Trends : Backpack or handbag? This summer, we are focusing on comfort.

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Trends : Backpack or handbag? This summer, we are focusing on comfort.

Burberry fashion trend backpack 2020

It is there to make our lives more comfortable: the backpack. We have always known it: it is much more practical than the handbag and this summer it is the star on the fashion scene. In this publication, we present a gallery of 19 design backpack models presented during fashion week this year.

designer backpack crossed

Backpack or handbag?

We have all asked ourselves this question. The choice is not easy because the two bag models have their advantages. But one thing is certain and certain when it comes to comfort, we choose the backpack. Small or large, it is also perfect for those who are often on the move or walk a lot. Indeed, this is nothing new because in previous years, the backpack was already present in accessory clothing stores. And you, are you more a handbag or backpack?

backpack by the little dress

Why did the handbag give way to its cousin, the backpack?

It’s a great question and we think you already know the answer. It is more comfortable! And comfort is what we all seek every day. It’s the same with shoes: if you’re on the go all day, stilettos are not necessarily the best choice. Another reason for this fashion situation is the trend of the chic and sporty look. The modern person is often busy, works a lot and sometimes goes out. So she needs clothes and accessories that fit her lifestyle. Hence the look: jacket, shirt, sneakers and … backpack.

fashion trend accessory 2020

The word of the great fashion designers

Koché offers us a version of the large backpack in collaboration with Eastpack. The bag is all black with a snakeskin detail. Sporty and chic, it imitates a soccer ball.

backpack by the little dress

The La Petite Robe brand surprises us with a few models of small animal-patterned backpacks. These are ultra trendy this season and worn in all forms: clothes and accessories.

backpack by the little dress

Animal products have always been a style statement. This year, several creators were inspired by them for their collections, Dolce and Gabbana including.

Marine Serre: designer bag

The creators of Marine Serre presented a model in red which makes handbag and backpack at the same time. Indeed, the whole look presented by the designer was in red. The color of passion and drive, right?

Marine Serre fashion trend

And here is the model which gains in originality. Is it an arm bag? Small and blue, it was also decorated with gold and pearls. We are not sure that it is the most comfortable solution, but it is sure that we have never seen such a bag before!

Burberry fashion trend backpack 2020


It was never believed, but the typical bum bag for market vendors invaded fashion shows a few years ago. In the 2020 fashion collection, Burberry surprises us with a version that combines a fanny pack and a backpack. Checkered. In black and white. This little bag has a lot of charm and looks very comfortable, can’t you find it?

fashion accessory design bag 2020 Franchi

If you go to the beach, you will need a large bag. Franchi is inspired by the color mint and creates a large backpack. It was completed with shiny and golden decorative elements. You can wear it in town or at the beach.

designer bag by Hilfiger

Hilfiger still follows his English fashion line. The bag presented by the designer is as always in neutral tones: beige, black, dark red, gray. If you are fans of British style, this bag is for you, but you may already know it.

Jeremy Scott and a designer backpack


Denim is timeless. Jeans, skirt, jacket or bag, it’s so comfortable to wear and can be matched with almost anything. Jeremy Scott presents a model of a faded denim bag with brilliant decorative details.

Givenchy black leather backpack

The little snake-like bag will always be loved by some and not appreciated by others. In any case, the great fashion designers know very well that snake skin is a declaration of style.

fashion trend fashion 2020 accessories

Sporty and chic

The sporty and elegant look is still the trendiest style. As in interior design, comfort and functionality have become a must for fashion. This explains why the handbag has given way to its cousin, the backpack.

large Ferragamo bag

Speaking of large backpacks, Givenchy has probably presented the largest. We love it when the bags are big because you can really put a lot in it.

Scervino fashion bag

The fashion house Scervino presented the most original bags. Made from a plastic imitation material, the bags have a super stylish side. If you want to change and improve your style, such a bag will suit you perfectly.
fashion summer 2020 trend

We love this model which has a small hanging handbag.

Sunnei fashion design bag 2020

The creator of Sunnei presented this green wool backpack. Universal, comfortable and stylish.

fashion idea design bag 2020

Hoping that our selection of photos has inspired you and you are ready to invite the backpack into your closet, we wish you a pleasant visit on our platform. In the Fashion section, you will find many other fashion tips as well as many inspiring photos.

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