Trends : Coronavirus fashionable mask for everyone’s good mood

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Trends : Coronavirus fashionable mask for everyone’s good mood

fashion mask against coronavirus

Coronavirus modern facial mask: fashionable protections for good humor during the coronavirus crisis, here is the subject that we will offer you in this article. Bold, interesting, pretty, these masks can shock some and please others.

Coronavirus mask that shocks and pleases: a fashion presentation

The current pandemic and the ever increasing number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide have triggered purchases of panic masks. Face masks and hand sanitizers are sold in most pharmacies and online retailers and have become a scarce commodity.

no longer scare others

This, in turn, has led many fashion designers and companies to make face masks and donate them to hospitals and retirement homes. You should know and we will not stop reminding you that these sewn masks do not filter the air well enough. They cannot therefore offer adequate protection against viruses and bacteria, even less against coronavirus.

mask protecting against virus men

On the other hand, it is a modern mouth guard that brings courage and good humor and makes the days a little more colorful. In our article, we will show you how to sew colored masks yourself and spice up your outfit.

Billie Eilish ultra luxurious mask

Funny, bold, beautiful, even chic coronavirus mask

Respiratory masks should not be boring and dull. Bright colors with fun patterns – there is something for everyone. It’s no surprise, then, that the corona virus affects the fashion world. After Italy reported the first major epidemic in Europe, many fashion shows were canceled and others took place without an audience.

mode symbol fight virus

Coronavirus masks signed by the big luxury fashion houses

The European factories of many luxury fashion houses such as Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent have devoted themselves to the production of surgical respiratory masks. They embarked on the production of these necessary items instead of clothing, which they ultimately donated to hospitals in France and Italy.

beauty thanks during covid 19

Non-profit acts in the global fight against the coronavirus

In addition to medical masks, decorative and trendy pieces also appear on social networks. Although these do not protect against coronavirus, they are a great way to bring light and good humor in these difficult times. These donations help in their own way.

Beyoncé Louis Vuitton ski mask

Have ski goggles or breathing masks become the latest fashion trend?

Respiratory masks were actually worn long before the coronavirus started. In fact, in big cities where the air is very polluted, people wear face masks. These protect the inhabitants from harmful emissions, dust and smoke. Modern mouth protection is also not a new trend. In 2015, the Chinese designer Masha Ma already presented respiratory masks decorated with Swarovski crystals at Paris Fashion Week.

mask object survival mode

At the Grammys this year, singer and absolute pioneer Billie Eilish wore a sparkling Gucci face protector. The latter was made from a transparent muslin. The online range of cool and trendy masks is constantly increasing. Whether it’s modern and upbeat prints and designs or fun animal designs, the possibilities seem endless. So there is something for everyone.

62 Annual Grammy Awards Billie Eilish

Luxury face masks

More and more luxury fashion designers are creating facial masks. These luxury masks should however only be worn as an accessory. In no case should they be worn as protection. This fashion accessory is therefore not a mask coronavirus!

coronavirus mask chic Chanel

Psychologists warn that wearing a respirator can give a false sense of security. Therefore, they add, people wearing them and having this false sense of security may risk forgetting to wear the real coronavirus mask. They may forget about other important protective measures, such as washing your hands or disinfecting your home.

Despite the very high price of these fashion accessories, which offer essentially no real protection, designer pieces are very popular and sell quickly.

disco beautiful coronavirus mask

Tala Alamuddin is her collection of luxury facial masks

Designer Tala Alamuddin, sister of human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, recently launched her own collection of face masks. They are retailed in different models of leopard and denim and cost around $ 120 to $ 150.

fashion accessories coronavirus mask

Although the profits go to the Red Cross, the designer has been criticized by many for trying to benefit from the coronavirus pandemic. In his defense, Alamuddin said: ” The goal of my fashion brand is to make a difference through fashion wherever we can.

how to make your own coronavirus masks

My business is based in Singapore and respiratory masks are a staple in many Asian households. They are worn regularly as protection against air pollution or against colds

family class fashion masks

Marine Serre: the French fashion designer launched the Serre X Airinum Air Mask 2.0 marine mask

French fashion designer Marine Serre has also jumped on the latest trend. She recently launched the Serre X Airinum Air Mask 2.0 marine mask. The black jersey mask costs more than 300 euros and is equipped with an air filter. The models are decorated with pearls and beautiful floral patterns in colorful tones like purple, pink and orange.

fashion street london coronavirus

Fashionable respiratory mask ideas with a pattern

Even sewn respirators that can be used multiple times have the great advantage of washing them at 60 degrees and ironing them. Below, we continue to show you photos of such masks. The goal is to offer you a modern mask that would give your outfit a fresh and trendy touch.

coronavirus mask according to fashion outfit

However, we must warn you that the respirators shown cannot protect you from coronavirus. We cannot overemphasize that the fashion mask is not a mask coronavirus. Above all, they serve as a fashion accessory and should not be worn in hospitals. It is best to wear the homemade mask over your usual mask. That way you will stay protected. In addition, you will look really good!

Kpop Cotton fKN95 dustproof

Sew a modern facial mask yourself – DIY instructions

coronavirus mask black white flowers

The first mask is created from a fabric bag with a brand logo. For this, you will need the following equipment:

The scissors
Thin wire
Flat elastic

Billie Eilish Gucci mask

And this is how it is done:

First measure the width and height of a normal breathing mask. Mark it with the linear and the pen on the fabric bag.
Cut the fabric and fold the top edges and sew with the pins. Sew a hem.
Cut the thread, pass it through the hem and sew it.

beautiful coronavirus mask sport fashion

Place the folds about 1 cm wide towards the bottom edge of the fabric and topstitch them. Iron the breathing mask.
Sew a hem on the side edges and cut the elastic into two pieces for the headbands.
The first rubber band across the right and the second – pull through the left hole and sew.

how to make your own Louis Vuitton mask

According to your wishes, you can give the respiratory mask self made a trendy look by decorating the edges with lace. For the third variant, you will need the following:

Coronavirus London class mask

PDF template for print or pattern
Fabric of your choice (wonderful old t-shirts are great for this; above all, make sure the fabrics can be washed at least 90 degrees Celsius and ironed at a higher temperature)
The scissors
Sewing thread and needle
Elastic rubber band

coronavirus mask protection Louis Vuitton

Sew a respiratory mask yourself Instructions:

Use the PDF template to cut the fabric, fold the edges and sew together.
Cut the elastic band for the ear straps and pull through the holes, then sew.
Decorate the finished mask with pearls or similar decorative items and your modern mouth guard is ready!

colors beauty instead stupor tremor

Fashion is about creativity, not the need to protect yourself

For the latest respiratory protection mask, you need an adhesive sticker of your choice. You will need a sticker made of a transparent material such as organza. There are no limits to your imagination when decorating homemade face masks. All you need is a sewing pattern, fabric in the colors and patterns of your choice. Above all, you will need a little creativity. In fact, this is the most important thing!

Looka coronavirus protection mask

In the first step, cut out the letters from the sticker; Then glue them on the fabric with super glue. For the remaining steps, just follow the DIY instructions above.

evolution mask protection against virus

Coronavirus modern mask: other ideas and inspiration

You can use everything in your home to create your own breathing mask – even a shopping bag. They are a simple and fun way to refresh your outfit. An Ikea or Metro bag will do the trick. The mask will be original and funny.

ikéa coronavirus mask

Patterned masks decorated with stones make good sounds in these dreary days

More and more fashion houses are creating respiratory protection masks with filters that not only look good, but also offer adequate protection. Face masks as a fashion statement have been seen in many fashion shows in the past. And why not adapt the respiratory mask to your outfit?

when color follows reality

The colored breathing masks with a floral pattern create a spring feeling. In times of covid 19 the feeling of spring will do you good. Fear spreads and these masks will bring joy during these gruesome times.

Louis Vuitton coronavirus mask

Celebrities and stars around the world also wear fun, modern masks. Whether with pearls or bright colors – there is something for everyone.

fashionable covid disease

Modern facial mask to complete your outfit

Kim Huyaavs fashion mask

Match the color of the mask with your look

black white fashion mask

The World Health Organization does not encourage the wearing of unprotected masks. These don’t make sense if you’re sick. However, the homemade mask is an option for those who want to show solidarity. And who knows, maybe a self-made breathing mask with a filter could filter out at least some of the pathogens.

black lace protection mask

Coronavirus masks below fashion masks

Surgical respiratory masks have a different purpose. They are intended to protect medical teams, but also patients against viruses and bacteria. The unique respiratory masks are attached to the ears with elastic bands. The folds ensure that the mask adapts better to the shape of the face. Of course, the homemade cloth mask cannot offer the same protection.

masks men fashion coronavirus

It has another major drawback. If you want to sew a facial mask yourself, you should only use one layer of fabric. This means that you cannot integrate a filter. Having to iron the folds after each wash cycle also differentiates the homemade mask from the surgical mask.

little ones transforming coronavirus mask into fashion object

A fabric mask with elastic bands and pleats also has advantages. It can be quickly put on and taken off without having to touch your face with your dirty hands or the mask itself. The mask offers quite high comfort. It is breathable. This means that, unlike other masks with filters, they can easily allow their wearers to breathe in and out.

when fashion prevails over illness

Different materials are suitable for the mask, the fleece is well suited for this purpose. Whichever fabric you choose, make sure it can be washed at 90 degrees. Because to disinfect the respiratory mask, you have to wash it at 90 degrees and then iron it. If you can embed wire on top of the mask, it will stand on the nose. Protection will be better.

week fashion masks accessories fashionprotect yourself while remaining fashionablesmile behind coronavirus maskmask safety measures

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