Trends in the interior of the apartment 2021: what’s in fashion now

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Trends in the interior of the apartment 2021: what’s in fashion now

Wall decoration is a mandatory process for any renovation. Modern wallpaper on a natural basis allows the walls to breathe and does not emit harmful substances. The variety of colors, textures, patterns attracts.
You can add personality to your interior with the help of photo wallpaper.

Modern photo panels are characterized by image clarity, shades of colors are close to natural.

Photowall-paper of the latest generation is made according to the latest technologies and is easy to apply.
The picture on the whole wall attracts the eye, refreshes the interior. Thanks to wallpaper, you can visually increase or decrease the space.

What wallpapers are trending in 2021?

Here are some of the top selling hits.

• 3D wallpapers have not gone out of style for several years. Naturalistic and sophisticated images can transform a home into a fairytale castle or a spring garden.

3D wallpaper for modern interior decoration
3D wallpaper in the design of a modern interior

• Geometric pattern, strip, cage. Such wallpapers are relevant for the interior in the power of “loft” or high-tech. They make the room more voluminous and expressive.

Interior Trends: Geometric Wallpaper
Interior Trends: Geometric Wallpaper

• Ecostyle – wallpaper depicting tropical vegetation or green lawn. For a positive attitude, pick up a picture of a blooming garden, this will give a charge of positive emotions. Wildlife photographs bring life and refreshment to the room.

Eco-style apartment: wallpaper with tropical vegetation
Eco-style apartment: wallpaper with tropical vegetation

• Classics, as always, are in fashion. Images of marble columns, flower arches, fireplaces will create coziness and visually enlarge the room.

Classics never go out of style

• Recently, loft style and Norwegian minimalism have been popular. If your preference is in this direction, choose from many different options.

• Ethnic or floral designs blend beautifully with plain walls.

Ethnic or floral designs on the walls.  Decorative wallpaper

Features of the selection of photowall-paper

Important! Choose wallpaper, taking into account in which zone of the apartment they will be glued.

It is better to consider photomurals for the kitchen not voluminous, since the room is usually not large in size. The hostess tries to make the kitchen more comfortable, because she spends a lot of time here. Drawing in warm colors will add charm to the kitchen, wallpaper with bright accents is appropriate.

Wallpaper with floral ornaments for the kitchen visually increase the space

Photowall-paper, selected competently, will visually increase the space, will be suitable for any interior. Hit of 2021 – mural wallpaper. They have already been appreciated by both designers and creative people who want to convert standard square meters.

Fresco wallpaper in the interior
Fresco wallpaper in the interior

It is good to stick such mural wallpaper in the living room or hall. For these rooms, the photopanel should be selected especially carefully, these are the “front” rooms of the apartment. Here they meet guests, spend holidays, gather with the whole family. I would like the interior to be elegant, enchant and speak of your individuality.

At the same time, do not choose “bulky” and “bumpy” images.
You cannot overload the room with an overly large pattern, otherwise the opposite effect will turn out.

Spectacular wallpaper for the living room
Wallpaper for the living room. Stylish and easy

For the bedroom, pastel, soft colors are suitable. They soothe, allow you to relax faster and have a good rest. However, if the walls in the bedroom are plain, the photopanel may well be bright, this will remove the monotony of the color.

Wallpaper in the bedrooms.  Modern interior 2021

Modern wall murals are made of high quality materials. Designers use them in their work because of a number of advantages:

– a variety of themes, colors, textures;
– perfect print quality;
– do not fade in the sun and do not lose their appearance;
– you can do wet cleaning;
– give a unique style to the interior.

You can order any photo wallpaper on the wall according to your size – your photo or a photo of your family, animals, etc.

In the online store of the Art-Wallpaper company you will make an excellent choice. The presented assortment is divided by direction, style, colors and many other parameters. Experienced specialists – consultants will help to understand all the nuances. Unique promotions and discounts are waiting for you!

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