Trends : jeans and top to be on top!

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Trends : jeans and top to be on top!

fashion trend 2021 jeans

What is the fashion trend for 2021? It’s being comfortable with your outfit! And when we talk about comfort, it is impossible not to talk about jeans … But how to wear it? With a top at the top of course. Discover our small selection inspired by a garment that everyone loves and wears: jeans. A timeless fashion item suitable for all seasons, jeans are a unique item of clothing to be worn every day. This year, we wear it wide and high on the waist.

jeans look woman trend fashion

Trendy fashion 2021: jeans

Jeans have come a long way before settling in everyone’s wardrobes. Designed as workwear, it quickly found its fans outside the factory. An American entrepreneur saw the possibility of making an everyday habit. Today, there is hardly a person who does not have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Ultra comfortable and suitable for all occasions (or almost), this year jeans come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Zoom in on a small selection of jeans models and outfits that go with them.

trendy jeans fashion look woman

Fashion trend 2021: the waist is high

The waist is always high, girls! This highlights the figure and visually lengthens the legs. And no, we don’t think we’ll see the return of low rise jeans anytime soon. The jeans go up and the top gets shorter and shorter, isn’t it funny?

woman jeans look

Large, mom, boyish, slim… All models are accepted in 2021. The main thing is that you feel good about them. Opt for organic cotton jeans. Good quality jeans can be worn for years.

street style in Milan

For a stylish side, combine jeans with a shirt and a pretty jacket. It’s the perfect look for going to work or an informal business date.

Spring summer woman fashion jeans idea

For a trendy look, combine jeans with a cropped top. The latter was the big fashion trend in 2020 and continues to be.

trendy fashion outfit

Jeans, chic ankle boots and a long jacket: elegant everyday outfit and perfect for going to work. Can’t find any?

street style woman

Trends come and go. The striped shirt is also one of those timeless trends, like jeans. Combined, it forms a great duo.

jeans idea street style

Wide, wide, wide

Are tight jeans really comfortable? Of course we… The 2021 fashion trend is comfort! Instead, we opt for wide and relaxed jeans in a boyish or mom style. Tight jeans are just as accepted, but you should always try to find a model that looks good on you and feels comfortable at the same time.

trendy look 2021

The waist is high and the jeans – short. This is another trend we explored in 2020: pants are high waisted, but sometimes shorter. This makes the figure more elegant and visually lengthens the legs. Combine your pair of cropped jeans with pumps or heeled ankle boots.

jeans trend fashion 2021

Jeans, top and jacket: that’s all you need this spring to be on top of fashion trends.

fashion woman look

Combine your jeans with a high neck sweater. The stand-up collar is always chic and perfect for cool spring days.

fashion denim woman look

Down jackets were very fashionable this year. The return to the 90s is definitive: we are inspired by the width of the clothes of the time for one reason: to find total comfort. We love the look in the photo above. It’s totally 90s, can’t you think of it? In addition, the model of jeans is very original.

jeans fashion woman look

Dress all in denim? Why not ! It’s stylish and fresh. This look is perfect for going shopping with her girlfriends and taking a walk in the park. Adapting your style to suit the occasion is the first step towards a more stylish life.

high waist jeans

Classic blue is timeless. The same goes for black jeans. If you are looking for a more chic alternative, go for black jeans. Add a nice belt and cropped or high neck top.

trendy women's shirt jeans

Fashion trend 2021: accessories

Small handbags, large jewelry and hats! The bucket hat is still in fashion in 2021. A true symbol of the 90s, this hat has permanently found its place in our wardrobes. And you, do you like it? We love its relaxed and somewhat childish side. To combine with wide jeans and a cropped top.

trendy women jeans look

The jewelry is wide. We opt for shiny Billie Eilish style accessories. It is also thanks to her that the fashion of the 90s inspired today’s trends.

shirt jeans top - street style New York

A 100% denim outfit? It’s a great idea and very fashionable in 2021. For a successful look, add wide necklaces or a stylish pair of sunglasses. We love the look of the girl in the photo above. The top, the jeans, the shirt and the necklaces: a very fashionable look.

fashion trend 2021

Wide-cut jeans, black blouse and suede coat: it’s a look accessible to all and universal. If you don’t really have a clue how to dress, jeans are always a help.

fashion trend 2021 jeans

Let’s face it: we wear jeans a lot more often than dresses …

If we have to be honest, we all found ourselves in the dilemma: jeans and dress. And we have always opted for the most comfortable option: jeans. It is the basic garment that is always stylish and you can never go wrong with it. Dresses are light and feminine, but nothing can compare to the undeniable comfort that jeans give us …

fashion trend 2021

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