Trends : How to dress at work in hot weather: some tips and ideas

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Trends : How to dress at work in hot weather: some tips and ideas

how to dress at work

When outside temperatures start to rise outside, our work wardrobe often needs a few updates to make us feel good and comfortable in the office, while having appropriate work attire. So not sure how to dress at work and how to do it? No need to worry because we are here!

Idea how to dress at work in summer

yellow blazer with jeans

Part of what makes dressing at work so difficult in the summer may be the fact that each business has its own social rules that say what is appropriate for the office and what is not. But even the most creative offices still have their limits and rules when it comes to work attire. With this article we hope to give you an idea of ​​how to make a success of your working clothes when it is hot and also what clothes you should completely avoid to wear at work in summer and what are also the clothes with which you should take care. We will also present some ideas on how to dress at work:

How to dress at work: floral midi skirt with a white t-shirt

clothes for work in a modern way

General tips on how to dress at work in summer

While flip-flops and short shorts should be kept for the beach, there are some summer fashion trends you could take advantage of to be chic in the office. And before you start worrying about your bank account, you should know that adapting your wardrobe for the summer doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to invest in a few basic basic clothes that you can then wear with several styles of accessories and shoes.

modern office clothes

And when you make your first purchases, don’t forget to also consider the material of the clothes you buy. During the warmer months in summer, you would want to wear light pieces that let the skin breathe like silk, cotton or linen. Don’t forget that you could always put a little something on yourself like a cardigan or a blazer if you are cold.

Modern tenye for the office with high-waisted pants

outfit idea in neutral colors

Must-haves for your work wardrobe

When you buy basic parts for your work wardrobe, it is often a good idea to buy these parts in several if your budget allows. That way you could afford to always have something spinning even during the day when you put the washing machine on. Another great idea is to find the cut and style that suits you and buy them in multiple colors. So you could get ready much faster in the morning without having to ask yourself how to dress in the office.

Interesting outfit idea to put to work in summer

stylish work outfit idea

Basic clothing for the work wardrobe

  • The white blouse with buttons decorated with a detail. Choose a ¾ sleeve or short sleeve blouse and choose slim pants with which to wear it. This always creates a flattering silhouette. You can also wear the white blouse with your skirts, crop pants and suits.
  • The pleated midi skirt in pastel or neutral color like gray or black. The pleated skirt is the new pencil skirt for the office and it is not just a fashion trend. This skirt style can also be worn in the fall with closed shoes and a long-sleeved top. In summer you could wear it with a silk top and wedge sandals.

Elegant outfit in neutral colors

outfit idea for the office

  • Cotton shirt dress. The shirt dress is the perfect canvas for every day of work. To make it a little more original, you could wear it with accessories such as a golden necklace or with a belt at the waist to emphasize your silhouette.
  • Short pants in a soft shade like gray or a pastel color. This type of pants can be combined with a light blouse and worn with a linen blazer or cardigan if the air conditioning in the office is too intense.
  • The silk tank top in bright colors like pink or yellow. This type of tank top is the perfect piece to wear under a blazer or with a pencil skirt to give your outfit a little touch of color.

Elegant suit in white for summer

elegant and modern suit

Summer trends how to dress at work

  • Accessories in bright colors like the handbag in pink or a pair of earrings in yellow to make your outfits more original
  • Lace details: look for blouses and skirts to give a feminine touch to your outfit.
  • Square heels. The small bonus of square heels is the fact that they are super comfortable.
  • Choose a skinny belt in silver or gold to make your outfits even more elegant.
  • Floral prints are a good choice. A floral print dress will brighten up your days at work, in addition to that it can be worn for a romantic date after work.

Camel ruffle skirt

skirt with frills for work

Things to Avoid Wearing at Work

Clothes with cutouts: Even if the cutouts are fashionable, you have to be careful with the office. When you have a doubt about the cutouts, you may wonder if you are going to feel comfortable wearing this garment even in case you come across the most intimidating person in your office. If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then choose something else. Whenever you try to incorporate a fashion trend into your workwear, you should also make sure to balance it well with more elegant pieces that are appropriate for the office. And instead of cutouts, you can always opt for frills.

Sky blue outfit suitable for work

original outfit idea for work

Flat sandals: Flat sandals are often a little too casual and too casual for the office. Flatforms are always better because they seem a little more “dressed”. But you should still leave all shoes of this type for the holidays. Tap dancing is also prohibited. Try the mules instead.

White pants worn with a leopard print shirt

modern white jeans for work

Crop tops and tank tops: In any case, you should avoid crop tops in the office unless you wear them over a long t-shirt or over a button-down blouse. Tank tops are best when their model is more structured such as sleeveless blouses. Otherwise you can wear them under a light blazer or below a cardigan. Remember to make sure the straps are wide enough so that the straps of your bra do not appear.

modern midi skirt

Mini skirts : Mini skirts are absolutely to be avoided at the office. The knee-length skirt is always a better choice or with a midi length which is very fashionable right now anyway. Leave your mini skirts for weekends and holidays. Opt for midi skirts instead.

Transparent materials: You can wear transparent materials only on top of opaque materials. Opt for cotton instead.

Shorts: Shorts are very difficult to wear. The general rule is that shorts are generally prohibited in the office, but if their length is appropriate, as well as their material, fabric and silhouette, then there is not much harm. You can combine shorts with a suitable top and there are many variations. Opt for wide pants instead.

black and white skirt for work

Ideas for outfits perfectly suited for office life:

Monochromatic costume in pink: Give your colleagues something to discuss. With a pink suit you will give them another subject to discuss than the weather outside. Combine the suit with a pair of sneakers to make it a little more casual.

how to dress at work with a pink suit

Patchwork blouse worn with a pair of jeans: You can give your weekend jeans a slightly boho touch by wearing them with a boho blouse and strappy sandals. This look works perfectly for the office for happy hour.

how to dress at work with shirt

Vintage t-shirt with pants: Give a little style to your work outfits. The vintage t-shirt combines perfectly with a pair of work pants to give life to the little Avril Lavigne who lives inside you.

how to dress at work with a t-shirt

Animal print shirt and yellow pants: Evoke the wild side of the desk by wearing an animal print blouse. There is no problem with being a little more daring if you work in a creative environment. So have fun by combining your blouse with yellow pants.

idea how to dress at work

Polo T-shirt worn with a skirt: Take a preppy approach to your work outfit and don’t be afraid of bright colors. Combine a bright colored polo t-shirt with a contrasting colored skirt to make your outfit a little more cheerful.

how to dress at work with a polo shirt

Frilly shirt worn with frilly skirt: Show off your style and personality in the office by mixing prints and frills. Add a fun and light touch to your outfit with a frilly blouse and a frilly midi skirt.

comeent dress at work with black shirt

White T-shirt with colorful and decorated skirt: If ‘Casual Friday’ isn’t really your cup of tea, then go slowly. A classic white t-shirt is never a bad idea and it will add a casual touch to the colorful skirt or embellish it with details.

outfit with modern floral skirt

Suit with 90s skirt and dad’s sneakers: The 90s are back! So go for your mom’s 90s mini skirt suit and combine it with ugly sneakers. We love the vintage side!

costime worn with white sneakers

Printed shirt and white jeans: Once you’ve found the perfect pair of white jeans, you’ll never want to take them off. White jeans serve as an excellent base for a top and accessories in color. And if you want to wear white on white, then that’s also fine.

high waisted pants with shirt

White buttoned shirt worn with a leather skirt: Replace your classic button-down shirt with a button-down shirt with slightly larger sleeves that will add a little more character to your outfit. A pencil skirt and colorful accessories will help you complete the look.

modern work outfit idea

Leopard print dress: As everyone arrives at the office wearing floral prints, you can stand out from the crowd by wearing a leopard print dress. You can choose it longer and with three-quarter sleeves and no need to bring your jacket or blazer to work.

modern leopard print dress

Long shorts worn with a frilly shirt: Even if sometimes we can afford to wear shorts at the office, we should still maintain a level of decorum. Instead of wearing your favorite denim shorts, you can opt for longer shorts in dark color. In this way you will look well groomed and elegant while being dressed in spells. And for the fun side, you can opt for a frilly shirt.

color blazer as work clothes

Printed blazer worn with high-waisted pants: Replace your winter blazer in black or dark blue with a more colorful blazer with prints for the summer. This small change will have a huge impact on your outfit by combining it with a set of neutral colors.

work clothes for summer

Long-sleeved dress, socks and sandals: If you work in fashion, then maybe you can afford to wear sandals with socks, so take advantage! Combine with a long sleeve dress to prove to others that you know how to combine your outfits.

modern white pants modern gingham square pants modern cigarette pants modern wide pants elegant dress in black elegant black and white outfit elegant outfit for work modern outfit idea for work elegant office outfit

modern suit with squaresskirt in neutral color modern leather skirt burgundy lace skirtblack pants with white shirt elegant outfit in white work clothes with sweater

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