Trends : a compact and colorful summer of 2021 spent at the beach!

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Trends : a compact and colorful summer of 2021 spent at the beach!

Women’s beach bag: what’s your choice for this summer? What will be its use is another very important question to ask yourself before choosing your women’s beach bag.

small bag to go to the beach

Women’s beach bag: which one; to put what?

Cute towels? Check. Must-have swimsuit? Check. Flattering blanket, sunscreen and sunglasses? Checked, checked, checked. The only thing missing for a fabulous day in the sun, aside from comfy sandals and captivating summer reading, is a designated beach bag to store all your essentials.

straw purple leather beach bag

Think: trendy woven straw beach bags that will stand out in your photos, custom canvas bags, oversized waterproof bags with pockets and zippers! We even found a clever design with a cooler compartment, as well as expandable and compact options that fit flat in your suitcase. After the summer season, many of these functional styles work equally well with grocery shopping, overnight and carry-on options, or just emergency bags to keep in the trunk.

how to choose woman beach bag

Women’s beach bag: does fashion have a say and if so, what does it have to say to us?

Coming soon, some really nice beach bags to travel with, even if you’re just heading outside to dip your toes into your inflatable pool. Ombre-effect raffia tote bags, straw baskets, linen bags, plastic and transparent tote bags, it’s up to you to see which one you like the most to go to the beach this summer!

beach greece bag beautiful

Canvas and colorful tote bag for the beach

At the same time very colorful, not at all a true classic like the previous bag in blue and white, this really large and trendy tote, with practical braided handles, is a good option when you want to try a new design.

Jamie Trombley MacDonald beach bag

Multipurpose neoprene beach bag

Quick-drying, sporty neoprene makes this stretch tote a perfect beach option. Waterproof and therefore extremely practical, some prefer synthetic materials.

beautiful colors beach bag

Geometric Print Straw Jute Tote

You can’t go wrong with a ladies straw beach bag, especially when it has an eye-catching pattern. With its vintage look, you will be very fashionable this summer.

leave beach bag 2021

Baskets are and always will be in fashion! Round or rectangular at the base, they are perfect for the beach. These tote bags can take towels, water bottles, simple food. Take advantage of these practical and beautiful bags!

beach beauty practice summer

Fashionable and very practical transparent plastic bags

The idea of ​​seeing how your things are stored in the bag appeals to many and for good reason! It’s handy to visualize where your sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen, etc. are put.

practical compact blue bag

Initial Canvas Tote Bag

Made from sturdy canvas, this spacious cream colored tote will hold everything you and your little family will need.

white beach bag

The sturdier the canvas, the better for a women’s beach bag. This type of fabric will not let sand get inside, not from below anyway. This bag is classy and beautiful. This way you will be stylish even at the beach.

beautiful beach bag

White beach bag with leather handles

White bags are the ones preferred by most women during the summer. To make it more elegant, the handles can be in brown leather.

white beach fabric bag

Basket with leather handles

The other winner is of course the basket. Any basket can be perfectly useful to you in summer to go to the beach. Those with leather handles appeal the most. This material brings chic to any accessory.

beach bag woman 2021

This is not to say that baskets with straw handles are not appreciated. Braided differently at the top and at the bottom, colored differently at the top and bottom, make this basket an excellent accessory for the beach.

woman beauty beach bag

Women’s beach bag: an open-top tote

Nothing speaks better of a summer in Greece like this linen tote in white and blue. Handcrafted from durable canvas, it is meant to be lugged around. Add a cheeky monogram or saying to make it unique if you want to.

white woman beach bag

Christian Dior basket

Big luxury brands also make beach tote baskets. Of unmistakable quality, the durability of such a basket is guaranteed. Vintage, cool and practical, the basket has a zipper or is sold without.

beach bag woman CD

Diamond Woven Tote Bag

Handcrafted with fabric or recycled plastic, this stylish market tote looks like something you might have bought in a global bazaar. But this type of women’s beach bag is perfect for taking towels and accessories to the beach. Its pastel colors and compartments bring you as much comfort as possible.

pastel colors women's beach bag

Gold Waterproof Beach Tote

If you have a big carry, try this durable silicone tote, which can withstand wear and tear. Its golden color is perfect for a sunny and very hot day.

golden woman beach bag

Large family tote bags

Made with waterproof fabric or linen or recycled plastic, these tote bags can hold up to a few towels. Or you can fill it with toys and entertainment for the kids. The buckle closure will keep things from spilling out but without a closure, these wide and deep bags won’t let anything go to waste.

beach bag woman ideas

Transparent women’s beach bag

If we talk about comfort, there is nothing more comfortable than the transparent bag. Never again will you spend hours looking for your things strewn in the big bag. Everything is visible, everything is within reach. Such a waterproof plastic bag is perfect for putting food, water bottles, etc. No longer afraid that the bottle cap may not be screwed on very well (except for paper items that need to be stored in a plastic compartment).

smart woman beach bag

Ordinary and elegant bag for the beach

Simplicity can rhyme with elegance. This linen bag in stripes and pastel color is proof of that. Simple, very elegant, pretty and practical can be your ideal partner during the summer of 2021.

linen beach bag

Very elegant and chic beach bag

Gold, in fabric and leather, this women’s beach bag is perhaps the most elegant and chic of our collection in pictures which is presented to you in this article. Large, tall, durable, this bag is very pretty. It can go well with any type of swimsuit. Your flip flops, however, should be well matched.

women's gold mesh beach bag

Bags in monogrammed jute, straw, linen and waterproof material

With colorful or monochrome stripe options and available in a few sizes, it’s no wonder these zippered or open top jute or straw or linen tote bags are a bestseller for this summer of 2021.

woman straw fabric beach bag

XXL beach bag

Featuring two exterior pockets, a waterproof exterior pocket, another interior always waterproof pocket, an integrated key ring and a bottle opener (bottle opener), this large beach bag is the tote bag who does everything.

practical women's beach bag

Large green shoulder bag and cork stopper

Embrace this relaxed and cheerful bohemian spirit with this tote bag in printed nylon fabric imitating the cork stopper that is easily worn over the shoulder. Very practical, waterproof at the base and pretty and seasonal in its upper part, this bag can be very useful to you. Its handles are cotton and soft to the touch.

green beach bag

Cute little straw basket with flowers and butterflies

This basket is perfect for the beach! Cute, even pretty, it is ideal for women of all ages. Little girls will love it too! Happy, cute, crazy, these are the characteristics of the little basket and will respond well to those of the person carrying it.

bag flowers butterflies beach

Tote bag with festive pompoms

There is no happy summer without festive pom poms. Fall in love with this structured raffia tote with luxe leather straps, making it stylish enough for the city or the beach.

straw leather beach bag

The straw bag has transcended its vacation wardrobe roots. A good straw bag is a staple of any wardrobe, with so many colors, sizes and styles to choose from, straw bags are the new computer bag.

straw beach bag

While high-end designers may have spearheaded the straw bag as a non-holiday bag trend, as always Main Street has followed suit with more affordable options. From giant tote bags to tiny cylinders, the choice is almost endless!

beach bag what size

Mesh bag showing everything

Lightweight, foldable and washable, this tote bag is ideal for storing in your carry-on luggage and bringing all of your toddler’s toys with them. It can hold up to 50 small toys and has an inside pocket for easy access.

beach bag tidy up toyspink mesh beach bag

Mesh beach tote bag with removable beach cooler

According to Amazon fans, you can fit up to four beach towels into this one. It has two exterior pockets and an insulated compartment that stores drinks and snacks.

very practical beach bag

Crocs Style Hole Plastic Basket

Pair with each of your dresses, this navy blue holey tote basket for an avant-garde day at the beach. A touch of sunny youth adds an eye-catching look to the design.

beach blue plastic bagbag to go beach

Supermarket-style oversized tote bag

Featuring a landscape painting style pattern on one side featuring palm trees and flowers, this lightweight, foldable tote is water and tear resistant. It is excellent for filling it with things that can be brought to the beach.

Chinese pattern pink blue bagvintage beach bag 2021

Women’s beach bag: a very practical extra large tote

Besides being huge and having a zipper, this nautical tote makes our list because it is fully water resistant and has a “shatter proof” bottom.

SCOUT extra large beach bag

Very chic walking basket

This is not your ordinary basket: With a removable and protective inner liner, this beautiful style is large enough to carry towels, drinks, books and other beach essentials. Leather handles provide comfort and add extra polish.

very nice beach bagvariety beach bags

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