Trend bars: 20 models super trend to adopt

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Trend bars: 20 models super trend to adopt

They are back ! For several years, the bars have been forgotten. Very fashionable in the 1990s and 2000s, they were gradually abandoned for other accessories such as headbands then the bandanas and the headbands, still very trendy.

A popular accessory for stars and podiums

But this year, it's the strips The top Bella Hadid, the singer Ariana Grande, the model Kendall Jenner ... They love wearing it. But that's not all since this accessory had a place of choice on the catwalks.

Which one to choose for everyday life or for a evening ? Opt for rhinestone patterns and original if you want the accessory to be noticed, in the evening as in the day. Desire for change ? Bet on forms that are out of the ordinary like round, stars or some triangles. Other more classic and less flashy models exist: unadorned bars, united golden color for example. You have the choice !

How to wear them?

There are many ways to put the strips. You can put one or choose to clip several on the same side or face-to-face. For a look very 90's, put two bars symmetrically on both sides of your line in the middle.

If you want to create a romantic effect, make a stripe on the side and tie a single part of your hair with a large bar or several small. You can also use it to tie two strands together on the back of your head to clear your forehead.

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