Trends : Original dress collection made with electric cables by Alexandra Sipa

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Trends : Original dress collection made with electric cables by Alexandra Sipa

original designer dress

A young designer has found an interesting way to use waste electrical cable to create an original dress collection. Alexandra Sipa is a recent fashion graduate from the famous Central London Art University Saint Martins. She is also a very spiritual young woman. She created original clothes, accessories and dresses from electric cable scraps. This week we tell you more about these really interesting creations.

Alexandra Sipa, 23, was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. She was inspired to start her project, after her helmet broke. According to the young woman, she was researching a sustainability project in her sophomore year in college, when she began to see the colored threads inside. The young woman at the time wanted to find a way to reuse them instead of just throwing them away.

Original dress collection from young designer Alexandra Sipa

original recycling dress

From this desire came the creative idea, which became his final collection. Young student Alexandra Sipa decided to collect the electrical wires from a recycling center. She then began to hand knit her unique lace version for her original dress patterns. Of course, Alexandra, born and raised in Romania, incorporated traditional techniques into her own creative process in her native country.

alexandra sipa original dress

At the end of her project, she gave a name to her collection by giving it the title “camouflage”. “My graduate collection was driven by my motivation to create luxury and innovative textiles from waste,” explains Sipa. “I used yarns to develop clothes and accessories by hybridizing multiple lace making techniques. Romanian traditional techniques and popular western techniques ”.

Original dress from Origiuna with a Romanian touch

clothing made from recycled materials

Obviously, for Alexandra Sipa, it is essential that her project be based on something real. His Romanian heritage has therefore played and will continue to play an important role in his work. “Conceptually, the collection was motivated by the contrast between increased austerity and extreme femininity in Romania,” explains Alexandra Sipa. On the other hand, his inspiration also had to do with his grandmother. Since her grandmother could use whatever she had and turn it into art to decorate her house.
Using electric cables, she also wants to convey a message.

recycled dresses idea

Alexandra Sipa with her work also wants to take the opportunity to show good things about Romania. As her side thrives full of opportunity as well as her beauty. Of course, the use of electrical wire debris is also a way of expressing oneself and getting a message across. Alexandra Sipa through this project wishes to highlight the growing problem that exists in terms of electronic waste.

original dresses sipa collection

“I don’t want my work to just look pretty just for being pretty,” Sipa explains. “Waste is becoming a global and environmental problem. The fastest growing source of waste is electronic waste, which has reached 50 million tonnes worldwide by 2020. Tech companies openly support planned obsolescence, but hardly anyone talks about it, ” explains Alexandra Sipa.

original dress clothing

Young designer Alexandra Sipa is also well aware of some fashion issues as an industry. The industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation pointed out in a remarkable report on industry and sustainable fabrics. They estimate that around 150 million tonnes of clothing will be landfilled by 2050.

Collection called camouflage by Alexandra Sipa

original dress models

This report also indicates that fashion must be part of the idea of ​​a circular economy. Where all materials are reused and reintroduced into the economy without ever ending up as waste. So, she hopes that projects like her original camouflage dress collection can help achieve very positive environmental change. Alexandra says that, “Sadly, the fashion, industry and environment that I have loved since I was young is often one of the worst offenders when it comes to the climate emergency. “

original dress collection

But Alexandra Sipa is not only aware of the environmental impact on the entire planet. She is also concerned about the human impact of the industry. “Fashion must be more sustainable from the inside out, not only in the materials used, but also ethically in the treatment and compensation of workers in the production line and workers who design clothing.” , explains Alexandra Sipa.

original alexandra sipa dress

She goes on to say, “The industry is promoting the idea that creatives are less passionate or motivated if we have a work-life balance and don’t push our bodies and minds to their limits every day. It’s not sustainable. There is no doubt that the young designer believes that positive change for the industry is very near.

recycling clothes dresses

It is also worth mentioning that, the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed the outlook for some brands. Especially after the fashion weeks, several shows have been canceled. Or they’ve been pretty much forced to focus online for this year. Alexandra Sipa adds that “the industry is realizing the urgency of change due to the climate emergency and growing consumer demand for more sustainable options.”

Beautiful creative work by Alexandra Sipa

fashion recycled clothes

Of course, Alexandra will continue to grow and develop her career. Sipa wants to work for a high fashion house as she says “sustainable textile innovation and high fashion go hand in hand”. But while that happens, Alexandra plans to continue experimenting and working with power cables.

original dress fashion

But not just knitting and creating original dresses and different accessories or clothes. She is also already thinking about how she can use a textile machine for her designs and hopes to find such technology soon. We just have to wait patiently for his new collection of original creations!

electric cable original dresses

alexandra sipa collection original dress

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