Trends : Here’s your guide to summer 2020 fashion trends and how to wear them.

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Trends : Here’s your guide to summer 2020 fashion trends and how to wear them.

trendy neon colors

It’s the new decade, disposable looks are becoming very old-fashioned and we’re looking for clothes that will have a lasting impact in our capsule wardrobe. This spring summer season, the fashion shows were visibly more commercial than usual with an emphasis on classic pieces instead of artistic creations which will quickly fall into the category of old-fashioned. So what summer 2020 fashion trends? How are we going to dress when it gets hot?

Neon colors are among the biggest fashion trends for summer 2020

colors fashion trends summer 2020

The two words with which we can describe the summer 2020 fashion trends are perhaps ‘resilient’ and ‘portable’. Leading fashion trends will all find a place in the summer wardrobe of many of us and stay there for the foreseeable future. One of the most sought after pieces in the spring was for example the simple Oxford blouse with buttons by the brand The Row with jumpsuits, little black dresses and large suits. Simple, but never boring may be the motto for the coming season.

Fashion trends summer 2020: Hats are very practical and also very fashionable for the hot season

fashionable summer hat

If you’ve ever looked in your wardrobe and told yourself you’re ready to go shopping, then maybe it’s time to get inspired by the latest summer 2020 fashion trends from the world’s biggest capitals. Classic pieces with small updates, fresh tailors – this summer there are a myriad of looks for everyone’s taste. So here’s what we’re all going to wear in summer 2020:

Wearing strappy heels on pants is one of the summer 2020 fashion trends that fashionistas have already adopted

original summer 2020 fashion trends

Shoes worn over pants

No matter if you go to the office or if you have brunch with friends, one of the fashion trends for summer 2020 is you can wrap a pair of strappy heels around the ankle of your cigarette pants, your jeans or your pants . Complete the look with a jacket that goes with it, a coat or a blouse with bare shoulders. This is a refreshing approach to the classic style with which you are sure to turn heads!

The dresses and tops with oversized sleeves in Victorian style are very elegant and feminine

idea for linen clothes

Stylish blouse with wide sleeves

2020 summer fashion trends sleeves

summer fashion trends 2020 in orange

Oversized Victorian sleeves

In summer we come back to the 19th century with sleeves inspired by the Victorian era. The oversize shape of the sleeves creates the illusion of having a thinner waist and adds an instant feminine touch to our look. Go for softer colors or give life to the Gothic princess who lives inside you by choosing black or gray. It’s also a great time to wear your puffy 80s sleeves – it’s a style that always comes back in fashion!

Women’s dresses and big combat boots are an unexpected but very successful combination

idea for summer 2020 fashion trends

Floral print dress worn with black boots

floral dress and boots

modern trends for spring and summer

idea for an outfit with dress and boots

Large boots worn with feminine dresses

The grunge style is back with feminine dresses worn with big boots. No matter if you are a fan of daring patterns or you prefer color blocks, a maxi dress with waisted waist is an easy way to show your guirly side. You can wear it with combat boots and it will be a suitable style for all occasions. It’s an authentic 90s style, so don’t be afraid to try different things and have fun.

Maxi faux leather coats are perfect for colder summer days

animal print leather coat

The all-black look is often the choice of celebrities

black leather outfit idea

leather coat for spring

fashionable leather coat

Maxi coats in faux leather

Temperatures can drop even in summer. So to not be cold on cool days, you can opt for a maxi faux leather coat. In case you prefer to be more elegant and modern or even a little funky with a hint of grunge, these long coats are perfect for you. You can also choose a coat in red or emerald or impress everyone with an all-black set. This is another basic 90s look with a little update, so why not give it a try?

Bucket hats are a must-have accessory for summer

idea for a modern hat for summer

Bucket hats in pastel colors

This summer buckets hats are one of the biggest fashion trends for summer 2020. So, to protect yourself from the sun, you can very well opt for a bucket hat in pastel colors. These cute and very fashionable accessories are always impressive whatever the season and they are also very versatile and can be worn with almost anything. In lime or light beige, the bucket hat is the most timeless option for a fantastic look.

Leather or jeans jumpsuits are always in fashion

modern jumpsuit for summer

idea for a jumpsuit in black

faux leather jumpsuit

fashionable leather jumpsuit

Faux leather coveralls

Elevate your entire wardrobe by wearing a faux leather jumpsuit. These versatile and elegant pieces play the role of an entire outfit and are so beautiful that you can wear them on any occasion. Bring the Barbie who lives inside you to life by opting for an all-pink jumpsuit or join the biker look with an all-black jumpsuit. Complete your look with a bum bag and boots or sandals and conquer the world!

Matching printed top and bottom in pajama style for an elegant look

elegant and modern outfit for summer

idea for a printed outfit

printed top and bottom

Matching printed tops and bottoms

Opt for a consistent outfit by opting for a top and a bottom with matching patterns. No matter what your personal style – guirly or punk, you can wear prints with confidence. Stand out from the crowd by wearing prints in different shades or an entire outfit in the same prints. It’s a great way to create an elegant outfit.

Strappy heels and square toe in summer colors

summer fashion trends 2020 sandals

Square Toe Heels

This summer, forget the traditional heels and opt for square toe heels. Square heels lengthen the legs, while adding a special touch to your outfit in a unique way. Opt for square heeled sandals in summer or square heeled boots for colder and rainy days. It’s a funky and cool way to complete your outfit no matter the time of the year.

The bucket style bag was invented by Louis Vuitton in 1932

louis vuitton handbag

Bucket style handbags

Keep your products safe in style by choosing a bucket style bag. Invented by Louis Vuitton in 1932 in order to keep champagne cool, in 2020 bucket style bags are among the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends in accessories. With a long body and a rounded shape, these handbags offer a lot of space and they are also very beautiful. Choose a color bag that follows with the rest of the outfit you wear or opt for a completely different bag color to make it stand out. It is very easy to complete an outfit with this style of bag and it is also very practical.

Gold necklaces are always in fashion whatever the season

idea for summer accessories

Oversized gold necklaces

The large golden necklace is one of those trends that will never go out of fashion. For this season, you can also opt for an oversize necklace in a golden shade to complete your outfit. It is an accessory that can be worn regardless of the style of the outfit and wherever you go. The necklace can be worn on its own or in combination with other jewelry and you won’t need anything else. You can even wear it with two or three more golden chains for a more dramatic look.

Focus on the bra for the new season

idea for an original outfit

Focus on the bra

Whether you believe it or not, in summer our way of dressing will be much more risky than usual. While last summer we saw a very brief resurgence of flip flops on display, during the summer 2020 season the focus will be on bras. You can opt for a bandeau top or a sequined bra and wear it as a fashionable top.

Elegant jumpsuit in pastel yellow linen

idea for a summer suit


Stay cool and cool in the heat of summer by wearing linen clothes. And even if this material has always been an obvious choice to fight the stifling temperatures, the summer 2020 fashion trends offer more and more different variants of linen clothing. Be ready to find linen versions of all your different pieces no matter if it’s shorts, tops, pants or dresses.

Shorts are always a good choice for hot weather

fashionable hat

Tracksuit shorts

In summer it may be too hot to wear the tracksuits you wore during containment, so you can pretty much swap them for a pair of track pants. These socks in which you will feel very comfortable offer the same level of comfort without you needing to sweat. You can wear them during your weekend walks or when you relax on the sofa with a glass of rosé.

Elegant and feminine baby doll style dress

fashion trends summer 2020 dress

fashion trends summer 2020 bucket handbag

Baby doll style dresses

In summer, baby doll style mini dresses similar to the designs made popular by Cecile Bansen will be the queens of the street. Expect to see baby doll or Barbie mini dresses in summer colors with lots of volume variations. These little dresses will give you a light and cheerful appearance. Let’s enjoy!

Bralettes are sexy and comfortable to wear

interesting and original outfit idea


The bralettes worn below the blazers were one of the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends shown during spring fashion shows and streetstyle stars very quickly transformed them into a casual and very sexy look. Different clothing brands already offer a tone of options for the new season, no matter if you want to wear a brallette under your t-shirt or below a cardigan, so be sure to find one that Please. This look is definitely very sexy and even a little daring, so keep it for the weekends.

The tie dye continues to be an essential choice for the hot season

trendy tie dye

The tie dye

Whether at camp, at home or at a friend’s house, hot weather has always called for a tie dye. And because in 2020 everything old is new again, the tie dye is alive again and very fashionable for the summer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the fashion rugs or on the street, we can’t deny that the tie dye is here for at least one more season and we love it. Go for a classic tie dye t-shirt or for something more unexpected like a tie dye jeans jacket to attract attention.

Elegant hairstyle with scarf

fashionable hair scarf

Hair scarves

You may be wondering what to do with all these bandanas or scarves now that you’re no longer using them as a face mask? Put them on your hair then! There are so many fun ways to use scarves for your hair in the summer – whether you wrap them around your head or tie them up in ponytails. Try the neon scarf or animal print for fun. The possibilities are endless.

The suits are elegant and suitable for going to the office in summer

costumes in neon colors

oversize golden colirs


The costumes took over the street style scene in 2019 and this will also continue in summer 2020. The costumes can be found in all colors and this is an ultra chic summer 2020 fashion trend. And if you never want to go for a whole costume look, you can always try an oversized blazer with a trendy t-shirt and shorts.

The natural nuances are beautiful and universal

square toe sandals

Natural shades

Neutral nuances are far from boring. An outfit in beige or nude color is always very elegant and so sophisticated. These colors can even be used as the basis of your entire wardrobe. With these colors you will find that everything is always fine and you can wear them again and again and the others will not even notice. A simple approach will be to marry beige and black or white and opt for a few gold accessories to finish the outfit.

idea for golden necklaces

modern summer sandals

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