Trends : How to adopt the bohemian style this summer?

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Trends : How to adopt the bohemian style this summer?

bohemian chic style and ideas for adopting it

The bohemian or boho chic style is one of the most beautiful trends of the summer period. Feminine, light and perfectly suited to hot days, this style of clothing continues to appeal to girls of all ages. Here are our ideas for adopting it this season!

Adopt the bohemian style with grace this summer!

bohemian style long summer dress

Boho chic clothing rhymes with natural style and is largely inspired by floral patterns and ethnic fashion. Accessories, colors and materials are essential to create a successful bohemian look. Here are the essentials for a boho chic wardrobe for the summer!

The bohemian chic dress

bohemian fashion chic summer dress

If boho chic fashion appeals to you and you want to bet on this look for the summer period, we advise you to start by creating your own collection of bohemian dresses. Long dresses are ideal for hot days and summer evenings. Depending on the shades and patterns you prefer, you could opt for floral, tribal, ethnic or even geometric prints.

short boho chic dress

To complete your wardrobe, also consider giving yourself one or two short dresses. Light and practical, they can be worn with flat shoes, platform sandals, or even with ankle boots or sneakers. For cool evenings, also plan a long cardigan or a jacket in light shades. White, blue and shades of beige are ideal options for a successful boho chic look.

Long boho skirt

long bohemian chic skirt

For your everyday outfits, bet on one or two models of long bohemian skirt. Practical and elegant at the same time, such a skirt goes very easily with various tops that you could complement with a light jacket for working days.

pleated green boho chic skirt

This is an outfit that will also allow you to create more varied looks using accessories.

The tunic

bohemian chic tunic

The tunic is another essential item for the summer season. White or colored, it is light and, preferably, made of natural materials. Currently, boutiques offer a wide selection of bohemian clothing around tunics and blouses. Suddenly, you will very easily find models that match your personal style!

Depending on the occasion, we wear it with shorts or long pants. Ideal for the city, it is also very practical for vacation days. You can easily put it on for a stroll in the countryside or to go to the beach.

The accessories

fashion boho chic summer accessories

Bohemian fashion attaches great importance to personal style, which is expressed through accessories of all kinds. To vary your looks, do not fail to offer yourself some small objects that express your personality. Jewelry and scarves are two great options that will add a touch of originality to your outfit. And, for summer days, don’t forget the hat and the sunglasses!

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