Trends : Children’s look back to school 2020 inspired in particular by previous collections

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Trends : Children’s look back to school 2020 inspired in particular by previous collections

elegance child look 2020

Child look – what are the trends for this fall 2020? Certainly, some of our favorites will inevitably stick around. All the same, here are a few styles that will give your wardrobe the freshness and vibrancy it deserves in 2020. New decade, new you! Ideas full of color and joy. A desire to stand out from the complexity of everyday life. The complexity in the combination of colors against fear, isolation, containment and the pandemic.

much joy kids clothes

Childish look full of color and joy

Long live the colors! This is the leitmotif of children’s fashion back to school. Kids are never too young to make a style statement, especially with these designer collections that put a bold touch to “dress your age”.

floral design children joy

Child look for the Fall / Winter 2020 seasons

If you don’t mind, dear parents, treat yourself to tweed, silk, and iconic shoes and accessories. But that’s just a look at all the possibilities that creators have offered this year. Children who complete their mom or dad’s look allow the whole family to look great together.

baby dior kids fashion

The possibility of looking like one’s parents (or why not the reverse) is not something new in fashion but every year, thanks to brands as original and inventive as each other, the new child look is almost revolutionary.

cool kid look back to school 2020

Burberry children

The British luxury brand has made it extremely easy for stylish parents to be fashionable in tune with their little ones with the new kid additions. Among the standout pieces are the label’s classic trench coats updated with the Horseferry runway print.

imagination daring garish colors

Kids Polo Ralph Lauren

This designer brand embodies the classic and timeless American style. The brand’s signature embroidered pony appears on several pieces of its children’s clothing line. These are pieces such as knit sweaters, rompers, button down shirts and more.

balenciagakids cool kid look

Red and white: a sign of elegance

The combination of these colors is a great classic. A sign of feminine elegance, the mottled white of the heart-shaped red is the perfect choice for this petite brunette. Dressing in red and white can be the right outfit to go to the park as well as to show up at a chic event.

beauty purity elegance 2020

Promocomponent mixes styles and clothes

Eclectic style has been in vogue for some time. There is a feeling that anything can go well with anything. This feeling is important in times like no other. Rigidity gives way to originality in terms of clothing.

promocomponent children's fashion jackets

Stella McCartney Children

Look for bright and colorful patterns! Metallic faux leather and adorable slogans are the highlights in Stella McCartney’s Fall / Winter 2019 kids’ collection. The brand has clearly made sure to keep rainbow and multi-colored hues in mind when designing these fun pieces, including a rocket-shaped crossbody bag.

dolce and gabbana winter 2020

Stitches make fashion sublime: when all those stitches came together on the fabric

All artistic practices inevitably borrow from the past. Fashion, in particular, seems to revel in revivals.

elegance dose ease of movement

Whether skillfully appropriated or brazenly duplicated, the familiar returns frequently to the catwalk, whether in wide 1940s pants, 50s flared skirts, 60s babydoll dresses, 70s bell bottom. or crop tops from the 80s.

multi-cultural clothing elements

Clothing obsessions have they stopped?

This year, the collections we saw in June and July were particularly dissonant: evening dress designers tried their hand at jeans and T-shirts; bespoke suits have been replaced by their midlife counterparts – sweatshirts and joggers.

departing summer 2020

There was still the odd dress or the pinched pants, items probably completed in the ignorant bliss of the “pre-quar.” As a result, the 2020-2021 season has become less about holiday trends and clothing. It’s more of a study of what we’ll wear after confinement.

ease of movement neglected child look

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in parts of Europe and the United States, this timeline seems blurred by the day. Lo and behold, most of the conversations with designers and fashion journalists weren’t about clothing at all.

fendi child look 2020

New methods of presenting collections

Instead, we heard about the ups and downs of building a remote collection: making fittings via Zoom, sending fabric samples to buyers, and the logistical headaches of lost and shipments. employees on leave.

fendi fashion kids stylish

More creativity on the part of artists

Suffice it to say that completing a collection was a feat. Consider the number of reviews in the comments on Vogue Runway: 98, up from around 250 last year. Beyond the creative challenges, the cash flow has been halted for many designers.

dolce and gabbana winter 2020

Retailers canceled orders before fall, sold labels with mountains of unsold inventory, and clothing sales hit record levels in the spring.

mood joy laughter look children

Less waste

For those who wanted to show something new, the only option was to be ingenious. They used leftover materials from past seasons. So they revived old models and relied on working with their hands, sewing, draping, embellishing and dyeing clothes at home. “I realized through this that I never wanted to do more things, to be more creative,” said Jonathan Anderson.

joy light reach behavior

“This is one of the positive aspects of these constraints and limitations. They restrict your focus and simultaneously unlock ideas you may not have had in #BeforeTimes, when a fabric, silhouette or trim was available to you. “

kenzo children's fashion classic look

More durability but still no timelessness

The other good thing, of course, is that all of these methods are more durable. You have to be content with what you have! Reuse materials and only design what is really necessary. As Gabriela Hearst puts it, designers have “skimmed the fat,” fat being superfluous items designed to appease retailers or fill a magazine.

chic child look 2020

It’s difficult to concisely express how important this change is. For decades the mantra of retailers and the press has been that “more” is always better. More collections, more exclusives, more collaborations, and ultimately more waste. On the other hand, more color, why not? The more colors make the impression richer without waste.

very chic kids fashion

Consume in moderation for more joy

By comparison, what seems like common sense – producing smaller collections of items that people will buy, wear and keep forever – seems radical. It also sounds like deja vu to most of us. For years, designers, retailers and publishers have complained about the pace, the excess and the price that it represents for creativity, let alone the environment.

polka dots flowers colors neglected child look

Before and after containment due to the pandemic and its enormous impact

It took a global pandemic to turn the conversation into action. Similar to the lifestyle changes we embraced in March – social distancing, working from home, wearing a mask – fashion changes need to seem overwhelming at first, but they’re not overwhelmingly difficult. These are changes that, taken together, would have a huge impact.

promocomponent importance fashion accessories

Some designers are waiting for the spring 2021 season to determine their next steps. Plus, there is nothing wrong with taking a break. Not to do things just for the fun of it or just for the profit, but to seek the senses, to do things for the cause. Hence the fact that others do not waste time charting a more sustainable and thoughtful future.

sobriety ease of movement child look

They are cutting their lists of wholesale partners, desperate to avoid future cancellations and chargebacks. Then, they commit to producing fewer collections per year, with fewer shipments and fewer inventory problems. So they’re designing spring 2021 in the spirit of what fashion should be in the next decade. What will become of it: consciously done with limited resources, on a smaller scale and without lacking in creativity.

floral design return 2020

“The pandemic has made the mindset we work in more relevant,” says Hearst, who is known for her uncompromising commitment to sustainability.

gentlemen fashion children chic

“We always thought 10 years in advance, when we would have water shortages and weather disasters. The pandemic is not what will wipe out us as a species, but the environmental crisis will.

versace thought 70 child look

A new consciousness – possible but for how long – timelessly?

We need to radically change our behaviors and our systems. The pandemic has taught us that we can do it. We can change in the blink of an eye. So it just takes a new awareness because we have the technology to make these changes in the fashion industry in particular.

cool kids fashion clothes

Balenciaga look Children

Street style still has a moment and there is no fashion house better than Balenciaga to dress your children in this movement. Choose from the brand’s signature hoodies on the back to trendy Speed ​​Trainers. The best part? Your little ones wouldn’t have to give up comfort for style.

kids fashion bright colors

Fendi and their child look for the start of the 2020 school year

The iconic Fendi logo is making its way into the children’s wear scene with fully monogrammed leggings and coats. Fun prints with Fendi Bug Eyes can also be spotted on the jackets and waist pockets.

back to school wblp children

Environment: recycling and reuse

While restraint and ingenuity conjure up images of spare minimalism, the Spring 2021 collections are in fact “extremely complex,” even more so than after past efforts.

promocomponent kids fashion 2020

Most of the men’s collections, designed and made up mostly of pre-existing patterns and fabrics, and a resort, 60% of which was produced with pre-existing and recycled materials.

dior for children elegance

How to be green, thrifty and daring

What does it mean to do something more daring? This is when you create a “modernization collection” of clothes from the past season. These can be changed or redesigned. In this way, they will allow their users to feel like wearing new clothes.

color promocomponent kids clothes

No one will buy something for their good intentions. People will buy it because they really want what they are buying. The key is in desire. Hence the importance of rethinking and being inventive and daring.

back 70s 80s child look

The beautiful and chic endures

This Versace dress is the inspiration for an evening dress at Balenciaga. The extremely beautiful and dynamic model made an impression last year. He impressed haute couture artists so much that the trend for black pleats continues.

elegant girl dress 2020

Everything is in the design, everything happens upstream

The refurbishment line will be among the first examples of true luxury upcycling and could elevate the concept into a post-pandemic, climate-conscious world. “The most durable thing you can do is pay attention to the design table. There is a lot of waste there ”. “If you control your over-designing instinct, you really become more precise and more focused.

style sobriety elegance black green

There is therefore a positive in the restrictions: creativity circulates in a very targeted manner. And if you put sustainability first, this is the answer.

versace children's fashion thought of yesteryear

The childhood of the world will always rhyme with color!

tunics dresses look child

The child look of Dolce & Gabbana

The first signs of Christmas were already spotted in the Dolce & Gabbana Fall / Winter 2019 collection. Poinsettia print dresses and shoes were a big hit in 2019, along with party dresses and eye-catching tracksuits. Debt year, the trend remains. The colors continue to reign. The flowers keep their magical power. They always will, as long as there is life on Earth!

wide tunics child look

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