are straight, with pleats stitched at the waist, reminiscent of a skirt, with or without arrows.

Stylists advise women in companies (or industries) where the majority of employees are men not to wear business pantsuits. For this reason, for example, Margaret Thatcher never appeared at official events in pants, because mostly men are involved in politics.

To preserve the femininity of the image and not to give up the convenience of trousers will allow a women’s trouser suit with culottes. Moreover, for the cold season, designers offer a lot of options for such ensembles from different materials and with different prints.

With cropped trousers

Giorgio Armani created an elegant suit for women from a classic blazer and cropped pipe trousers. Such an outfit in white could be found on celebrities parading on the red carpets, and even as an alternative to the bride’s snow-white dress. Fashionable and stylish suits with cropped trousers will be relevant even with the onset of cold weather in the new season 2021-2022.

Pants in such sets do not have to be pipes. They can be loose, business-like, straight, tapered, or slightly flared. As for the length of the legs, there will be three options in the trend:

  • ? – the most popular and versatile length, the trousers cover the leg 5 cm above the ankle;
  • 7/8 – the legs cover the legs to the middle of the calf, they, as a rule, have a narrower cut, but not as tight as a skinny one;
  • to the ankle – this length allows you to showcase beautiful shoes or thin ankles.

An important point! Tall slender young ladies can combine fashionable women’s suits with cropped trousers with any footwear, but for girls of medium or short stature, it is better to give preference to models with light-colored heels in order to visually make their legs longer.

With wide trousers

The trend for lower-waist comfort will continue in 2021-2022, so suits with wide-leg pants will become the dominant silhouette of the fashion season. Wide pants are good because they suit absolutely everyone, so you just have to figure out how to beat a suit with this novelty in your wardrobe.

However, before buying such a kit, you should remember two nuances regarding the length of the legs:

  1. it is better to give preference to short or long models, medium options will make the legs shorter;
  2. if the outfit will be combined with shoes at a low speed, then the legs should practically touch the ground, and with shoes or boots with heels, they should reach half of their middle.

Perfectly tailored wide leg pants prove that comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. At the same time, models with a classic waist line are suitable for miniature girls, full of young ladies – with a high waist and trousers that expand from the hip.

Sets with shorts for a warm autumn

Women of fashion, who last year already managed to acquire a suit with shorts, are provided with a fashionable bow for this season. For autumn-winter, designers offer sets with shorts and bermudas made of dense fabrics in a duet with jackets, cardigans or jackets. In addition to T-shirts and shirts, a bralette or a bustier top will be a fashionable mix of such a suit.

The warmer the weather, the lighter the color of the outfit should be. White, pink, caramel, coral, mint, blue and yellow colors are ideal for warm autumn. As soon as the mark on the thermometer becomes close to zero, you can put on a set of emerald, purple, cherry, gray or black.

There is a misconception that only young ladies can afford an outfit with shorts, but stylists assure that the main determining factor should be the features of the figure, and not age. There are many models for women 40+ and for curvy ladies.

With a skirt

Most often, most people associate such an ensemble with a pencil skirt, carefully fitted to the figure, but modern women increasingly prefer freedom and convenience, so fashionable women’s suits are complemented by pleated skirts of different lengths or other loose styles.

The comfort of a cut in a stylish set is balanced by interesting materials that are used for sewing (leather, fabric with a metallic effect), prints (cage) and non-standard accessories, for example, a leather belt over a jacket made of suiting fabric.

Velvet sets

Warm velvet suits will not only warm you in cold weather, but also give pleasure from every touch. Many believed that this material was a relic of the past, but after a sufficient number of sets with both trousers and skirts were demonstrated on the catwalks, velvet returned to trends.

To make an outfit made of this material look fashionable and modern, it should be supplemented with a silk or cotton shirt, a sweater made of thin knitted fabric, a blouse or a top. It is this combination that will emphasize the uniqueness of the fabric and make the image relevant and stylish.

Pajama style

This trend is a loud echo of what the whole world had to go through in 2019. The pajama style has both ardent fans and equally ardent opponents. Having decided to introduce this novelty in your image, it is important to remember that a pajama-style suit and pajamas are not the same thing. You won’t be able to look stylish and fashionable just by wearing beautiful pajamas. In this case, the outfit will turn out to be sloppy, not elegant.

A pajama-style outfit should be made of high-quality and natural fabrics, without impurities of synthetics. The cut should be loose, but not baggy, emphasizing the feminine silhouette of the figure. No inserts made of transparent materials are allowed, such boudoir will look vulgar. The colors can be calm, monochromatic or with unobtrusive prints (stripes, plant or animal motifs).


There will definitely be much more leather in the fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion season than in the previous ones. However, even when making leather total bows, not a single animal was harmed. Fashion designers are increasingly using materials in their work that do not harm the environment and animals, for example, eco-leather.

If you cannot find a suit made of eco-leather, then you can replace it with a jumpsuit or make such a set yourself, for example, by choosing pants and a jacket in the same style. Although black will still be relevant, stylists suggest paying attention to other colors (chocolate, scarlet, terracotta).

A selection of photos of fashionable images

Fashionable women’s suits are versatile outfits that are designed not only for business meetings. They are able to create a stylish look for a romantic date, a walk around the city or a friendly get-together in a cafe with girlfriends, which is easy to see by looking at a selection of photographs of fashionable images.

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