Trends : My Symbol of Joy, a design competition focused on happiness

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Trends : My Symbol of Joy, a design competition focused on happiness

my symbol of joy design competition

At a time when we are always trying to do better and get results faster, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find time to think about those little things that bring us happiness every day. We are all often pressed by deadlines, by tasks at work or at home. And everyone has a more or less tendency to neglect their well-being. However, knowing how to relax, staying conscious in the present and reserving time to have fun is essential for our balance. Fortunately, in recent years, we have seen an increasing number of initiatives that have made it their mission to draw our attention to the importance of taking care of yourself. Today, we present you one: the competition My Symbol of Joy by Zalando Privé.

My Symbol of Joy, a design competition seeking to recall the importance of small moments of happiness

My Symbol of Joy was organized by Zalando Privé, a high-end brand clothing website. Launched in Germany and Austria, it has been accessible in France since 2011. Its concept? Offer offers of branded outfits at prices defying the competition for a limited time.

Realizing the importance of small moments of happiness, the team of Zalando Privé organized the design competition entitled My Symbol of Joy (My symbol of happiness). Open to everyone, he invited creative people to share their design ideas for a canvas bag. These were to be articulated around the subject "Now, we must relax".

my symbol of joy private zalando competition

Through this competition, the organizers therefore wanted to find an original idea for decorating a canvas bag. The choice of the canvas bag was motivated by the fact that it is a small object that is carried daily on you. And so it’s a great support for a positive message. Thus, such a could serve as a reminder inviting us to relax and have fun.

The competition was held between December 2018 and August 2019. It appealed to the knowledge and ideas of all those who are passionate about design and who shared the idea of ​​art as a tool for dissemination of important concepts in today's world.

The winners and their creations

At the end of the competition, three participants won prizes offered by Zalando Privé. Their design ideas were examined through several criteria, such as creativity, concept and compliance with the proposed rules.

First place was awarded to Sarah Tessier for her simple and refined design. His decorating idea conveys a poetic and light message that perfectly defines the little moments of happiness in everyday life.

Vanina Russo came in second place. She proposed a design idea dominated by bright colors with a serene and dynamic atmosphere.

The third prize was won by Lucas Cambier whose original design is obvious and amusing at the same time.

You can discover the designs of the three winners below:

canvas bag happiness design

First prize: Sarah Tessier

canvas bag with original designSecond prize: Vanina Russo

canvas bag decoration theme happiness

Third prize: Lucas Cambier

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