Trends : Chic bohemian fashion rhymes with the spring season. Here's how to adopt it!

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Trends :

Chic bohemian fashion rhymes with the spring season. Here's how to adopt it!

chic bohemian fashion idea spring summer

Spring is already here and with it, Bohemian chic fashion is back! Sunny days are ideal for experimenting with bolder and more original outfits, ethnic dresses, boho and hippie chic. And that goes for our everyday outfits as well as for parties, holidays, and even (and why not) for our choice of dress at work.

How to adopt bohemian chic fashion this spring?

Spring is the perfect season to adopt bohemian chic fashion. Eh yes ! This season rhymes with the lightness, originality and beauty of the boho outfits and invites us to be more creative with colors and textiles as well as interesting accessories. Let's see how to adopt the boho chic style this spring!

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When talking about bohemian chic fashion, one can only note the similarities that exist between this style and the hippie style. Another style of clothing very close to these is the vintage. And that is perfectly understandable. Because, as we know, chic bohemian fashion rhymes with openness of the mind and with creativity. To adopt, we do not hesitate to try new looks and to introduce in his wardrobe new clothes.

Some interesting ideas to adopt bohemian chic fashion this spring

boho chic woman accessories

Want to adopt bohemian chic fashion this season? So opt for textiles like mohair, velvet and knitting. Remember to complete them with jacquard prints.

For you, the boho chic style rhymes with a romantic look? In this case, put on soft and light fabrics. For example, think of muslin and lace. Of course, the boho-inspired romantic style is also characterized by floral prints, ribbons and knots. Not to mention that you can also complete such a look with vintage accessories!

boho fashion woman style

To embrace bohemian chic fashion, you could also try a boho look with hippie style touches. For this, we advise you to use bright, assorted with romantic accents.

Want to customize even more your boho style look? So go get some inspiration in folk or ethnic style clothes. For this, think of natural materials and prints typical of African or American cultures.

What are the essential elements of a boho chic style wardrobe?

boho style woman spring

The easiest way to adopt bohemian chic is to incorporate typical clothes of this style into the outfits you already have. This is also the most economical way to proceed! Below are some ideas and tips for creating a unique boho-inspired look!


boho style woman outfits

To enrich your wardrobe with touches of bohemian chic fashion, we advise you to think of textiles first. Use natural fabrics such as linen, velvet and chiffon. Also opt for silk, fake fur, denim and cotton accessories.

The shoes

bohemian chic style for spring

The principle of boho chic style is to privilege comfort. This is particularly true for shoes. And so much the better, because spring and summer are ideal times for long walks! Bohemian style shoes are traditionally with not too high heels. For example, opt for shoes on a comfortable platform or on wedges.

The accessories

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Another typical feature of the bohemian look is the accessories. Opt for a variety of accessories and do not hesitate to combine them in a bold way. Bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces, belts, earrings, pearls or jewels, rings, headbands ... all these accessories are allowed, even recommended!

The nuances

Bohemian style chic trendy woman

As you can see, the bohemian chic style is rich, even somewhat extravagant. But be careful, that does not mean that he is too flashy! In fact, natural tones and colors are a typical feature of bohemian chic fashion. And that immediately implies the absence of shades of neon!

The association of nuances

bohemian chic style woman

To avoid an overly extravagant effect, try not to combine more than four shades in the combinations you have imagined. This is especially true for cases where the clothes you choose are already daring and are made of materials that attract attention. In this case, consider using shades such as black, gray, beige or brown. They will provide you with the basic shades, complemented by golden, purple, red or burgundy accents.

The reasons

bohemian style spring dress

Side reasons, the choice is as rich as that of textiles and accessories. Floral motifs, tiles, ethnic-inspired prints are all possible options. And, to complete that, you could also experiment with eclectic touches and avant-garde style accents.

In two words …

boho style spring dress

Historically, boho style fashion is quite young. She was born in the 60's. It's the style of artists, free people and also those who dream of freedom! If we were to define the boho spirit in a few words, it should probably be called a dress style that expresses joy and openness. It seduces creative people, those who are constantly looking for new discoveries.

For all these reasons, bohemian chic fashion is ideal for the spring and summer months. Even if you do not dare to adopt this style of dress for your everyday outfits, you could still try it for your outings with friends and for your holidays.

How to adopt the bohemian chic style this spring - ideas and inspirations in pictures

spring summer dress boho

Now that you know the essential features of boho chic, make sure you try it with your favorite accessories. To inspire you to do so, Designmag's redac has created a special collection of images. Feel free to browse them to imagine your unique and personal style this season!

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