Trends : how to dress well and always be stylish?

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Trends :

how to dress well and always be stylish?

When we are a tall man, our friends never lose us in the evening. At music concerts, there is no need to be behind everything because you can see the scene without any problem. Being tall has many advantages, but also a big disadvantage: you can not carry everything.

It is sometimes difficult to find clothes and large size men's shoes that fit our style. Fortunately, more and more stores and online sites offer a wide variety of men's outfits. If you have found a jacket or pants that you really like but you are not sure if they would be fine, this article is for you. In the following lines, we will give you some tips. Here's how to be a big man well dressed and always stylish!

Tall man: to be stylish, you have to be comfortable with his outfit

Opt for wide and comfortable clothes. Forget the pants too tight. Instead, bet on men's size 52 jeans, for example. You will be much more comfortable with pants that are larger than the one you usually wear. And then, assume it: you are tall and, if you tend to take pounds easily, it is better to have clothes of a size above, just in case. By the way, it's a rule that applies to everyone. To be stylish, you have to be comfortable with your outfit!

Tall man: simplicity and minimalism

You are the landmark of your friends in the evening. Being tall also means making an impression. Your presence never goes unnoticed. There is no need to dress too electrically. On the contrary! Wear simple, clean and stylish outfits, like, for example, tall men's jeans. Choose shirts or patterned t-shirts if you feel like it, but nothing too imposing.

Tall man: avoid heavy fabrics

It must be admitted: when you are tall, sometimes you sweat a lot. Heavy textile garments can retain heat and contribute to excessive sweating. Even if you do not have perspiration problems, we advise you to always opt for lightweight textile clothing. They are also perfect for the spring and summer season!

The difference between fine wool pants and thick denim jeans is not entirely obvious. But when you try on fine wool pants and denim jeans, you'll immediately feel the difference.

Big or big?

A great size men's clothing will help you create an impeccable first impression. And he could make all the difference between being a fat man and being a great man. It must be admitted: you will not find clothes that will make you miraculously lose the few extra pounds. The idea of ​​getting dressed, no matter how big, is to show off your body and assume its size. Because, elegance also lies in trust!

Some more tips

Belt or suspenders?

Belts are not very useful for men with wide belly. Because the shape of the stomach is narrowing, a circular band around it will slide. The suspenders will help you avoid this kind of problem by dropping the front of the pants in a smooth drapery instead of squeezing it at the top.

Hat and accessories

Wearing an elegant hat, you show that you have style and that you pay attention to your outfit. You also gain a little more vertical space with a hat, which can be nice for men who are both solid and rather small. The crown of the hat will increase your size a bit, which will help you "spread" your weight more.

A well-groomed face

This is true for any man, big or small: having a well-groomed face always makes a good impression. If you have a beard or a mustache, take care and feel free to use cosmetics to improve your look!

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