trends and what to wear

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trends and what to wear

Gone are the days of wearing a baseball cap to pop into a nearby store without makeup or hair. Baseball caps are the trendiest headwear of the season today. Designers suggest wearing it even with cocktail dresses!

Baseball caps Celine 2021

Well, women of fashion wear it with sports-chic clothes, with trouser suits, voluminous coats and light dresses. In a word, both to the feast and to the world. So a baseball cap on your head now does not mean at all that you are going to the stadium to cheer for your favorite team – this headdress can be present in absolutely any style. The main thing is to choose the right one!

What can a girl wear with a baseball cap?

Of course, the most popular and traditional is the sporty look. Hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, T-shirts, simple jersey dresses – all this is ideally combined with a fashionable baseball cap.

Caps with a laconic design will fit into everyday casual, perfectly combined with jeans, trousers, shorts, T-shirts and simple dresses.

In cold weather, we wear baseball caps – along with voluminous fur coats, coats, down jackets in tandem with rough boots, sneakers and cropped jeans and joggers.

Where to buy a women’s baseball cap

Baseball caps are presented in collections of different price segments from premium – Versace, Celine, Michael Kors, to mass market – Zara, Mango, Asos, etc.


Price: RUB 790.00


Price: 1 499 rub.


Price: RUB 990.00


Price: 1 299 rub.


Price: RUB 1,490.00

River island

Price: RUB1,390.00

New era

Price: RUB 1,890.00

Michael michael kors

Price: 9 827 rub.


Price: 4 631 rub.


Price: 15 695 RUB.

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