Trends : how to wear it this season

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Trends : how to wear it this season

chanel haute couture black skirt

The white shirt is in the spotlight this year. Appreciated for her elegant, casual and boyish side, she was very present at the Spring / Summer 2020 fashion week. In this post, we share with you some great images and ideas how to wear the white shirt to have the cool and casual look.

Martin Margiela home

Are you looking for new ideas for your wardrobe? Great ! Today, we let you discover the elegance of the white shirt and the genius ideas of the great fashion designers.

Céline white shirt fashion spring summer 2020

The spirit of style

To have style is to wear light. When you feel comfortable in your clothes, the style is always there. When you accept your body as it is and love it as it is, you choose the clothes that suit it. Style is actually something difficult to define or put into boxes. The only rule that exists right now is that black is always stylish. But here we are still upset in the beautiful presence of the white shirt …

celine fashion

Céline and the blouses themselves, it’s a beautiful story. The style is retro, inspired by the 60s and 70s and very relaxed. Slip on a good pair of high-waisted jeans and choose a nice frilled self-made crepe blouse. You can discover all the brand’s models in their online store.

Céline jeans shirt style fashion spring 2020

Italian fashion house Valentino has also included the classic white shirt in their standout outfits. From head to toe, everything is white and shiny.

fashion spring summer fashion week

The white shirt given pride of place by Valentino is classic, large and with a beautiful pocket.

Valentino Couture

Combining the color white with gold accessories or shoes is a great way to have a blink-blink look.

Valentino 2020 white shirt

In the strict sense of the term, white and black are not colors. However, they evoke emotions and evoke their own values ​​and meaning. In fashion, marrying black and white is classic and always successful.

Valentino 2020

The Italian house Ermanno Scervino offers us two beautiful looks and really, really, very chic. A boyish outfit consisting of a long jacket, high-waisted shorts and of course, a white shirt with a polka-dot tie.

Scervino 2020

Fashion is what goes away.

Leather pants were adopted at the end of the 19th century. These leather coverings would protect cowboys when they rode horses in the American West. Today, leather pants are worn by many women who desire to look sexy and provocative. We love this model of leather pants with a sporty side and the white shirt with puffed sleeves:

Scervino spring summer fashion

Long live the fashion revolution

The Parisian haute couture house Martin Margiela surprises us with a collection inspired by all these people with a big heart who help and care for others: caregivers, doctors, nuns. This collection is a big thank you to all these people who have a significant role in our society.

spring summer fashion Margiela

Herrera’s white shirt has wide, short sleeves. We wear it with a long and colorful skirt and a short or long haircut.

haute couture herrera

The long skirt is one of the big trends of the season. Ultra elegant and practical to protect your skin from the sun, it is revealed in all colors and patterns.

haute couture herrera

Helmut Lang is a creator who knows no bounds. The shirt is white, light and transparent. We combine it with a long jacket, short shorts and pumps. This look looks very light and soft, can’t you think of it?

helmut lang 2020 white shirt

Our favorite is this one-shoulder shirt. What elegance and softness, right?

helmut lang 2020

Lightweight is the word that defines Helmut’s standout outfits. Her collection in white is apparently designed largely from the same lightweight white fabric. In the next look, there is a super soft jacket in light blue color to add to it. Nothing to add, just watch:

helmut lang spring fashion

The boss of fatal elegance is Boss. The white shirt is of course present. We combine it with a jacket and pants in gray and of course, bad ass sunglasses.

boss white shirt

Hope you found this article inspiring, pull on your white shirt and choose one of her gorgeous looks.

boss white shirt

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