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Beachwear trend summer 2019

beachwear - accessories

Beachwear is something we like to choose with enormous pleasure. Summer having arrived, we rush to choose our swimsuits and follow the summer trends. And even if the swimsuit is the most important accessory for the beach, choosing a bag, hat, sunglasses and an outfit is just as important.

In this article, we have chosen some trendy beachwear for this summer with tailored accessories. Let yourself be inspired!

Coral color beachwear

beachwear - coral color jersey

This year, we have already all understood, the trend color is Coral. You can choose a swimsuit of this color and elaborate your own style with accessories. beachwear - accessories - beach hat Eugenia Kim

Beach hat Eugenia Kim

A straw hat is perfect for protecting you from the summer sunshine and brings the beach to life. Short pants are marrying excellence with this style rather classic and quite trendy. For a stroll on the seaside or beachwear, the short pants emphasize the femininity in a very subtle way and evoke the mystery.

beachwear - accessories - sun hat Eugenia KimYou can combine this swimsuit and short pants with a hat with a wide band in color and associate it with other accessories. The swimsuit combined with shorts or skirt - it is a very elegant and practical solution, which will allow you to free up a lot of space in your bag. Do not have to wear extra clothes, you'll have room for a towel, wine or a bottle of water, sunscreen and a small snack. For this season, you can choose from all colors, prints of the animal and floral world being trendy or in solid color.

Summer colors and jewels

Do not forget the gold colored jewelry with shells, so trendy this summer, as well as pearls. Combine bracelets and rings with a long necklace to emphasize your femininity.

beachwear - accessories - gold bracelet - Isabel Marant

Gold bracelet - Isabel Marant

Another variation of Coral color is orange, also very fashionable this summer and so chic!

beachwear - orange jersey

beach outfit - orange bikinis

A straw handbag combines perfectly with the colors Coral and orange. Decorated with wooden elements, he acquires a style both plagiaire and chic.

beachwear - accessories - handbag - Rosantica

Handbag - Rosantica

The striped dress

The truth is that we did not have enough scratches last year. So we bring this style in the year 2019. As you see, the prints are quite pronounced at the moment, but it is not this detail that does it all. Among the favorite outfits this summer, beach striped outfits once again reveal the most timeless print of all time. In fact, we are almost sure that we will discover them again when we turn 80 years old. The trend of striped fashion manages to change quite safely from one season to another. And we must not complain. We simply refuse to give up the striped styles that give our wardrobe a fabulous look.

Horizontal stripes - vertical stripes

Whether horizontal or vertical stripes, large or small, spaced apart from small or large, we have the choice to be trendy and chic according to our personal preferences. The beachwear suits with stripes are simple to make, but bring an impact far more important than the efforts made.

beach outfit - striped dress

Think of striped suits that require minimal effort but offer maximum impact. Striped dresses that will not only turn your head while traveling to the beach, but also being a beach outfit for strolls along the water. Since the youth of our grandmothers, striped has always been a trend. With a gift of foresight, we will tell you that this style will be trend in the years to come.

beachwear - sunglasses Jimmy Choo

Sunglasses by Jimmy Choo

Combine the striped dress with retro glasses with wide studs. Hair in the air, waved by the wind or attached with a trendy accessory, you have the choice.

beach outfit - striped dress

In order to bring a hint of teasing, you can choose a denim sun hat. Do not focus too much on combining it strictly with this beachwear, bet on the note of madness.

beachwear - denim cap

However, you can combine it with denim sandals.

beach outfit - denim sandals

All in white

For a relaxed outfit, you can choose a white top with ease. Made of cotton, this garment with fine lace is ideal for facing the summer heat.

beachwear - accessories - white top in cotton with lace Isabel Marant

beachwear - accessories - white top in cotton with lace Isabel Marant

Summer cotton jumpsuit with lace - Isabel Marant

beachwear - accessories - black sandals with thin straps Francesco Russo

Combine it with black sandals with thin straps to bring contrast. beachwear - accessories - black sandals Francesco Russo

Earrings with zircons will emphasize the elegance of your outfit and reflect the sun of thousand fires.beachwear - accessories - earrings with zircons

Earrings with zircons

The hat in white color with a black headband, will complete your style all by protecting you from the raillons of the sun.

beachwear - accessories - sun hat - Sensi Studio

Sun hat - Sensi Studio

The sunglasses in "cat eye" style are very trendy for the year 2019 and will bring more chic to this elegant white outfit, while being relaxed.

beachwear - accessories - sunglasses - Verona - cat eye

Sunglasses - Verona style "cat eye"beachwear - accessories - sunglasses - Verona - cat eye

A beaded handbag will raise your beach attire. A very original idea is to choose a bag with separate compartments, so you can put your phone and book in a place that does not risk moisture from the beach towel. If you are inspired, make combinations of your choice.

beachwear - accessories - handbag with extra Rosantica pocket

Handbag with an additional Comartiment from Rosantica

A silk dress in summer colors

Silk is perfect for summer. It lets the body sweat and brings a sense of freshness in the long sunny days. Very soft for the skin, a silk dress is ideal to be worn at the beach. Choose it in solid color and combine with various accessories.

beachwear - accessories - melon silk dress - Jacquemus

Melon silk dress - Jacquemus

beachwear - accessories - melon silk dress - Jacquemus

The straw hat decorated with shells will bring more atmosphere to the seaside. Decorated with small zircons, it will discreetly reflect the sun's rays and add a little mystery.

beachwear - accessories - sun hat - Aquqzzura

Sun hat from Aquqzzura

Combine it with jewelry of the same style for a seaside mood.

beachwear - accessories - three gold bracelets - Isabel Marant

Three gold bracelets - Isabel Marant

A green silk dress is also very chic for walks by the sea. With long sleeves, it will protect your arms from the sun, while keeping the freshness. A woven handbag or straw handbag will complement your beach attire and will pair with sandals of the same color. The Greek sandals are virtually timeless, so you will not go wrong on this choice.

beachwear - accessories - greek sandals Eleftheria

Greek sandals Eleftheria

Silk dress with floral design

beachwear - accessories - silk dress with floral design

The floral and animal designs, being very trendy this summer, think of a dress with floral motifs. Very elegant, a silk dress with V neckline will not leave you unnoticed by the sea. You can combine this beachwear with accessories in soft colors that marry with one of the colors of the dress. Thus, the choice of pink color is ideal for a dress with pink flowers. With a retro look, pink sunglasses will bring chic while protecting your eyes from UV rays. beachwear - accessories - Zimmermann sunglasses

Zimmermann sunglasses

Combine with a large purse of the same color, in which you can store all your beach accessories - towel, sunscreen and some snack foods.

beachwear - accessories - handbag Alaia

Alaia handbag

The Alaia handbag is decorated with small metallic beads and will shine discreetly under the rays of the sun.

beachwear - accessories - Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

The sandals with inlaid crystals marry with perfection with this beachwear.

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

The swimsuit with animal motifs

As we have already said, the animal and floral motifs are very topical this season. Another interesting trend is the combination of bikinis and monokinis of different colors. For a wild look, opt for monokinis with leopard designs and a black top. Such a combination is really classy, ​​emphasize it with earrings in golden color.

beachwear - accessories - bikinis with leopard patterns

Bikinis with leopard motifs

A red-colored handbag can be a bold accent to this beach outfit. You understand - mix colors and prints as well as wild style and chic.

beachwear - accessories - handbag - Stella McCartney

Handbag - Stella McCartney

Opt for a black and white pareo, you can use it to sit on the beach and as a multifunctional garment.

beachwear - accessories - white and black pareo

The pareo

beachwear - accessories - paréo mandala

The pareo is a multifunctional beach accessory and will help you to adopt different looks at will. As a long skirt, tunic, short pants or with bare backs, it is a very useful accessory. For the less pretentious, it can also serve as a towel, to lie on the hot sand.

beachwear - accessories - paréo mandala

For a bohemian style, wear the sarong as a long skirt and pair it with the monokini. If you want to use it as a beach towel, try to narrow your choice of colors by focusing on up to three different shades.

beachwear - the sarong

If you want something less conventional, try the sarong as a tunic with a bare back. This way of wearing is ideal for a stroll along the beach, to sit in the bistro for a coffee or for lunch. You just have to wrap it around your monokini and tie the ends around the neck, leaving the bottom edges free.

In a similar way, you can use the sarong as a sexy top by combining it with short pants or a skirt. Just tie the two upper ends behind your neck and the two lower ends behind your back, on the waist.

And if you want to show the ideal tan of your legs, try the sarong as short pants. Tie the two upper ends of the sarong behind your back and pass between your legs the lower part. Tie, then the two free ends in front.

Thematic paréos

The pareo mandala

beachwear - accessories - pareo Indian mandala

The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit and means circle with a concentric structure. Mandalas offer balanced visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. The mandala plays an important role in Hinduism and Buddhism as a significant spiritual symbol, representing the universe.

To add a bohemian touch to your seaside style, choose it as beachwear for this summer. It will also bring you pleasure as a beach towel and during the rest of the year you can hang it on a wall in the house as a decoration. In this way, it will remind you of your summer memories.

Elephant motifs

The animal world is so trendy this year, if you like symbolism, think of a sarong with elephant motifs. Throughout history, the elephant has played an important role in the economy, religion and human culture. The elephant head symbolizes great intellect and wisdom. While the body of the elephant is good luck. You can use it as a towel, for a beach outfit and for meditation moments.

Pareos all in bloom

The flowers bring the taste of summer to our days. Adorned with such patterns, the pareo is an irresistible accessory at the edge of the beach. All the same, be careful to combine it with a solid color swimsuit and accessories. Well, if you have humor, you can wear it with a zebra bikini, a leopard monokini and cat eye glasses with turtle design.

beach outfit - sunglasses

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