Trends : Men’s hairstyle trends 2020 and trendy haircuts

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Trends : Men’s hairstyle trends 2020 and trendy haircuts

men's hairstyle trends for long hair

Refreshing your look doesn’t need to cost more than a round of drinks in the bar for you and your friends. Yes, you can spend the equivalent of a small car on clothes in your wardrobe, but spending 45 minutes under the barber’s chair can have exactly the same effect if you’re brave enough to want to try something different than d habit. In addition it will undoubtedly be much more pleasant than to queue in front of the fittings of the stores. So what are the 2020 men’s hairstyle trends?

The 2020 men’s hairstyle trends are numerous but generally you can opt for either the military style or wear your hair in a mess. While some haircuts are in favor of the texture and grunge style of long hair, others are all about the back of the head and short, crisp sides or cuts and style with no frills. Here are the best 2020 men’s hairstyle trends to try!

The ‘Textured crop’ haircut

The Crop textured haircut is one of the biggest hairstyle trends for men in 2020

2020 men's hairstyle trends for haircuts

Since the bad bowl cuts of the 90s and the emo side swipes inducing acne between the years 2000 and 2009, intelligent men have instinctively abandoned haircuts with bangs. In most cases, this has been a wise risk aversion. But this year the biggest hit on the fringe side – the textured crop hairstyle is neither too precise nor too antisocial. This hairstyle is simply very flattering for most men.

2020 modern hairstyle trends

This style, part of the biggest hairstyle trends for men in 2020, is a remix of the back of the head and the short sides where the length on the top of the head works with gravity and not against it. The messy crop cut works with the characteristics of your hair. It is a good choice for men with thick hair with natural texture. You should ask your hairstylist to make you a tall, tight cut, but also that a lot of length is left on the top, which should be cut for a square and bold texture.

ideas for men's hairstyle trends 2020

elegant man hairstyle trends

This style inspired by the hairstyles me I got up like that ’, so if your hair is still messy, it can only be in your favor. Maintaining this style requires minimal effort. By working a matte paste in your hands and applying it evenly to your hair, you can create a smoother, defeated appearance. And to create a hairstyle with a softer finish, you can use a water-based pomade.

The cut Undercut quiff ’haircut

The Quiff hairstyle is very popular but you should avoid the over-styled look

2020 men's hairstyle trends

The ‘quiff’ hairstyle is the default hairstyle for teens with too many hormones and too many hair products. The 2020 version of this hairstyle is still not to do too much. The quiff haircut enters the adult mode via a very contrasting undercut and a finish that enhances the soft mat texture.

very original men's hairstyle trends 2020

Before you think about the hair products that can hold your hair in place, think first about your haircut: it is this that will make the maintenance of this type of hairstyle much easier. Ask your hairstylist to disconnect the sides of the top of the head using the trimmer’s zero clearance, creating a visible contrast in the lengths. Then you will need to taper across the neck and sides while leaving the length on top and your bangs will create texture and volume in the front.

2020 men's hairstyle trends

2020 men's hairstyle trends to try

Those of you who are familiar with keeping the quiff in place will know that this technique is very important. To start, dry your hair with a towel until it is slightly damp and then apply a pre-styling agent. Put a sea salt spray in the roots and then blow-dry your hair with a blow dryer using a round brush to create texture and volume. Follow this by working a coin-sized amount of clay in your hair and creating a texture with your fingers. To complete the look, use a booster powder to group your hair.

The ‘Tapered High & Tight’ haircut

The Tapered High and Tight haircut is perfect for those who don’t want long hair

short haircut

Not really a fan of long haircuts? No time to take care of your hair but also not want to look like an egg with human features? This year’s slender style approach is exactly for you! This short style with very little maintenance will still leave something on your mind that you could still play with.

modern man hairstyle for 2020

The tall and tight haircut is a classic that does not take time but remains mindful of its style. Unfortunately, if it is not done well, it can quickly call back the secret services too much. For a more elegant version of the basic haircut with behind and short sides, ask your hairdresser to use one or two guard of the clipper with a compact crop on the top of the head. The finished hairstyle should be reminiscent of the traditional haircut but the heavily cut lengths on the top of the head will create a more modern look.

modern hairstyle for men in 2020

short man haircut

Most of the artistic talent in this style will be due to your hairstylist, so once you are seated in the chair, the more difficult part will be over. To style your hair, apply a little fiber paste to your towel-dried hair, working from the back to the front, distributing the product to create weight and texture and a smart, natural look.

The Haircut Bob Male Haircut

men's haircut

Long disheveled hair has been preserved for rebels since time immemorial. They were seen as a style for men who do not take care of themselves. But with a little care and a good hairdresser, your long hair will no longer create the impression that you neglect yourself. Slightly messy medium-length hair has a lot of potential if you know how to take advantage of it. Two examples: Kit Harrington and Timothée Chalamet.

modern man haircut

Even though the approach to this 2020 men’s hairstyle trend has undoubtedly greatly improved, you should still avoid anything that is too smooth. This style can be good on those with thick and textured hair and the key is to be well done. You should then ask your hairdresser to make a gradient that complements your face and the texture of your hair. Solid shapes should be cut from the outer layers of the hair to create a flow or fall in the hair, ensuring that the weight and balance are evenly distributed.

trendy men's haircut men's mid-length haircut

Fortunately, this hairstyle doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it can usually leave it as it is. Let your hair dry naturally. You should use a product depending on the finish you want. Use a little spray for a messy matt effect or soft wax to create texture and waves.

The ‘Buzz’ haircut

short buzz hairstyle

The buzz haircut has been passed down through the generations as the most versatile option of all time. Even if it may seem too simple, simplicity is what makes it so eternal and special. Since it is only a short haircut for men, you can always add more individuality with a gradient or a more original design of the hair.

buzz short haircut modern man haircut idea for buzz haircut

The ‘buzz bland’ haircut

short haircut for men

For a very long time, zz buzz ’hairstyles have been seen rather as functional haircuts for men. But with the increase in the popularity of faded haircuts in the 2020 men’s hairstyle trends, the buzz cut has turned from a very practical cut into a very requested and modern cut. Each type of gradient can transform this cut into a more trendy cut thanks to the contrast created in the lengths.

trendy man hairstyle men's haircut and hairstyle modern haircut

Homme Fade ’men’s haircut

buzz hairstyle idea

Among all of the short haircuts for men, many men have turned to bland haircuts. In case you are one of those who like the dramatic change in lengths going down, you have to learn to tell the difference between the different types of bland cut.

modern man hairstyle

The bland high haircut is often chosen by those who are not afraid to attract attention and want to stand out in the crowd. This is a contrasting haircut which allows you to combine too short hair and short hair at the same time. You can for example try the ‘crew fade’ cut which is the perfect example of that.

haircut and hairstyle idea

When it comes to more conservative men’s haircuts, it can be said that these haircuts are often “low fade” cuts. With such a cut, the transition between lengths is not as visible and it is exactly what you need if you do not like to attract attention but while being modern.

idea for man haircut

Even though the variety of bland cuts doesn’t really end there is an option you can’t go wrong with. The mid fade or medium fade cut is the type of tapering that is located in the middle of the head. It is actually a happy medium between the bland high and low cuts and which can accentuate your haircut and give it a neat finish.

trendy buzz hairstyle buzz haircut trendy men's haircut modern buzz haircut

Another way to create a kind of drama in your look is the f skin fade ’haircut. The truth is that this style doesn’t involve a lot of hair since the cut is actually incorporated into the skin. The best way to combine such a cut will be with medium long hair on the top of the head and beard.

The ‘Caesar’ haircut

Caesar haircut

The Caesar haircut is a winning option and not only because of its name. It is actually the most flexible cut that can always be personalized which makes it perfect for everyone regardless of face shape and hair texture. This cut generally comes with horizontally cut bangs to frame a large forehead. The sides can be cut any way you want. So it’s no wonder that this cut is one of the biggest men’s hairstyle trends for 2020!

Caesar man haircut original haircutidea for man haircut

The Ivy League haircut

ivy league haircut

The Ivy League haircut has been very popular and very fashionable for over a century and it is not for nothing. This is another version of the classic crew cut. This time, the hair on the top of the head is significantly longer allowing the hairstyles with the parting on the side. It’s a cut that works for everyone, no matter if you’re a student or a businessman, and that’s what makes it so popular.

stylish haircut haircut man idea trendy haircut 2020

The ‘undercut’ men’s haircut

men's undercut cut

The main difference between the undercut cut and the bland cut is that for the undercut cut the sides and the back of the head are the same length. Even if there are always exceptions to this rule.

man cut undercut modern man cut original men's cut

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