Trends : fashionable clothes and accessories

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Trends : fashionable clothes and accessories

idea for stylish outfits fall 2020 trends

It has been almost 100 years since fashion shows have become the preeminent way of viewing new designer collections. So much has changed since then – the clothes, the people in the front rows and what those people wear. But there is one thing that remains consistent all the same and this is the notion of trends. While it no longer seems fashionable for fashion designers to flit between arbitrary references from season to season, it is inevitable that certain themes, things or even certain silhouettes will converge to form the overall message of a fashion season. . And these themes, things, and silhouettes appear strongest in style. So what are the fall 2020 street style trends?

Fall 2020 trends are already here and it’s time to get to know them

stylish and modern outfit idea

If we follow the street style we will notice that some years are clearly defined by very identifiable specific trends such as the Balenciaga sweatshirt from 2013 or the Vetements jeans from the year 2015. But with years, the question of what everyone wears will become more difficult to answer. Some women embrace the bourgeois elegance of Heidi Slimane dressed from bottom to top in Celine. Others prefer the new era of sexy to Gucci and Saint Laurant. And there are also those who continue to ignore fashion entirely to create their own personal aesthetic.

Taken together, they all paint a compelling picture not only of where fashion is today, but also of how it is reflected in our real lives – the emphasis on the real. The street style was a place for wild statements and multiple dress changes, but in the face of climate change and the threat of the coronavirus, people are moving away from such blatant excesses in favor of simpler, more practical clothing. A casual suit worn with sneakers or boots is such a popular look lately that it can’t even be categorized as one of the fall 2020 street style trends – it’s just what everyone is wearing.

Long, trench-style leather coats remain very fashionable for fall

long trench coat for fall

What remains trendy in street style for fall 2020?

Neutral looks remain very popular but with a modernized touch. New shades and even patterns and prints have popped up for the fall to refresh the fall 2020 street style trends a bit. The collars are pointed, tousled and shaped like a doily. White dresses partially covered with coats are also part of the new uniform of the street style.

What are the trends that are officially out of date for fall?

Fall 2020 is the time to forget about the mini and micro handbags because the big handbags have returned for revenge. And although puffer coats still appear on fashion rugs, when it comes to fall 2020 trends, sheepskin coats remain the only way to stay warm when it’s cold.

Now prepare to take some notes because the fall 2020 street style trends that we are going to present to you are so beautiful that you are probably going to want to try them out before spring comes. Here they are :

Contrary to popular belief, the white dress can be worn all year round

fall 2020 trends with white dress

The white dress worn all year round

Rain ? What rain? Even in Paris in the gray and cloudy weather, the sheer, flowing and feminine white dress became like a uniform for many women. For the vast majority of these women, the white dress is neither new nor trendy – the summer dress has become a mainstay of their wardrobe, as have jeans and t-shirts.

white dress as fall 2020 trends dress worn with boots as fall 2020 trends

The trend of white dresses in particular is very curious and not only afraid of dirt and grime. Until a few years ago, the white lace dress was considered a dress that is too much a wedding dress, but today such a consideration even seems absurd. In fact, similar dresses that are too bridal gowns were all over the fashion rugs in 2020, designed for girls who mean the big ‘Yes’, as well as those who have no desire to get married.

The eclectic style carries a very original charm and is one of the fall 2020 trends

idea for fall 2020 trends

Eclectic forever

Often our favorite street style muses are the ones who don’t fit into any trend or category – they’re people like Michelle Elie, Mykki Blanco and Alton Mason. They often have their own opinions, very personal tastes and they don’t care what other people are wearing.

fall 2020 trends in street style fall 2020 street style trends

These folks are a reminder that no matter what trends or fall 2020 trends in our case, we can always count on a contingent of eclectic rule breakers with equally inspiring style. For the fall season, the common thread for the vast majority of these people was the abundance of mixed prints, bright colors and unlikely combinations. Think the opposite of the total look and the response to the ease of effortless clothing.

fall 2020 trends for mini skirts

The short and the long

Hemming is becoming more and more popular on fashion rugs and on the street. This season we’ve seen some of the shorter skirts, often worn without tights despite the cold weather outside. After years of flowing, romantic midi skirts and dresses, it becomes only natural that the opposite suddenly starts to look fresher to us.

fall 2020 trends for skirts

But it may also have something to see the new kind of sensuality that we have seen on the Gucci, Mugler and Khristomher Kane fashion rugs. So in the fall more and more women will be wearing mini skirts on the streets.

trendy colors for fall autumn 2020 trends in monochromatic style


In the absence of thematic fall 2020 trends like 90s grunge, a common approach to choosing what to wear in fall is to simply pick a color and wear it from top to bottom. In many cases, these outfits contain more shades of the same color as the monochromatic outfits: think for example the white and ivory shade of Indira Scott or the kelly green and emerald palette of Candice Marie.

fashion outfit for fall 2020

Another spectator expertly mixed chartreuse and saffron, while Jordan Roth pleaded for a single shock of cherry red. This is an eye-catching formula that is relatively easy to prepare sailor without counting on neutral colors like black or camel undertone.

boots for fall and winter


The bourgeois look very quickly passed from fashion rugs to the streets as the year went by and while we still see plenty of blazers and pleated skirts, the trend’s most enduring contribution are knee-length boots. After years of stacked heel ankle boots and responsive strappy shoes, everyone will be wearing the knee-length style of boots no matter if they’re velvet or leather.

high leather boots trendy high boots for fall

This is a simple trick to make a summer dress more winter-appropriate, and you will no doubt get warmer wearing a pair of tall boots. On top of that, there are styles of boots to suit everyone, no matter what your personal preferences and what style you wear.

modern prints for fall

Animal prints, stripes and patterns

Do you remember when leopard coats were very trendy in 2014? Well, these coats are still very popular on the streets and on fashion rugs, but recently we see more and more other animal patterns like zebra stripes and snake prints.

idea for modern prints for fall long leopard coat

Dries Van Noten’s zebra coats, for example, are in trippy acid undertones, while Riccardo Tisci has brought his more natural deer spots to Burberry via puffers and handbags. What’s new about this trend actually is the fact that men will be wearing it in the fall as well.

modern beige and brown for fall

50 shades of beige and brown

A year and a half ago, the fashion shows for Spring 2019 were so awash in beige that the color has become iconic. Beige is still everywhere this season, no matter richer and more earthy with darker touches in chocolate, caramel and cognac undertones.

fall outfit with long dress

The real happiness here is that there isn’t really just one shade of nude for the new season – every woman could find the colors that suit her best.

leather suit for fall

The leather

For fall 2020, men’s fashion will remain very close to that for women and that means dressing from top to bottom in leather. The glossy coats and matching pants that we’ve seen on the men at Rick Owens, Lemaire and Alexander McQueen are real inspiration for women who love to experiment with bright colors and textures on the street.

autumn leather pants jacket with leather boots for autumn

Much like some of the other fall 2020 trends we’ve presented to you, here there is a real need to wear leather from top to bottom. This is a two piece look that looks very sleek and a bit more ‘harsh’ than we are used to. It’s worth noting that the timing for the leather obsession is a bit strange given the issues of climate change and the impact of fashion on the planet. As a by-product of the meat industry, responsible for extremely high carbon emissions, leather’s carbon footprint is significant. Hopefully some of these looks will be vegan and the designers will bring us some new non-animal alternatives next season.

baguette handbag for fall

Baguette bags

It might sound a little crazy, but 2000s fashion is already coming back as fashionistas import their own touches on street trends inspired by that era.

trendy handbag for fall small modern handbag

And the fall 2020 trend that these fashionistas are inspired by this time are baguette bags. Its simple, rectangular bags are easy to wear and fit into all the essential looks for the season. Opt for a baguette bag in pastel color to be even more fashionable.

trendy outfit idea for fall

High tracksuits

After spending a lot of time at home during lockdown wearing sweatpants, leggings and tees 24/7, fashionistas are finding cool ways to import these pieces into street style.

trendy sports outfit for fall trendy and modern outfit for fall

To embrace this trend, pay close attention to the proportions. This means combining baggy pants with fitted tops and oversized tees with mustard shorts. Don’t forget the accessories, a monogrammed bag and stylish glasses.

long sleeve fall blouse

Long Sleeve Tie Back Tops

Backless tops are always a very stylish and very chic style, but recently there is a great abundance on the street of long sleeve tops that are tied at the back.

modern open back blouse modern and elegant blouse for fall

The bow at the back is a very fun little detail and the long sleeve top is a very versatile piece that you will be able to wear everywhere in the fall and even when the seasons change.

modern lavender color suit

Lavender color

Pastel colors are having their moment of glory right now in general, but lavender in particular has emerged as one of the must-haves for 2020.

color idea for fall outfit

Although you won’t immediately think of combining lavender with a lot of colors, it can go with everything including neutrals, denim and other pastel shades.

hair pumice for fall

Colored hair clips

Another trend of the past is colored hair clips. Besides helping you keep your hair away from your face, these clips are an easy and really inexpensive way to add accessories to your outfit since they can be found in so many different colors. Do not hesitate to play with them and combine them with your outfit for more style in the fall.

hair clips for ponytail

yellow leather pants autumn 2020 trends in monochromatic style

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