Trends : Deco nail summer – discover our nail art ideas for holidays and for the beach!

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Trends :

Deco nail summer - discover our nail art ideas for holidays and for the beach!

Deco nails for summer in pastel color

Summer is already here and, with him, the new trends in nail decoration for this beautiful sunny season. Come see our collection of photos dedicated to them and discover which colors, patterns and shapes of nails to adopt for the holiday period!

Deco nail summer - discover the colors and shapes of nails to adopt for the holiday period!

Deco nails summer trends

In recent times, we are lucky enough to be able to choose from a wide range of nail art options. The colors, combinations and details of nail decoration have never been richer and more carefully made. Hence the interest of photo collections that make us discover the latest solutions in terms of varnishes and decorations. In this file, we will discuss precisely this subject. At the center of our interest today are the nail shapes and colors to wear this season.

Deco nail summer 2019 - what are the most fashionable shapes this season?

Green and white nail polish

When it comes to deco nails and summer shapes to adopt for the holiday period, the options are very multiple this season. And that's good news because everyone can donate to the forms that appeal to her the most. It is a question of taste but also of activities that we like to practice during the holidays!

Here are the most interesting options, let yourself be tempted!

Bright pink nail polish

Nails shaped ballerina (also called coffin nails or "coffin" nails.

Adopted recently by Kylie Jenner herself, these ballerina nails have become a craze on the Instagram network. To get this shape, you must first let your nails grow. Then, work both sides to get the characteristic look of this type of manicure.

Nail polish for the beach

Oval nails

This is one of the most classic manicure styles. As the shape of the nail reflects the curve of the cuticles, they are very symmetrical. So it's a very flattering option for your nail art!

Nail polish for the holidays

Square nails

This type of shape is perfect for girls with narrow nails. Because of their square shape, this manicure creates a visual illusion and makes your nails appear wider. It's also a great option for those who like to have fun creating various patterns on their nails.

Purple nail polish for the summer

Nails form stiletto

This form requires the most maintenance compared to others. Very long, the nails are also the most likely to break, especially if you like to move and practice various activities on the beach.

Mid-oval mid-square nails also called squoval (a syncope of square, square, and oval, oval, in English)

This shape is characterized by its straight sides and curved top. It is one of the most classic options that remain relevant this season. In addition to being very chic, these nails are also the easiest to maintain. In short, an excellent option for summer days!

Trendy nail polish

Nails shaped almond

It is a moment that this type of nail is very fashionable. And the trend seems to be still relevant this season. But beware, if this form of nails seduces you, also note that it is considered fragile. For this reason, this is not the ideal solution for girls who love physical activity during the holidays.

Pearl nail polish for summer

Round nails

Round nails are reputed to be the easiest to maintain. You can opt for different lengths, depending on your preferences in terms of nail polish summer but also your lifestyle. The short variants of this manicure will be easier to wear and maintain.

Deco nail summer - what color for your manicure on the beach?

Blue nail polish

Now that we have examined the most fashionable shapes of the moment, let's also see what are the most interesting colors and patterns to adopt for the holidays. Below, the list of those we have selected to present to you!

Holiday nail polish ideas

The shades of turquoise

The nuances of the turquoise color rhyme with the summer atmosphere. Do you dream of a holiday by the sea? So why not transfer this feeling to your nails? These shades are also ideal for the travel period and for long summer evenings.

Holiday nails deco ideas

Metallic shades

The metallic hues shine and never go unnoticed. This season, let the sun be reflected in your manicure. Summer is the perfect season for these shades!

Holiday nail deco idea

The orange sunset

The orange color symbolizes the beautiful sunsets in summer. This shade is perfect for the most beautiful summer nights. Opt for this shade that blends perfectly with the evening dresses in bright colors.

Nail art for the holidays

Mint green

The shades of mint green are one of the most beautiful summer colors. She is fresh, cool and just great and beautiful. Embrace it as the main color for your summer nail decor or to create original patterns to complete it.

Holiday and nail deco idea

The rose gold shade

Here is another color of summer nail deco that we know well and which is inspired by trends in recent years. In summer, pink gold is omnipresent. We see it in the decoration of the weddings this season but also in the models of dresses while going through the manicures. You could also bet on ornaments in the form of pink gold glitter to enrich your nail decoration.

Nail Trends and Decor Ideas

Neon colors and colors

Do you like the nail polish summer that attracts attention? So opt for the neon colors. A manicure with neon nail polish will never go unnoticed. And, in addition, these nuances are fun and festive, just perfect for summer parties in summer.

Beach trend nail ideas

The floral motifs

Finally, we propose to complete your nails deco summer with a classic pattern: that of the floral pattern. Make it in the colors of your choice and celebrate the beautiful summer season wherever you spend your holidays this year!

Summer nails decorating ideas - inspirations in pictures

Trendy nail decoration for the holidays

Need even more nail art ideas for summer and holidays? Take a look at our selection of photos below.

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