Trends : how to wear leopard animal prints for the new season

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Trends : how to wear leopard animal prints for the new season

outfit with animal motifs

We’ve been confined to our home for a while now, but that’s no reason not to follow new fashion trends in the spring. Today we invite you to take a trip to Africa that will make you (re) fall in love with clothes with animal motifs again. And yes, the animal motifs are there with all their extravagance and elegance to show that wearing animal prints is a question of style.

Animal patterns are very fashionable for 2020 and especially leopard prints

long leopard print dress

Animal motifs have become a classic and are still very chic. They will never go out of fashion, except that at the moment animal patterns are simply a must, a very big trend. There is really no brand that has not yet released collections of clothing decorated with these beautiful fashionable patterns. And this is great for us, because animal prints can now be found everywhere, even at very low prices. On the other hand, with so many choices, you can quickly get tired of it.

Leopard prints go great with black leather and it’s a perfect combination for cooler spring days

woman leopard blouse

Five years ago, when you wore a leopard print jacket or shoes for example, you felt unique in a certain way. But now, as soon as you show your nose outside, you can see that everyone is wearing a leopard and somehow everything mixes up and loses its charm. So the question is perhaps not how to wear animal patterns but how to wear animal patterns in a unique way in 2020… Because the clothes we wear must really express our personality and not a desire to to be like everyone else.

Here are three interesting ideas how to wear a blouse with animal patterns for the new season

leopard blouse with animal patterns

Clothes with animal patterns leopard

Clothing with animal leopard patterns is an imitation of the design pattern that pays homage to nature’s most beautiful creations, leopards. These patterns can be worn independently, but most of the time they are seen in combination with other materials and patterns. But what makes the leopard so popular and chic?

The leopard jumpsuit in combination with black boots is very fashionable

leopard jumpsuit

Leopard prints have maintained their popularity for several decades. Yes, the way we wear them has certainly changed, but the prints themselves are still there. And it will not be a mistake to call them a classic style.

Here is a more elegant combination that can be worn very well at work

idea for leopard outfit

Leopard animal patterns are inspired by their past decades of popularity and the different styles of those periods to create a modern hybrid feeling. But even if leopard prints are very trendy, they are also non-conformist and constitute an expression of individuality.

Animal patterns are also present in the more casual wardrobe

idea for a modern leopard outfit

What is the origin of leopard prints?

Animal skins were a form of clothing for prehistoric men. Later, animal skins become a part of tribal culture in Africa. Animals were powerful symbols of wealth. Wearing this type of clothing becomes a sign of wealth and power and also gives the wearer the feeling of being protected. The kings and queens of many countries have carpets of animal skins to display their social status. Later, animal prints of leopard, zebra and cheetah became fashionable in the Western world.

Wide pants in a light material with leopard prints: perfect for weekend walks

leopard animal prints

Nowadays, leopard animal patterns are a very popular trend for 2020. In Paris, during Couture week in spring 2020, many ‘street style’ brands were delighted to show their leopard prints for many in the form of heeled shoes, jackets and skirts. According to Elle magazine, lace, transparent neon and animal print enhance the leopard very well in the form of long dresses for example.

Loépard prints go very well with accessories in red color too

leopard prints: dress

The 4th the biggest internet newspaper in Great Britain, the ‘Daily mail’ even dedicated a whole section to leopard prints saying that: ‘The classic leopard print has been given a facelift lately … A timeless trend, it is worth d ‘Invest in a room or two for the new season. Whether you want to brave a leopard look from head to toe or want to inject a neutral outfit with the fun print. ’

In 2020 leopard prints are not only beige or brown but also in red, green, pink or yellow

colorful leopard prints

It is therefore advisable to bring some leopard print outfits for spring including Wellington boots, handbags, hooded raincoats, leggings and dresses. Fashion magazines prove that the leopard print is one of the must-have looks for spring and summer 2020 with all the creators and journalists who love the versatility that this look offers to the wearer.

Some interesting combinations with outfit ideas inspired by the streetsyle

animal print dress

Are leopard print clothing and accessories only for women?

Clothing with animal leopard patterns is certainly much more popular for women than for men. The men who wear them often do so in order to display their non-compliance, to provoke and to show that they are different. Perhaps the best examples of men wearing leopard prints are punk rock stars and in some cases older rock stars. The leopard is perhaps the most suitable for men during the summer holidays in the form of shoes for example.

Leopard patterns: a bit rock and rebellious and always very beautiful

animal prints: leopard giler

But for women the leopard prints suggest that the one who wears them is confident, independent and non-conformist. Leopard clothes are beautiful and show that the one who wears them is aware of who she is and also of her sensuality. This style of clothing suits all women regardless of age.

Spring and summer 2020

Among the biggest trends of spring-summer 2020 fashion are denim color, political fashion, lavender, satin and animal prints. Yes, leopard patterns is one of the most modern choices for the new season.

Interesting dress with leopard prints

leopard animal prints for spring

Now, leopard prints are very trendy and you can find clothes and accessories with leopard prints for all tastes. But the key to any trend is the way it is worn. It’s more about clothes that wear the person than the opposite.

Where to wear leopard – at work? Or to go to a wedding?

Like every fashion trend, there are places and situations for which leopard prints are suitable and others where they should be avoided. Thus the leopard can be worn for night outings and especially for hot evenings in spring and summer. And at the beach, of course. In reality, the leopard can find a place in almost any situation even as a tailor in the conference room at work. The key is how you wear the leopard patterns – by having self-confidence and feeling beautiful.

If you like to experiment, you can even wear printed pluisuers together

animal print dress

How to wear leopard print clothes?

It should not be forgotten that leopard prints are not only in brown and beige shades – they can exist in any color. And yet, when it comes to style, it’s recommended not to overdo it. The best way is definitely to wear one leopard piece at a time. The key here is the scale.

animal patterns for accessories

Consider wearing a leopard print skirt, a leopard dress or leopard pants. There is no need to wear all of your leopard print clothing at the same time. Consider combining prints with bright colors, for example. Sometimes even modern accessories such as a necklace, bracelet or shoes are enough. Animal prints can add a touch of color and adventure to your wardrobe and it will look elegant when worn the right way.

long skirt with leopard patterns

Separate the animal motifs!

You should avoid combining different animal patterns – you know intuitively that animal patterns cannot combine together. If you avoid doing this, then there are almost no other mistakes to make because leopard prints are very versatile. Just like every fashion trend, it all depends on you and how you wear it. Be confident! Wear leopard prints in person style, keeping the scale, with imagination and confidence and you will turn heads!

So the question is: which products combine well with the leopard in 2020?

  • Leopard shoes: You will not be surprised to learn that the shoes combine perfectly with leopard prints. In reality, the options are limitless just like our imagination. You can even try sneakers and leopard print sneakers to feel comfortable while looking beautiful and elegant.

Leopard platform shoes are also a good option: sexy, confident and mischievous. Platform shoes are back in 2020.

modern leopard leggings

Leopard boots were also very worn during Couture Week in Paris. Leopard boots are versatile and combine perfectly with a wide variety of styles.

And for summer, flip flops have become an essential part of our summer wardrobe. A large part of us also want a unique pair of flip flops and this is where leopard print flip flops come to help us. So if you don’t want to be like everyone else, then go for leopard flip flops. And just for information, the flip flops are no longer just for the beach – they can be worn on many occasions such as a barbecue at a friend’s house.

red animal print dress

5 tips on how to wear animal patterns and leopard prints

  • If you have never dared to wear leopard prints before or if your style of clothing is rather classic, you can try with the simpler monochromatic leopard look or simply with some leopard print assessoises.
  • And if you are already used to wearing leopard prints and you like them, you can try other animal patterns like zebra, giraffe or tiger. You can also experiment with the materials and colors of the prints.
  • In case you are not afraid of colors, then try the leopard in a flashy color like green, pink or blue. It’s very trendy in 2020.
  • Try the animal patterns on unexpected material such as glitter for a night out or for a night party.
  • If you love to provoke and experiment, try mixing three animal prints together – it can be very beautiful and you will be sure to impress!

idea of ​​animal printslong dress with animal prints leopard animal prints: long rbe leopard midi skirt modern long skirt long skirt with animal motifs animal motif accessories animal print dress red leopard dress modern long dress with animal patterns animal print dress original leoprad dress flying leopard dress modern woman outfit leopard jacket and shoes streetsyle leopard jacket animal print jacket outfit idea with animal motifs

leopard hat and shirtidea for leopard dress trendy prints for 2020leopard jersey in white fashion for spring summer fashion for spring summer 2020how to wear leopard modern leopard pulle leopard t-shirt dress idea for a modern outfit animal prints for spring fashion for spring summer original leopard dress ideas for modern clothes

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