Trends : How to wear the color orange this year?

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Trends : How to wear the color orange this year?

Whatever your feelings about the color orange, there is no denying that orange is one of the most vibrant colors. And its shades are one of the trends for this year! It’s a combination of red, which is bold and powerful, and yellow, which is cheerful and happy. It’s eye-catching, stimulating and lively. And for all of these reasons and more, orange is a color worth exploring further.

So, let’s dive into everything about the color orange! Whether you’re wondering about the history of the color orange, what color goes well orange, how to style an orange dress, or anything else about the color orange, we’ve got you covered!

Some interesting facts about the color orange

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Before we get into how to wear orange, let’s take a moment to explore the history of the color orange, shall we? Did you know …

The term “orange” was first used in the 1500s, and it was taken from an old French word “orenge”, which was in reference to the fruit of that same color and the same name.

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Orange color is the easiest color to see in low / dim / dark lighting. This is why life jackets, lifeboats, traffic cones and other safety related items are usually this shade.

The color has been known to be popular in restaurants to encourage feeling hunger and contentment. It is an appetite stimulator.


In Feng Shui, orange represents fire.

Biblically, orange is associated with saints and represents strength and courage.

The nobility was the only one in Elizabethan times to wear outfits in orange color.

How to adopt the color orange in your everyday looks?


Here are some ideas for adopting the color orange.


1. Wear orange with gold

Orange and gold is an elegant and beautiful combination. When wondering what jewelry and accessories to pair with this vibrant hue, go for gold over silver. It adds richness and complements the color incredibly well. Also, consider an orange skirt with a gold top, perhaps (or vice versa). It’s also a great combination if you’re still a little hesitant about wearing orange because you can partner it with a neutral like gold rather than something else bold.


2. Wear orange with denim

In the same vein of business, wearing orange and gold, pairing color with denim is also another way to “ease” into the world of orange. Whether it’s an orange sweater or a top or a jacket or even another color like Carrie’s above, throwing on a pair of jeans with it is a no-brainer and always. cool.

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3. Wear orange with hot pink

Now, if you’re ready to take a head dip first or have dabbled in denim and gold before as mentioned above and are ready to take a bigger leap, pair your orange with pink lively. It is nothing less than feeling fabulous and totally daring and stylish. In the end, it’s fun!

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4. Wear orange with leopard patterns

When it comes to mixing prints with orange, we immediately jump to leopard. The beige and black hues coordinate perfectly with the orange. The colors in a leopard print are neutral, so leopard can really be considered a neutral, and for that reason alone, it’s a great combination.

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5. Wear orange with cobalt blue

Orange and blue are complementary colors, and therefore, they of course look great together. Above Carrie wore her bright blue bag as her added pop of color, and it made the perfect statement. These two colors balance each other out so well, and we’ve embraced this pairing fully.

How to combine the color orange with other clothes?


The orange color remains very relevant during the fall-winter 2013/2014 season. The interesting thing about the color orange is that, regardless of its brightness and dynamics, it has become one of the main colors in the wardrobe of the modern modern woman.


These clothes, like an orange dress or shirt, can be a successful investment in your wardrobe, which will allow you to really brighten up your style during the cold months of the year. Accessories in this color would also be a great and updated addition to your outfit. Let’s also look at three main ways to combine this fiery color: clothing in orange.


  1. Jacket / coat

The jacket / coat in bright orange looks especially stylish when paired with a beige blouse and beige pants. It is in this proposal that this colored jacket and the distinctive collar are accentuated. A bag in the same or similar shade gives even more chic, without distracting from the main accents. This outfit should be one of the most up to date in the fall / winter season as it contains two current colors – neutral beige and orange.


2. The dress

An orange dress, like the one we are giving you, can be successfully worn combined with a white shirt. This way you will also convey a style from the 60s, which is quite topical and in the last years. As you can see, the orange color is perfectly combined with brown. For this particular option, tights in brown or beige color is mandatory. The multicolored scarf is just an addition to your look and style and gives a fresh, springtime vibe (After all, each of us dreams of a comeback this season).


3. The orange skirt

Of course, every lady knows that skirts in black or gray color, perfectly combine with any other color. How about an orange skirt? Think she’s too daring and intimidating? Do not worry! The orange skirt looks amazing with many other colors, as long as they are of the darker range – brown, beige, gray.


This type of skirt looks especially good with black tights and black shoes. Add a necklace in the orange shade, as an accessory, and you will get a great outfit for walks or even more special occasions.


As already mentioned, the color orange can be used as the main accent of the outfit (such as in the orange dress or jacket), or only as an accessory. We wish you success in finding precisely this current color! Combine and don’t be afraid not to go unnoticed! Be smiling and trendy for the coming season!

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