Trends : First woman tattoo, discreet and original ideas that you will appreciate, ladies!

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Trends :

First woman tattoo, discreet and original ideas that you will appreciate, ladies!

first tattoo woman letter

First woman tattoo, here is a topic specially dedicated to those who will dare to be made a very small first tattoo discrete but pretty. It must be remembered that for a long time, the tattoo, whether small or large, was not well seen, well perceived. The times have already evolved! No one is considered, because of his tattoos, as someone who has spent years in prison, rest assured! However, those who are still hesitating or who no longer hesitate but want to keep some discretion, here are some ideas of first small tattoo.

First tattoo woman: yes to tattoos while making sure not to attract the eyes of others

Ladies who want to be with a foot in fashion tattoos without being tattooed from head to toe can be inspired by our collection of images of tattooed women.

first tattoo woman heart foot

First woman tattoo, the one that is not visible right now

Even if it is only visible for the one who will be tattooed, the tattoo is not a decision that is taken lightly. The little topo will remain inked for life. Think about the part of the body that will be marked forever. Think about the nature of the tattoo, its style and its motive.

first tattoo woman finger

Discreet or very visible, the most important thing is to learn about the tattoo artist or the artist, if you prefer, under the needle of which we will pass. It will also be about price, but experience is what matters most.

first small discreet woman tattoo

First tattoo woman: three points, butterfly, anchor, zodiac signs

What tattoo to be made? Tattooing always has a special meaning, especially for the one who gets it done. Three points, to take this tattoo as an example, means a rebellious life. This kind of tattoo is done on the cheeks or on the hands. The butterfly means one of the periods of determined personal evolution. Since the butterfly takes a long time to emerge from its chrysalis, it represents metamorphosis, rebirth.

first tattoo woman papiloon

Tear usually means the pain of death, but not always. Some see the end of the last phase before the renewal.

first tattoo woman anchor

The signs of the zodiac symbolize turning to one's personality, wanting to know one another, the power to understand one's general vision of life. Anchor is a classic tattoo. It symbolizes stability, strength, even power.

first tattoo woman anchor behind ear

First woman tattoo: paper airplane

Like the boat, the plane symbolizes the desire to travel, to travel long distances, to lose oneself in the horizon, to disappear. Since in this case, the plane is paper, there is more innocence and imagination than meaning to look for in the following saying: No wind is good, when you do not know which port to sail!

first tattoo woman forearm

The idea expressed is the desire to go forward regardless of whether it is innocent or determined. There is the symbol of still childish freedom but of a pure freedom and that is what counts!

first tattoo woman airplane paper

A simple tattooed plane, the tattoo represents the determined trajectory. The desire to move forward is real and the final destination is well thought out. It can be a vital journey and not just a physical destination. It's the personal determination that is symbolized by the plane tattoo. With regard to tattooed citation or thought, on the arm, body or head, what matters is the message conveyed. This can be a motto, a kind of motto, or a belief.

first tattoo woman beautiful thought

First woman tattoo: a motto that inspires and guides in life

Here are some thoughts if you do not find yours: life is beautiful, life is precious because it has an end, so be it, etc. Where to draw the meaning of our existence and our beliefs? Just have a song, poem or excerpt from a favorite book to get the meaning of your life.

first tattoo woman on arm

The art builds the symbolic. It brings together collective values ​​and invites the reader, the amateur or the spectator to draw inspiration from them. The tattoo can be a replica, a way of identifying oneself by mentioning one of the collective values ​​recovered and reproduced in the form of inking on the skin.

first tattoo woman quote

It can be a short and explicit motto: the big blue, the wild blue, the white summits, the purple rivers. It all depends on what the words mean to you. It is obviously recommended to know the set of words and its meaning that others have agreed to give to him not to go against the commonly accepted meaning.

first tattoo woman's neck

Finally, it may be the name of the person you like or your own name. In the 80s of the previous century, men often marked the name of their dulcinea on their arms near the shoulder.

first tattoo woman lola

First woman tattoo: a heart or a quote on love

The heart symbolizes love. It is rather the girls or the ladies who are tattooed. Not all but sentimental or sensual. The heart can be dedicated to a person or represent love and belief in love in general. What is love ? What is it ? Although the answer is not obvious because it is what we feel and what we live, we can provide a response in the form of a tattoo.

first tattoo woman heart ankle

Either you get a tattoo about love or a heart. This little drawing describes better than all love. No definition, nothing, just this drawing saying everything and nothing. In this way, we keep the mystery that reigns around love, we recall its magic and we evoke the power that makes us blind. In what way ? Well, by a tiny tattoo!

first tattoo woman small heart

First tattoo woman who is following her necklace

Even if you do not wear the same necklace and your tattoo is the result of nothing at all, an interesting drawing of this kind, which includes different elements, namely arrows, flowers, rings, etc., continues to draw attention to you and attention to the meaning of the tattoo. In other words, the tattoo has its reason to be and speaks to those who can read the symbolic!

first tattoo woman composition back

First tattoo woman: various tattoos and varied

There are tattoos that do not mean much. Yes, everything has a meaning and a reason to exist or to be but not every tattoo has been chosen because of its symbolism. "I cross my fingers for someone", of course, launches a particular message. The person wearing this tattoo is perhaps even a little superstitious and wants to make sure, by this tattoo, that no harm is going to reach him or it will fall squarely on it.

first tattoo woman discretion

On the other hand, a tattoo of crossed legs and especially feet with shoes derby or brogue does not really symbolic. A tattoo of this type is chosen just for the tattoo and not for its meaning.

first tattoo woman cross-legged

The surfer will be tattooed a wave, the one who loves to rollerblading will be tattooed maybe a skate or a roller. At the time, people who were rollerbladers were doing graffiti everywhere "SK8 gold die"(Skate or die). Some were tattooed.

first tattoo woman discretion on ankle

Those who love animals may be tattooing the figure of their favorite domestic or wild animal. The tattoos of diamonds that we saw supra in this article, may have different meanings. Most of the time, it is only a pure body decoration. Having in mind the qualities of unbreakable diamonds, the symbolism, if there is one, must be invincibility.

first tattoo woman small symbols

Others will have the tattoo of the paw pads of their favorite animal. Note the originality of this little discreet tattoo! It is made on the "pad" of the lady's toe.

first tattoo woman toe

First woman tattoo: the flowers and their meanings

Flower tattoos are always beautiful to watch. This is a reason that we find a lot in tattoos. The meanings may vary according to the types of flowers. What is most often chosen are roses, lotus flowers, poppies and hibiscus. Daisies are less often chosen but for small tattoos, they are the perfect flowers to be tattooed.

first tattoo woman flower

For the record, the poppy means that a person has disappeared but can symbolize health and luck. The rose symbolizes love.

first tattoo woman pink nape

Red, yellow, orange, pink or white, the hibiscus symbolizes exotic beauty and sweetness. The daisy is the symbol of purity and innocence, but also of faithful love.

first tattoo woman flower body

first tattoo woman daisy

First woman tattoo: birds and their meaning

Bird tattoos are very popular. The variety is great. Either we prefer several birds of small or medium size or a larger, as in this case. All birds, including swallows, symbolize freedom.

first tattoo woman bird body

As for the swallow in particular, it symbolizes hope.

first tattoo woman swallow

First woman tattoo: symbols of providence

We have not yet evoked the symbol of the moon and its phases. Now, the tattooing of the phases of the moon or just the moon is very fashionable. The tattooing of the phases of the moon symbolizes life and the need to adapt to it constantly. The sun means the joy of living and the ability to leave the past behind. The two symbols therefore seem inseparable. Hence the increasing number of people who are tattooed both, the moon and the sun.

first tattoo woman moon sun

One can easily have the three symbols, namely, the moon, the sun and the star. We have already explained the symbolism of the sun and the moon. Let's talk about the star now! The star often appears alongside the moon and the sun but also alone. The stars are beautiful and their meaning is too. Since they can guide us in the night, they symbolize wisdom when confusion gains the ground and seizes us.

first tattoo woman small crescent sun star

first tattoo female friends

The omniscient eye is the eye that sees everything. It is divine omniscience. It is considered that the eye is the mirror of the soul. The tattoo of the eye would protect the soul and rise, according to its color, if ever the tattoo was in color, your individuality.

first tattoo woman's eye

One of the easiest designs to do is the simple cross tattoo. It is very popular because the cross is the symbol of the Christian religion and all that means. Everything is complicated when the cross is tribal, Gothic, Egyptian, with roses, snakes, symbolic, in short when the cross occupies the forearm or the upper arm.

first tattoo woman small cross

first tattoo woman small explosion

The double triangle tattoo can represent several things depending on the orientation of the triangles. It can represent Water and Earth or Fire and Air.

first tattoo woman small triangles

First tattoo woman: the feather

The pen signifies the dream, the desire and the soul. Why, what is the link? The story of the pen goes back in time. The pen was the symbol of the link between the human being and God. Among Celts and Egyptians, it symbolized nature and the gods. The Indians wore as many feathers as their victories. From there, the pen began to symbolize courage and daring.

first tattoo woman feather

The feather has also been awarded as a reward in some tribes. In this way, she has become the symbol of the community. Then, over time, the symbolism has evolved. Today, depending on the animal to which the pen belongs, the symbolic changes. The eagle feather signifies valor, the owl feather signifies intelligence, the peacock feather signifies beauty.

first tattoo woman wrist God bigger than high stockings

first tattoo woman chest

The symbol of infinity is the other simple tattoo to perform (after the simple cross). In general, what this sign wants to represent is not the desire of the human being to be eternal. It represents the dream and hope of a love that death will separate.

first tattoo woman symbol eternity

First tattoo woman on the head, shaved head

For the more daring, here is a very original idea for which one must dare to shave the skull or at least half. The tattoo could be even more mysterious if you let people guess what you wanted to say.

first tattoo woman head

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