Trends : Exobiology, the collection of shoe brand Ica & Kostika

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Trends :

Exobiology, the collection of shoe brand Ica & Kostika

Ica Kostika Exobiology 3D printed shoe coral

Exobiology is the new collection of shoe brand Ica & Kostika. Futurism, aesthetics of the third type, innovation ... Is it innovation?

Exobiology: why is this name given to the collection of the shoe brand Ica & Kostika?

What is exobiology?

Ica Kostika Mycelium shoes

Wikipedia defines exobiology, also called by the Anglo-Saxons astrobiology, by intermediate science whose purpose is the study of factors and processes, including geochemical and biochemical, which can lead to the appearance of life and to its evolution. Welcome to the matrix !

Ica Kostika Exobiology 3D printed shoes

Why is this name given to the collection of shoe brand Ica & Kostica? This series was designed to explore the future of shoe design through the fusion of fashion and computer technology. Indeed, Ica & Kostika explores the future of digitally generated shoes.

exobiology shoe collection heels mycelium ica kostika

Exobiology and the meta shoe

The highly complex digitally generated shoes are characterized by their futuristic silhouettes. Each shoe is meticulously designed to fit the natural shape of the foot.

exobiology collection high shoe without heel ica kostika

Ica & Kostika uses hybrid techniques to exploit the benefits of various industrial processes, including both additive and subtractive manufacturing methods. The details of what was said, infra.

Ica Kostika Mycelium opening foot

Who are Ica & Kostika and where does their revolutionary idea come from?

When we go on their website, Ica & Kostika welcome us with the following words. Fueled by passion, love and beauty, and brought to life by combining art and math at the highest level, Ica & Kostika have forged their heels and shaped the path.

exobiology shoe collection heels ica kostika ramification mycelium

Disruption or disruption by breakthrough innovations are at the heart of existence. The Big Bang Disruption is what has destroyed / upset time and space and us in all this. Each of us desires this rupture / this upheaval. That's the way Ica & Kostika's business is!

Ica Kostika third type shoes collection

What is the Big Bang Disruption?

Disruption is an integral part of the economy affecting all areas of products and services. Efficiency is at the heart: the search for more efficiency for less. It's the era of the cloud, technical advances and Moore's Law.

exobiology collection shoes heel ica kostika coral ramifications

What does the Moore Act have for computer sectors?

It provides that the power of the processors is doubled at regular intervals. The law applies to all IT sectors. We are witnessing a boom in exponential technologies that are becoming the new engines of the economy in the world. Technologies replace all old products and systems.

Ica Kostika Exobiology 3D printed spine shoes

In addition, their price / performance ratio is constantly doubling. The customer who finds this ratio expects, too, always better for less money. In terms of development and progress, it is no longer a question of competition between the old ones on the market, but of the mode of operation and the revolutionary culture of the newcomers on this market.

exobiology collection high shoe without heel mycelium ica kostika

What characterizes these are the speed and the absence of limitations. Customers are now adopting in bulk. The entire audience is targeted.

exobiology collection heel hippocampus shoe

Exobiology of Ica & Kostika, from where do one draw the ideas of the form of the shoe, its elaboration, its pace?

"This collection is a celebration of natural systems that create beautiful complexities and how we can go beyond nature to create a shape designed to our desires, something from another world," says Ica & Kostika about their unusual collection.

exobiology collection high shoe ica kostika ramification living organism

The names that Ica & Kostika give to their shoes are a description of the nature reproduced technologically in their vision. Thus, one can read names like coral heels, mycelium wedges, hippocampus heels, thorny corners, etc.

Ica Kostika ramifications Mycelium shoe

Exobiology of Ica & Kostika, soft coral type shoes

Ica & Kostika have generated four formal strategies in the development of the collection. In the design of coral shoes, the studio used the branching logic of a soft coral of the order of alcyonacea. This method covers a large area while allowing the shoe to remain light.

exobiology shoe collection high heel ica kostika coral

Just to meet the curiosity of some, coral is an oceanic marine animal with limestone skeleton, for hard coral, as opposed to soft coral. Their branching depends on the form proper to its species according to the minerals in the ocean. The variety of shapes is very large. Did you know that there are mushroom corals that look like the top of mushrooms?

exobiology collection shoes ica kostika corals

Exobiology of Ica & Kostika, mycelium type shoes

The mycelium shoes are inspired by the radial growth of mycelial branching of fungi.

exobiology collection shoes heels mycelium ica kostika market

The entanglement of many very fine and branched filaments is the mycelium. Just for the record, among the mushrooms, there are also water fungi.

Ica Kostika Exobiology 3D high shoe without printed heel mycelium

Exobiology of Ica & Kostika, the seahorse-type shoes

We are always in the aquatic world for the search of ideas of ramifications allowing the realization of the shoes more than original. The hippocampal footwear borrows the sculptural skeletal structure of a hippocampus that expresses segments that gradually change scale.

exobiology shoe collection heel hippocampus ica kostika

The hippocampus is another oceanic marine animal whose only branching can be found in its skeletal structure.

exobiology shoe collection heel ica kostika seahorse

Exobiology of Ica & Kostika, spinal type shoes

The spinal shoes manipulate the vertebrae of the spine to create a continuous shape along the foot. We do not specify the animal whose spinal column was used as an inspiration to Ica & Kostika for the design and realization of this type of shoes.

exobiology collection shoe heel spine ica kostika

Varieties of the footwear of the Exobiology collection

Each of these four styles of the collection is produced in different silhouettes or finishes. We can talk about corals and mushrooms, as Ica & Kostika did, to explain the ramifications in the light of cosmobiology that served as the structure of his shoes designed with originality.

exobiology heel spine shoe ica kostika

But we can see these shoes differently. Thus we can see the corporals of an organism in the development phase.

We can also see the tree branches. To focus on the more basic plant world, you can see broccoli, if you want. If one wants to leave the biological world, one can explain the carcass of the shoe by the formation of crystals in progression.

exobiology collection shoe heels ica kostika coral ramification

Variety of shapes and silhouette of shoes from the Exobiology collection

It is necessary to speak innovation and originality at the level of the shape and the silhouette of the shoe and not only at the level of its pace. Indeed, some models are heels, others to platforms. Anyway, there are no models of flat shoes. All pairs are shaping their feet.

Ica Kostika coral shoe

To avoid foot pain when wearing these shoes (this is valid for all high-heeled shoes), have the reflex to stick silicone pads. These are half soles that you will find in most drugstores in supermarkets.

ica kostika 3d printed mycelium shoes

Last precision concerning the high heels: the high heels, it is mastered! It is better to be sure when you walk in the shoes of the future. A woman must feel comfortable while walking, confident of herself.

exobiology collection shoes ica kostika seahorse

And just for the anecdote, have you wondered why women wear high shoes?

Ica Kostika Mycelium shoe

The most original answer comes from Sacha Guitry who said that "the high heel was invented by a woman who was tired of being kissed on the forehead". Alfred Kinsley brings a significantly different answer. This renowned sexologist explains that "the female leg adopts the same attitude as during orgasm, the foot tends to align with the calf."

Ica Kostika Mycelium futuristic shoe

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