Trends : Color trend 2019 – how to use it to create a natural makeup?

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Color trend 2019 - how to use it to create a natural makeup?

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As every year, the month of December is the period during which the Pantone Institute announces its color forecast for the next 12 months. This year was no exception to this principle. In early December, the long-awaited forecast by designers and fashion designers has fallen. The trend color 2019 is coral pink. We’ve already talked about this trend color 2019 in this article dedicated to him. Today, we offer you some ideas to get you the coral pink in your beauty and makeup routine.

Get inspired by the trendy color 2019 to adopt a natural makeup!

One of this year’s main beauty trends is the pink coral Pantone color. However, it turns out that, according to many creators and makeup artists, this trend color 2019 is ideal for a natural makeup. Whether you want to change lipstick, eye shadow or blush, you can enjoy it. In the lines that follow, we give you some ideas to adopt this color and wear a trendy look for the months to come!

What to know about the trend color 2019?

trend color 2019 makeup-woman-coral-ose

As we said, the Pantone Institute announced that the trend color 2019 is coral pink. More precisely, the name of this precise nuance in English is living coral. All its shades are also ideal for a natural and chic makeup every day.


In fact, this color living coral is delicate, elegant and feminine. It is somewhere between sweet pink and bright orange. According to the color specialists who have been part of the Pantone Institute team this year, this very specific nuance invites us to a calmer lifestyle. It is supposed to rejuvenate us and help us rediscover the simple joys of life.

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<p style=What’s better for a natural makeup?

Some ideas for using the trend color 2019 in her natural makeup

trend color 2019 make-up-natural-for-woman

How to use the trend color 2019 in its everyday beauty routine? The good news is that there are many ways to do it. You can enjoy this pink coral shade for your lipstick, for your eyeshadow, nail polish or blush. In addition, the trend color 2019 is also perfect for a natural makeup on the occasion of a wedding. Here are some ideas to integrate the living coral with your natural makeup this year.

Adopt lips in coral pink


Ready to adopt the trend color 2019 for your lips? Very well ! So know that you will have plenty of options to choose the shade that suits you the most. In fact, many makeup brands like L’Oreal have already launched make-up products in this specific shade.

To get the most out of your 2019 trendy lipstick, start polishing your lips with a scrub of your choice. You could use a homemade or store-bought product. This trick can help you get rid of any buildup on your lips. Thus, they will become super-smooth and ready to shine with the trend color 2019!

Adopt the trend color 2019 for her eyeshadow


The eyelids in neutral color are very pretty. When you add the coral color to a mixture with a neutral hue, you can make it stand out more. This will guarantee you a bold look. You could also wear the trend color 2019 to add a hint of warm color to your makeup. The idea is excellent for a natural look in spring and summer!

Adopt trend color 2019 as eyeliner


Eyeliners in color are very popular these days. So why not have a little fun with an eyeliner in trend color 2019?

You can use a palette of eyeshadow to make your look even more interesting. You will need a fine brush to use the eye shadow as a glaze.

Adopt a blush in coral shade

trend color 2019 makeup-woman-eyes-lips

In case you did not know it, the coral rose is one of those universally flattering blush colors. Eh yes ! Just apply it to the apples of your cheeks and watch it come to life.

As she is so sweet and feminine, this trend color 2019 is ideal for girls of all ages. It is suitable for both a spring-summer makeup and a natural makeup in winter!

Adopt a natural makeup with a combination of coral shades

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<p style=Do you like coral shades? So try to adopt them in a combination of natural and chic makeup products! The advantage of this idea is that you can combine them all in the same monochrome appearance and, unlike other color palettes, you will always get a fresh and natural look!

Adopt the trend color 2019 for its nail polish

varnish-a-nail-color-trend-2019, pantone-pink-coral

In addition to makeup products, many manufacturers have also decided to offer shades of the 2019 trend color for nail deco. You can enjoy brighter shades or more delicate variants, according to your desires. A nice idea to highlight your nails without bet on a varnish too daring!

How to wear the trend color 2019 to create a natural makeup?

red has lip-color-trend-pantone-2019-coral

You have decided to adopt the trend color 2019 to create a natural makeup? Very well ! Here are our tips for doing it!

Start your complexion


No matter what color palette you work with, the best way to achieve lasting natural makeup is to prepare your skin. This is where a basic product of your choice comes in. Depending on the finish you want, you can use a glossy or glow base and a primer. Another good option is a matte effect primer. It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer!

Apply a foundation

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<p style=Then comes the foundation. Depending on the finish chosen, choose between a foundation with gloss or matte keys.

Hide imperfections

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<p style=Even when you apply a foundation, it is still possible that some discolorations appear. Whether you have redness, dark circles or an annoying eruption, some small touches of the multi-purpose corrector is ideal to correct such small imperfections.

Realize your outline

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<p style=This step is optional for those who would like to strengthen the structure of their makeup. Believe it or not, a little contouring can help you tremendously to highlight the natural features of your face. It will help you in particular to emphasize your forehead, your nose, through the cheekbones and the jaw.


If you do not know how to do contouring, you can read all about this type of trendy makeup in this article. Follow the steps and you will enjoy a natural look without overloading your face!

Add shine touches


For a natural and trendy make-up at the same time, choose a few touches of shine. The look is super soft is simple to achieve. To try it you will need a metallic highlighter. Use a sharp paintbrush to apply the powder that reflects the light. The strategic places for this are the cheekbones, the area above the bow of your cupid and the tip of your nose.

Define your look


After doing the work to create the ultimate base for your 2019 trend color makeup, consider making it last longer. Instead of relying on touch-ups all the time, finish your facial makeup routine with a full sprinkle. Bet on a powder for the super transparent face. It will simply allow you to lock your eyes for hours!

Accentuate your eyelashes


Even if you have decided to bet on the trendy color for your eyeshadow, know that you can always complete your natural look with a touch of eyeliner, if you wish. The coral pink color will give a natural look is super fresh to your makeup.

trend color 2019 makeup-shadow-a-eyelid

If you wish, you can buy a trendy 2019 color eyeliner. Otherwise, consider applying a delicate line using a brush and a small amount of coral pink in your eye shadow palette. Finally, the pink coral pencil is another great idea.

How to use the trend color 2019 for his lipstick?

makeup-trend-color-pink-coral lips

The trend color 2019 is among the most popular for a lipstick shade that is both natural and super feminine.

You probably have lots of lipsticks in your makeup bag. And if you have not tried coral pink yet, know it’s high time to do it. This orange-red hue is absolutely beautiful. The good news is that it is beautiful on any type of face and any type of skin!

red lip-a-coral-makeup-2019-trend

The trend color 2019 is a particularly popular shade during the summer months. And this is not surprising because this shade is superb on a tanned skin. This is why you will often see women wearing coral pink on their nails during this time of year.

Below, some tips to make your natural makeup look good with a coral pink lipstick!

Prepare your face

makeup-colored coral-pink pantone-2019

The first step in your makeup routine should be your face makeup. To realize it, you can follow the tutorial above.

Start by applying a base according to your wishes. Do not skip this step, it will help you fix your makeup for longer. Then continue with a foundation in the same finish. For a perfect finish, use the foundation blender and dab on your face. You will thus apply the foundation on your skin in a uniform way. Finish with a corrector key, if necessary.

Keep your eye makeup simple and natural


The trendy 2019 color lipstick can be quite daring, depending on which shade you prefer. For this reason, we advise you to avoid makeup that is too strong for the eyes. This advice is for the attention of those who will bet on a shade of bright coral lipstick and rather daring.

color trend 2019 makeup-eyes-woman

In this case, opt for a discreet eye makeup. A little eyeliner and mascara is all you need! For example, use a waterproof black eyeliner pen to draw a thin line on the top of your eyelid. Then, slide it slightly outward when you reach the outer corner of the eye. You can also use an eyeliner or pencil to enhance your look in a feminine and discreet way. Finish the makeup of your eyes with a layer of mascara.

Prepare your lips

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<p style=Finally, we go to the lips. But be careful, no question of applying lipstick for the moment! First of all, you will need to clean your mouth. To do this, use a scrubbing product of your choice. Thus, you will eliminate dead skin cells on the surface of your mouth.

makeup-color-trend-2019, pantone-pink-coral

Apply the scrub on dry lips, then gently massage with wet fingers and rinse with warm water and dry. Once you have finished rubbing, apply a nourishing balm before continuing with the next step.

Apply the lipstick in coral pink color


We have reached the long-awaited moment! We now go to the application of your lipstick in trend color 2019.


To create a perfect mouth, start at the center of your upper lip. Progress outward following the outline of your mouth. Then, slide the coral lipstick all over your lower lip. Your makeup is now finished!

How to remove your makeup at the end of the day

makeup-woman-color Pantone-2019

A good makeup must however be removed properly at the end of the day. As we know, this step is essential because it allows the skin to breathe and rest.

trend color 2019 make-up-woman-trend

Ready to remove makeup at the end of the day? So opt for a micellar water. It is a gentle cleansing no-rinse option that can be used to remove makeup. If you do not know the virtues of this type of beauty product, you can read all about it in our special article dedicated to it.

All you have to do is wet a cotton with micellar water of your choice. Then wipe it on your face, eyes and lips. Once you have finished removing makeup, be sure to apply a moisturizer.


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